Minutes for October 1, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, John Shepard, Chris Sterback (chair), Charlotte Toke, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber
Erika Gorder, Nancy Hendrickson, Kevin Mulcahy

1. Review of draft list of item types

a.) The majority of the meeting was devoted to reviewing the draft list of eight character item types for possible additions, deletions, clarifications, and a wish list of additions for the future.

LEAFLET - one folded sheet


PAMPHLET - small multiple sheet printed work
CHART - originally listed as CHARTS
THESISRU - originally listed as RUTHESIS
DSSRTNRU - originally listed as RUDISSRT
DSSRTN - originally listed as DISSRTTN
DUALDISC - originally listed as VIDEODD
     (now defined as hybrid audio CD/video DVD)

Wish list:

Additional discussion ensued concerning the use of BRAILLE as an item type. The general consensus was that this was more a language than a format, since it could include books, journals, and other types of print materials. BRAILLE will not be added to the list of item types.

b.) Items that can't be mapped automatically will be moved to the "wish list" of item types to be added at some future date. Based on the "wish list" discussion, it was agreed that the committee would make a recommendation for the minimum number of items needed before a new item type is established. Materials categorized as MISC should also be reviewed periodically to determine whether a new item type is needed, and to insure that such materials really do not belong to other established item types. Discussion of the specific details and implementation of these decisions was postponed till a future meeting.

c.) Any item type for which there are no items in IRIS will be omitted from any list of available item types until there are actually materials to which it applies (e.g., microfilm would likely all be designated as MICROFLM-N (non-circulating), so MICROFLM-C or MICROFLM-Y (circulating) would not appear in the list of available item types).

d.) A hierarchy of item types will need to be established. If an item legitimately fits more than one item type, a standard is needed to determine which one should be used first (e.g., a newspaper on microfilm might be considered NEWSPPR or MICROFLM, but should always be listed as MICROFLM).

e.) Chris will post a revised list of item types to the Sakai site and will add more definitions. He will also include lists of the item types with the -C, -N, and -Y designators to indicate circulation status so that we can begin to consider what would work best.

2. The next Item Type Task Force meeting will be held on Monday, October 15 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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