LibData Review Committee: Charge

DATE: January 11, 2006
Natalie Borisovets, Head Of Public Services, Dana Library
Shaun Ellis, Web Developer
Karen Hartman, Social Sciences Librarian, New Brunswick Libraries
Samuel McDonald, Webmaster
Ryan Womack, Business/Economics Librarian, New Brunswick Libraries
FROM: Jeanne E. Boyle, Associate University Librarian For Public Services And Communications
RE: LibData

Thank you for agreeing to review LibData for potential use by the Rutgers University Libraries. LibData was developed at the University of Minnesota and released as an open source application on SourceForge. The project website is located at:

The Public Services Council reviewed LibData at its November 2005 meeting and thought that it might provide support for librarian development of research guides as well as improved access to and management of our database and other web pages. The Council recommended a detailed review, and Natalie Borisovets agreed to serve as liaison to a working group to carry out that review.

One of our long standing goals has been to give librarians an authoring tool for their guides and other similar works, and another has been to find content management tools for our website. LibData also has the potential for making our website appear more interactive.

Your task is to assess LibData's strengths and weaknesses as a software application, determine its potential uses, find and assess the community that is actively using it, and recommend whether this is an appropriate tool for us to adopt at Rutgers. Your judgment about how and whether a tool developed with enthusiasm at another university can be successfully implemented at Rutgers with at least the same level of enthusiasm and creativity would also be appreciated.

Ryan has agreed to serve as chair of your working group, and I would encourage you to limit your work to no more than two or three meetings. I would appreciate having your recommendation by spring break, in mid-March. Lucye Millerand will contact you to schedule your first meeting.

CC: Lynn Mullins, Françoise Puniello, Ka-Neng Au

Posted January 12, 2006
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