Minutes for October 15, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Erika Gorder, Barry Lipinski, Kevin Mulcahy, John Shepard, Christopher Sterback (chair), Charlotte Toke, Mary Beth Weber
Nancy Hendrickson, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Bob Warwick

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m.

1. Review/revise draft list of item types

a. Add UNKNOWN - Unicorn requires UNKNOWN as an item type.

b. Modify definition for ILL and PALCI: The task force recommended clear definitions for ILL and PALCI items. Chris will revise the definitions as follows:

ILL = Items borrowed on Interlibrary Loan
PALCI = Items borrowed via E-ZBorrow

c. Clarify differences in use of BROADSIDE, PAMPHLET, and LEAFLET to preserve culture of use: Chris will revise the definitions for these item types using existing or new sources identified by the Task Force.

d. Move PICTURE, REALIA, and INCUNBLA to wish list



2. Review general approach to mapping from old code to new code

While the specific approach is still to be determined, Chris reviewed the general approach Systems plans to use when mapping the old item type code to the new one.

a. First pass - attempt to map based on existing sublocation.

b. Second pass - attempt to map based on leader codes, fixed field codes, record type, marc tags, other data from the bibliographic or item record, and/or a combination of these elements.

c. Third pass - if existing sublocation or the bibliographic/item record does not provide enough information to map codes, refer to Selector and/or set default item type code.

d. Final pass - if all else fails, we may need to physically inspect the item.

3. Choose "-N" and "-Y" or "-N" and "-C" to identify circulatability in item type code

a. The task force decided to use "-N" and "-Y" for non-circ and circ codes.

b. Chris will also look into whether certain item types are universally "-Y" or "-N" by default and will update the list of codes as appropriate for review at the next meeting.

4. Workflow implications and training

Mary Beth wanted to make sure that the task force addresses the training and workflow implications that result from mapping the item types, such as whether Selectors will be expected to indicate the item type when identifying materials to be ordered. Chris responded that there will be system-wide information and training sessions that outline the task force's decisions, impact on workflow, and implementation time table. In addition, some of these issues have more to do with implementation and will be addressed in an implementation phase.

5. Definitions for IRIS Guide

Stephanie raised the issue that IPAC will need brief definitions of item types for the IRIS users guide. Chris and Stephanie will draft briefer definitions for IPAC review.

6. Libraries with non-circulating collections

It was noted that one of the benefits of the item type change is that we'll be in a better position to use Unicorn to implement our circulation policies related to libraries with predominantly non-circulating collections, such as the Art Library. Right now much of this is being controlled manually.

7. Next Meeting

The next Item Type Task Force meeting will be held on Monday, October 29 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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