Minutes of the March 17, 2016 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair); Natalie Borisovets; Melissa De Fino (recorder); Joseph Deodato; Roberta Fitzpatrick (remote); Theo Haynes (remote)
Bob Warwick

1. 856 displays

Central Technical Services received some questions about the 856 display in VuFind. Generally, we are not displaying the full URL. Instead, we have hyperlinked the text from the |z subfield. The problem is that the text in this subfield is often followed by a colon, intended to precede the full URL. Without the full URL in place, the user is given the impression that something is missing from the record. For example:

|zConnect to MyiLibrary resource: |uhttp://lib.myilibrary.com?id=694553

displays as:

Connect to MyiLibrary resource:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution because there are so many different types of materials linked from so many different providers. LCC suggests that the word "CONNECT" as clickable text could be used rather than just the |z text or the full URL, which can be very long. For example:

|zConnect to MyiLibrary resource: |uhttp://lib.myilibrary.com?id=694553

would display as:

Connect to MyiLibrary resource: CONNECT

De Fino will ask IIS to try this in the test catalog. LCC will review.

2. Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

De Fino reported that the National Library of Medicine has made changes to their subject headings, effective January 2016. Geographic subdivisions and form/genre subdivisions are now separate headings. For example:

650 12 Medicine, Traditional - history - Germany

is now:

650 12 Medicine, Traditional - history
651 _2 Germany


650 12 Heart diseases - diagnosis - Periodicals

is now:

650 12 Heart diseases - diagnosis
655 _2 Periodicals

For more details see: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/tsd/cataloging/unstringmesh.html

Fitzpatrick asked if RUL has authority control to address the frequent updates to MeSH headings. We do not. This is problematic particularly for the medical collections in our catalog. Fitzpatrick will follow up with Judy Cohn.

3. Course Reserves Display

The button logic for reserve materials needs to be fixed so that request options don't appear on brief records for articles and in other cases where they're not appropriate. This discussion is postponed until Warwick returns from jury duty.

4. Outstanding issues needing LCC review

In fall 2014, Central Technical Services made recommendations for the display of MARC fields in the item record. The recommendations were subsequently approved by LCC. These recommendations were not implemented, but are now in the test catalog. LCC reviewed them and agreed that the changes should be put into production. Stephanie will follow-up with the VuFind Implementation Team.

During the review of displays, it was noted that the columns in the Description tab need to be resized. The labels don't need to be as wide as the content. Stephanie will report the issue to the VuFind team.

5. Information sharing

6. Next meeting will be Thursday, April 21st.

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