Leadership Education and Development Program Procedures (RUL LEAD)


Leadership is an important competency for library faculty, staff, and administrators as they participate as chairs and members of library committees; supervise librarians, staff, and students in library operation; and serve as leaders and members of university and professional bodies and committees. To build the leadership capacity needed to support this work, both at Rutgers and in the profession, the Libraries will support relevant off-campus training. The RUL Leadership Education and Development Committee (RUL LEAD) invites applications from library faculty for their attendance at major library and higher education leadership programs.

Suitable and Acceptable Leadership Programs and Suggested Competencies

The Committee has worked with the Director for Administrative Services to develop an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of suitable and applicable leadership programs, available here (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lead/Leadership_programs_for_academic_librarians.pdf). A suggested list of key leadership competencies is available at: here (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lead/Ruben_Leadership_Competencies.pdf).

Application Process

  1. Secure verbal approval for participation in the program from unit director/AUL.
  2. Complete an application form that includes an essay describing how attendance at the program will enhance job performance, contribute to RUL, and contribute to the profession at large.
  3. Identify the program applied for clearly and unambiguously, with a copy of posted information about its requirements, and address as many of the selection criteria as possible.
  4. Submit the applications to RUL Human Resources at least six weeks before the stated deadline for the leadership program to allow time for the RUL approval process.

Considerations for the Ranking of Candidates

  1. Role of applicant in an existing, aspiring, or new leadership position either at RUL or professionally.
  2. Urgency of the situation (e.g. stepping into a new role, RUL needs).
  3. Relevance to RUL mission, goals, and strategic plan. See list of leadership competencies here [PDF] (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lead/Ruben_Leadership_Competencies.pdf).
  4. Application is of high quality (e.g., well written, strong rationale, compelling need).
  5. Funding availability.
  6. Prior participation in leadership development programs.
  7. Other considerations.

A written report to the VP for Information Services and University Librarian is required after participation in a funded program.

Last updated: March 8, 2012
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