Minutes of the October 20, 2016 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair & recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Melissa De Fino, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick (remote), Bob Warwick

1. Item Types for Jazz

LCC was asked to review the new items types proposed for the IJS last fall. The discussion was postponed at that time, so the item types were never implemented.

Records currently all use AUDIODSC as an item type and map to LP as a format in the VuFind facets. IJS also has 45s and 78s which should not be identified as LPs. New item types, both circulating (-Y) and non-circulating (-N) will be created: AUDIO45, AUDIO78, and AUDIOLP. These will map to equivalent entries in the format menus: 45, 78, and LP.

Melissa will work with Bob to identify a way to change the item types on existing records and will contact John Sauceda regarding similar materials in the music collections at Douglass. The AUDIODSC item type will be retained and continue to map to the LP format unless and until the item types for all relevant materials have been changed.

2. Sub-location codes vs. descriptive text

A request was received to have the HOM-NJ sub-location (History of Medicine-NJ) replaced in the VuFind displays with text that spells out what it means. The character limit for sub-locations in the legacy catalog is 10 characters. There are many other History of Medicine collections with longer descriptions requiring the full 10 characters (e.g., HOM-RARE19 = History of Medicine - Rare Books - 19th Century), so HOM was used as an identifier for the sake of uniformity.

In May 2015, LCC agreed that a long term goal for VuFind should be the replacement of codes, such as those used for sub- locations, with descriptive text. We are able to make that change, but the current descriptive text was never intended for public display. Decisions need to be made regarding where it will display both on results lists and in the holdings, before a maximum length can be determined, and the text can be changed for public display. There are more critical display issues still to be resolved, so changes to the way sub-locations display will continue to be a long-term goal.

3. VuFind usability study

Joseph reported on the usability study conducted in the spring. Seven issues that were problematic for a large percentage of those surveyed were identified, and recommendations for improvement were made.

The first issue suggests that plans to develop a unified discovery service should be accelerated. A Discovery Working Group has already been formed. The remaining items, save for the last two, are already on the list of VuFind Post- Implementation Tasks in some form. Suggestions for developing hierarchical facets (e.g., various audio formats nested under AUDIO) and changing the message that displays when items are saved to "Your items have been successfully saved to My Library Account" (with a link to My Library Account) will be added to the spreadsheet.

4. Outstanding issues in VuFind

The existing list of VuFind Post-Implementation Tasks was reviewed and items identified by LCC in 2016 were added.

There was an extensive discussion regarding the labels for the search tabs, specifically Basic and Browse. Changes to these tabs should be considered in relation to the search tabs on the Libraries home page, but the changes recommended previously and postponed until the completion of usability testing were still favored and should be implemented in the test system for further review.

5. Next meeting

November 17, 1:30 p.m., University Librarian's Conference Room

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