Minutes of the February 19, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, chair; Natalie Borisovets; Melissa De Fino; Joseph Deodato; Theo Haynes, recorder; Tracey Meyer, guest for webinar; Chris Sterback, guest for webinar; Bob Warwick
Ellen Calhoun; Yini Zhu

1. Rethinking the Integrated Library System - Webinar

Committee watched this webinar together.

2. Project Chart Review

SB will add a new section to the existing project chart, or create a separate project chart, for the mobile catalog.

Due to the shortened timeline for the implementation of VuFind and Kuali OLE, the committee determined that the existing catalog should be maintained rather than further developed. To that end, each item in the existing project chart was reviewed and marked either for retention on the chart or cancellation. The cancelled items will be moved to a new section of LCC's LibGuide since they may include information useful for the development of VuFind.

3. VuFind Customization Update

BW will review the project chart and send an update to SB so that the chart can be updated.

JD has prioritized the customization list to indicate which items are most essential for the May 1 deadline.

VuFind search tabs were discussed. The Committee endorsed the change of labels to Basic, Advanced, Browse, Reserves.

4. Mobile Catalog Customization Update

Most changes recommended by LCC were implemented. May not need to look at this mobile implementation again, but can continue to send suggestions as we find things that need to be changed.

The mobile version of VuFind will need to be looked at once the VuFind team begins to work on it.

5. Information Sharing

BW will demo VuFind at the February USC meeting.

RUL holdings are no longer visible in WorldCat.org. Libraries that still pay for WorldCat do see RUL holdings.

6. Next Meeting and Next Agenda Items

Thursday, March 19, 2015, 1:30 p.m. - Main agenda items will be VuFind.

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