Minutes of July 17, 2008 Meeting

Ron Becker, Kayo Denda (convenor), Mary Fetzer (elected Chair), Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, John Maxymuk (videoconference), Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen (recorder), Jim Niessen, Cathy Pecoraro, Glenn Sandberg, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ann Watkins (videoconference), Mary Beth Weber.
Grace Agnew, Vincent Pelote


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Election of Chair of the LRC
  3. Designation of Representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee (all)
  4. Budget Update (Bob Sewell)
  5. Transition from CDC to LRC and continuing activities:
    • Goals Activities Chart
    • Ebooks Task Force
    • Collection Measures Task Force
    • Selectors’ Tool Kit
    • Expansion of Research Guides (ex. Stem Cell Initiative Guide)
    • Future of Approval Plan
  6. General/Big Issues to be discussed at LRC


This is the inaugural meeting of the Library Resources Council (LRC), which at this time has replaced the former Collection Development Council (CDC).

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Election of Chair

Mary Fetzer was nominated as Chair, and elected by acclamation. A few orders of business were taken care of. Recorders will be rotational. The website of the former Collection Development Council needs to be archived, and all ongoing tasks need to be moved to a new Library Resources Council website. Mary will work with the Chair of the User Services Council to develop a plan for the new website. The group decided to meet on the same day as the former CDC; the third Thursday morning of each month. There will be a meeting on August 21^st ; Mary will send out a calendar of future meeting dates. John Maxymuk will attend LRC while Julie Still is on sabbatical. Mary will look into the feasibility of the new Council continuing the former CDC practice of holding one meeting per year at Newark and Camden. Membership would like to continue this tradition. The current listserv address for the LRC is RUL_Resources_Council@email.rutgers.edu. This address may change to something shorter.

3. Planning and Coordinating Committee representative from the LRC for the coming year will be Tom Izbicki

4. Budget Update (Bob)

The 1.2 million infusion of money from the University was earmarked to cover NJKI’s shortfall and price increases on current continuing orders. It will cover inflation, price increases, the falling value of the dollar (price increases may be 10%). NJKI issues are not entirely settled at this time. Academic Search Premier will be continued, and RefUSA will be available, possibly through Jersey Clicks. There has been a de-emphasis on science, and a focus on business resources for NJKI. There seems less interest in assisting biotech start-ups. It is possible that the 2 million allocation from the State Library for NJKI will cover some business databases.

5. Continuing activities coming forward from CDC

Goals Activities Chart

This chart was based on the strategic plan grid, and filled out by Bob and CDC last year. Many of the tasks will continue, and the goals of CDC will just transfer to LRC. Bob will shepherd goals through, and communicate progress to Cabinet.

E-Books Task Force

This task force, formerly chaired by Mary Page, needs to continue to analyze business models of various publisher/vendor e-book scenarios, and to discuss all aspects of the integration of e-books into collections and services. Issues may include cataloging, website issues, funding problems, subscription vs. one-time funding (monographs becoming serials), selector input, Serials Solutions handling of ebooks in their products, and how to represent what we already have. Mary Beth Weber will join the task force, and previous members will continue. A Serials Solutions e-books webinar was attended by some LRC members. Website issues include where to put resources such as MyILibrary, NetLibrary and Knovel so that patrons may have maximum access. There is an ebooks page in “Reference Resources” and some titles are found on the alpha. list of indexes and databases. Availability and loading of Marc records, as well as how to pay for ebooks are issues. Linking to books is a problem. The ongoing cost of many ebooks may make some unsustainable. It is desirable to have a report to LRC by Nov., 2008.

Gracemary mentioned that it might be a good idea to form an electronic resources working group of some kind to be able to share communication quickly when issues arise, or action must be taken. Disciplinary team leaders would likely be involved in such a group.

Usage Statistics/Collection Assessment

At the last CDC meeting, Laura and Gracemary circulated a list of potential products that are available to us for assessing collections in various ways. Along with Serials Solutions 360 Counter usage statistics product, we also have access to tools for overlap analysis, federated search statistics, and a variety of other data. Director’s Station, website stats, RUcore download statistics, ILL stats, toolbar stats, etc. were some of the other possibilities mentioned. This list was just informational, and to stimulate discussion at LRC of how we might use all of these tools effectively to gauge use of our electronic and print materials. The committee looking at using Director’s Station for collection analysis will also be interested in continuing their work, and the LRC will be a forum for this discussion of usage statistics issues, as well as other collections measures of print materials. Selectors will have access to tools where they will be able to analyze use of databases, indexes, packages, and individual journal titles at some point in the near future.

Selectors’ Toolkit

Laura gave a brief update on the status of this project. Although there is still interest in making a toolkit available, with the reorganization of responsibilities in Technical Services, and the move to Drupal in coming months, it will be some time before a toolkit can be populated and made available to selectors. This will have to be a future project, and new members will be needed. Laura asks to table this for now, and bring it up again at a more advantageous time.

Expansion of Research Guides

This will be a continuing discussion for LRC. Currently, the Stem Cell Research Guide authored by a group of librarians looking at the issue from different perspectives is almost completed. Tom offered to pull this together.

Future of Approval Plan

Kevin asks that this be a recurring agenda item as we need to closely monitor funding for books. This is an ongoing concern as there has never been adequate or stable funding for the approval plan. Funding has been cobbled together, and more support from the university is needed. Science book funding was mentioned also. Without state support for monographs, we will have to consider various options for continuing to fund the approval plan. Some money has been saved by paring down profiles and moving to paperback where desirable. A flat budget over 20 years, and enormous inflation affecting journal prices are factors. Kevin will continue to analyze the approval plan.

6. General/Big Issues

These issues were brought to the table as important topics that will require continued discussion by LRC: role of the liaison in the organization of knowledge as well as facilitating submissions to RUcore, and preservation of the scholarly and cultural record in both digital and analog formats. Other large issues mentioned included textbooks/reserve, space issues in the libraries, ILL issues as they affect collection development, the need to revisit and codify policies written by CDC, and discussion of LOCKSS, CLOCKSS and Portico. Bob requested that there be one agenda item at each meeting about analog issues. After all, we have millions of books, media, documents, etc.

Further discussion: Mary asks that people make sure to explain if they are discussing a topic that is not general knowledge as this council is made up of members from many areas. Open discussion and communication is encouraged; send Mary email about any issues that should be discussed at LRC.

7. Meeting Schedule

Mary will prepare and send out.

Announcements (all)

Gracemary: This weekend, the item type changes will take place.

Ron: Ron will keep LRC updated about preservation issues; IMLS grant for one year allows the department a consultant for one year.

Next LRC meeting: August 21, 2008, 9:30, University Librarian’s Conference Room

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