Minutes for August 27, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Nancy Hendrickson, Barry Lipinski, John Shepard, Chris Sterback (chair), Charlotte Toke, Bob Warwick (recorder)
Erica Gorder, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Kevin Mulcahy, Mary Beth Weber

1. Welcome, introductions, minutes

Chris welcomed all of the task force members who were able to make this first meeting of the group and we introduced ourselves to each other. The meeting minutes will rotate alphabetically, starting with Bob Warwick (the next recorder will be Mary Beth Weber, then Stephanie Bartz).

2. Review Charge/Process

Chris reviewed our charge. The history and use of the Item Type is in the full background document, "The Use of Item Types in Unicorn: A Suggestion For Change" that Chris distributed in email before the meeting. He showed examples in Unicorn of our current Item Types and, during the ensuing discussion, also showed Item Category 1 and Item Category 2 values in Unicorn. We discussed some of the relationships among these fields and their current use at Rutgers.

3. List areas that will be affected

Some of the areas that will be affected by a change in Item Type are already mentioned in the background document (i.e., circulation, holds). Chris brought up some other areas that will be affected and need to be considered: custom reports, scripts, IRIS helps, IRIS displays, tables supplied to others (e.g., PALCI, GOBI, PromptCat), ARL statistics, selector's forms, the Hungarian Foundation. We should all think about our areas and identify other workflows that may be impacted. Chris will also distribute a spreadsheet showing a count of item types by bibliographic format (created in Director's Station) as a supportive document in this process.

4. Determine how Item Types will be chosen and reviewed

We discussed the relationship between Item Type and location, between Booking and Circulation, etc. In response to a question from Ellen: yes, Item Type is a required element for each item in the system.

Nancy stated that Acquisitions staff are entering a material type code in the orderline record that is used for ARL statistics and these codes may help to guide us in the categories of item types chosen. Nancy will send this document to Chris for distribution to the Task Force.

We looked at how a few other Unicorn libraries (Penn State, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia) implemented Item Types for some perspective on our options.

Chris mentioned a few possible approaches for us:

We also demonstrated how to find other Unicorn libraries (especially large academic libraries) from links on the libraries web pages. People should look at the lists from these other libraries to see if there is anything that they like and bring those suggestions to our next meeting. [Subsequent to this meeting Stephanie and Bob created a spreadsheet listing item types from 14 academic Unicorn sites of similar collection size and sent this spreadsheet to Chris for distribution to the task force members.]

5. Housekeeping

Since the Item Type Task Force is a task force appointed by the Technical Services Council, our minutes will be posted under the Technical Services Council Committees and Task Forces section of the library web pages. Chris will contact Sam regarding posting our minutes. [Subsequent to this meeting Chris and Bob also determined that a Sakai site would assist in the work of the task force. Chris will create the site, add the task force members as participants, and begin populating the site with the documents used to support the decision making process.]

6. Next Meeting

We have a lot of work to do in a relatively short time frame (our recommendations are due at the end of December 2007) so Ellen suggested that we try to schedule regular meetings every two weeks during the fall semester. We will try for Monday afternoons at 1:30 beginning either Sep 10 or Sep 17. Chris will poll the task force members who were unable to make this meeting to see if that proposal fits their schedules or if they have alternative proposals. [Subsequent to this meeting most Task Force members stated that could meet biweekly on Mondays. The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 17 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.]

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