Minutes of the March 19, 2015 Meeting

1. Mid-year Report

The draft report was reviewed and revised.

2. Vu-Find Customization

  1. Most items on Deodato’s prioritized list have been implemented or are in process.
  2. The entire Catalog is now in Vu-Find
  3. Daily work processes (add, delete, update) are done in Symphony and run in VuFind daily
  4. VuFind rejected many records because of bad leaders. We were able to use MARC Edit to fix many of these; fixed records are being reloaded into Symphony. So far 300,000 problem records from the first two batches have been identified and reloaded.
  5. A small number of Authority records have been added as a test; these will show up in Browse. Adding “/authority” to the VuFind URL and running a search will list the authority records and related terms.
  6. Work continues on the presentation of holdings and items.
  7. The presentation of 856s is now much cleaner.
    1. Suggested text changes: Change:
      “Access from Campus or login…” to “Rutgers restricted.”
      “Full text available from” to “Available from.”
      Need to determine who would need to approve these recommendations.
    2. If there’s an 856 but no delimiter Z, it will say “Get full text” even if it’s just a table of contents or a publisher blurb. (See Boccaccio umanista as an example) Need a replacement phrase for “Get full text.” Consider adding delimiter Z to all government documents with an 856.
  8. Change “Item being cataloged” to “In Process”
  9. Taking longer for items with lots of holdings to appear
  10. Hathi Trust items
    1. Links are appearing after 856s and before individual items
    2. A HathiTrust subgroup will be looking at the Hathi Trust APIs. There is question as to what we want loaded into the Catalog.
  11. 035s (OCLC#s): Working on creating an index to make these searchable.
  12. Call Numbers
    1. Search is based on number in bib record, not item lines.
    2. Item lines not currently indexable; would have to build an index on 8 million holdings
      Consider: Have VuFind use 949 and 999; move call number info into 090s; index 090 as call number field
  13. Sublocations
    1. Add sublocations to Advanced Search Screen or create a sublocation facet (would require bringing in holdings tags)
  14. Course Reserves are not working correctly
  15. Ask Access Services group to review the current “My Account” display.
  16. Create mouse-overs for search/display terms. (For example, mousing over “Browse” in the tab would show a short definition.) Deodato volunteered to come up with draft wording. See catalog.loc.gov for an example.
  17. Staff notes are displaying to the public. The concept of a staff vs. a public note is a Symphony thing. Need to find out how VuFind is interpreting these.
  18. Issues identified by Web Board Search Team
    1. Call Number Searches: Already being investigated
    2. Would like to be able to allow users to select multiple facets from within a single category. For example, within “Format,” enable the user to limit to several different formats.
      Will investigate. Since Advanced Search allows for multiple selection, that would suggest that it is possible. Potentially we could also build separate facets that would be more inclusive. For example, a facet that includes both journals and serials.
    3. Would like to boost the rankings [move further up the list] of items where the user’s words appear within a defined proximity.
    4. Would like to add “Periodical Title” to the Browse search options list. Reorder to Title/Periodical Title/Author/Subject/Call Number
    5. Would like to relabel “Reserves” to “Course Reserves”
    6. Would like to limit a Reserves search to a field (for example, “Instructor.”)
      Currently can do this by clicking on a field label (Name/Course ID/Instructor)
  19. Need to look at Advanced Search limits to see if there are terms that would be confusing to the public
  20. We need to create a facet map. Warwick and Deodato will work on this.
  21. “Search alternatives” appear at the top of the results list after some searches (e.g., Water resources data as keyword). What makes this appear or not appear?
  22. Need to investigate whether it’s possible to do a field search in VuFind.

3. Feedback

  1. The updated logic for the EZ-Borrow button was implemented in the Test Catalog but was never moved to the current Catalog. Warwick will move.
  2. RWJARC comes up as “Academic Resource Center” in the Catalog; confusing. Name was a decision of some other group; Bartz will address in the Users Guide.
  3. There was question as to what the current catalog timeout is; it’s 20 minutes.
  4. Access Services would like to add a message promoting text messaging once a hold is placed.
    Will suggest adding an “Opt in for text message notifications” link to the form.

4. Information Sharing

  1. The 511 (Performer) label is working correctly; the problem was with an individual record.
  2. The “This Just In” link can be found under the “About” tab.
  3. The bugs have not been fixed in Symphony Service Pack 5. In light of the imminent move to VuFind, we will not be implementing this version.

nxb 4/10/2015

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