Minutes of September 18, 2008 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Mary Fetzer (Chair), Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, John Maxymuk (sabbatical substitute for Julie Still; teleconference), Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Cathy Pecoraro (recorder), Vincent Pelote (teleconference), Glenn Sandberg, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber, Roberta Tipton (teleconference), Caroline Caviness (SCILS Intern; guest), Judy Gardner (guest), Francoise Puniello (guest)

1. Approval of Agenda.

Sewell moved to provide, as number 9 on the agenda, a brief update on preservation.

2. Approval of minutes of August 21st meeting

Minutes were approved with the following revisions:

3. Chair's Report and Organizational Matters

Fetzer deferred Chair's Report based on length of our agenda, but briefly stated that the area reps are communicating with selectors.

4. Budget Update (Sewell)

While there are no mandated cancellations, we do need to review the duplicate serials subscriptions. There needs to be a systematic annual review of serials to assess the value of the subscribed content and to consider options for improving the collection. Also, the budget is so tight this year that we need to free up money for contingencies.

The $1.2 million increase from V-P Furmanski allowed us to cover (a) serials increases (approximately 10%), and (b) NJKI (New Jersey Knowledge Initiative) databases no longer paid by the NJ State Library. The funding allows us to maintain almost all resources from last year, but nothing else. There are no contingency funds to begin the year with, and we will need some to 'plug in holes' during the course of the year. If cancellations are done, we may be able to free up funds for new purchases.

5. Duplicate Serials List and suggested procedure (Smulewitz)

Smulewitz indicated she has already distributed the duplicate serials list to the team leaders, and we have about 2 weeks to make cancellations. She suggested that we consider Document Delivery options in our considerations of what to cancel. L. Mullen noted when librarians cancel resources, they would prefer the funds be returned for their own disciplines, but Sewell said that savings accrued from cancellations will go to central funds. If electronic is purchased it benefits all. K. Mulcahy added if funds are overspent, we need to cover the shortfalls but selectors who do not cancel should not be bailed out. It was a consensus that the duplicate cancellation review is for all to do. We are also looking at different purchasing options such as the number of simultaneous users. G. Agnew emphasized that everyone is busy, but this is critical and if Sewell mandates a $100,000 cut, she will back it up.

J. Niessen brought up the issues of which library keeps the print, when to cancel, and reference material. Mulcahy noted much reference material was cancelled ($35K), but he would be willing to go over it again. Heavily used reference materials may be difficult to cancel.

Smulewitz displayed the Duplicates List and went over the format and fields on the spreadsheet. "O" funds (electronic) that have multiple selectors will need collaborative decisions. Selectors should indicate their decisions on the spreadsheet. Instructions will be emailed along with cancellation policies. Brown bag sessions will be set up to answer questions on Monday and Tuesday noon of next week. The deadline for the work to be done is Oct. 7th (Oct. 15th at the very latest).

6. Action Plan (Sewell)

Available here

The plan for 2008/2009 calls for the following themes:

Keep these themes in mind as the goals are reviewed. Because of the discussion on Annex and guests arriving at 11:00, we decided to hold discussion on email. Sewell will send out the goals again to initiate discussion and selectors will be asked to email him proposals for the goals. Valeda has requested input on goals and objectives no later than October 24th, and LRC's last opportunity to discuss them will be in our meeting on October 16.

7. Stem Cell Guide (Izbicki)

The guide it is essentially ready to go live. Tom is awaiting resolution of just one last issue. Congratulations to Tom for his work!

8. Electronic Resources Team (M. Fetzer, K. Hartman, T. Izbicki, L. Mullen)

The team leaders have met and teams have now been constituted.
They are: General: Cassel, Borisovets, Susan Beck, and Fetzer;
Sciences: Maxymuk , Watkins, Hoffman, and Mullen;
Arts & Humanities: Borisovets, Glynn, Maxymuk, and Izbicki; and
Social Sciences: Au, R. Gardner, Beck, and Hartman.

The groups will be looking at priorities and working on cleaning up the list of existing database proposals.

9. Brief Update on Preservation (B. Sewell)

The report on preservation presented at our last meeting is being revised and will be provided to Cabinet on Tuesday.

10. Special Collections/University Archives and IMLS grant (R. Becker)

Ron discussed the IMLS Planning grant which is a collaboration between the NJ State Museum, Newark Museum, State Archives, and the NJ State Library. He explained this as a proposal in its infancy to form a statewide strategy and preservation consortium. (Contributed abstract follows):

Project Title: "Conservation Plan, New Jersey"
A consortium of New Jersey cultural institutions including the Newark Museum, Rutgers University Libraries, the New Jersey State Library, the New Jersey State Museum, and New Jersey State Archives, will develop a conservation plan for the over 600 museums and historical societies, 400 libraries and 80 archives in the state of New Jersey. The consortium will be augmented during the year-long planning process by advisors from additional cultural and professional organizations in the state to form a planning group representative of all sizes and disciplines of museums, libraries, and archives. The project will result in a comprehensive assessment of conservation needs within New Jersey and the development of plans to address identified short and long-term conservation implementation priorities. (Information from webpage: Institute of Museum and Library Services, http://www.imls.gov/news/2008/012308_list.shtm#NJ)

One of the goals is to develop a plan for a statewide storage and preservation center similar to that of the Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) facility in Princeton.

It will not resolve immediate storage needs, but we will be working on it. Francoise suggested we could offer land as a substantial contribution from Rutgers and she will follow up on this possibility.

11. Annex (J. Gardner, F. Puniello)

The chair invited Judy Gardner and Francoise Puniello to bring LRC up to date on the status of the Annex and to answer questions that were submitted in advance of the meeting.

There was a discussion about the policies for items sent to the Annex including duplicate dissertations and theses in the main collections and in Special Collections. Agnew noted that M. Gaunt will need to write a letter to the Grad Schools regarding the decision that dissertations and theses will no longer be collected in print after January 2009. Judy mentioned there is a policy online under Access Services for the Annex from 1999, and a Last Copy policy exists under the Collection Development page.

Agnew proposed the creation of a committee to review and update the Annex policy. J. Gardner will chair; K. Mulcahy and J. Niessen volunteered to participate. It was proposed that Fay Austin be included, and Becker recommended Steve Dalina to represent SC/UA. Tipton and Pelote will check and respond for a representative for Newark if desired.

F. Puniello made some additional comments:

Recapitulation of LRC decisions and discussions:

  1. Selectors will work on Duplicate Serials list (deadline Oct. 15, 2008); Brown bag lunch sessions will be held on Mon. 9/22 and Tues. 9/23 for questions.
  2. These cancellations are critical and we are challenged to come up with $100,000 in cancellations.
  3. "O" Funds (electronic) that have multiple selectors require collaborative decisions based on existing policies.
  4. B. Sewell will distribute the goals document again and add his comments to begin the discussion.
  5. Electronic Resources Teams will continue to work on priorities and the existing database proposals.
  6. M. Gaunt will need to alert the Graduate School regarding dissertations and theses.
  7. F. Puniello will follow up with her contacts on University land as a possible Rutgers contribution in association with the IMLS Planning grant.
  8. The Stem Cell Guide is almost complete.
  9. The Committee for the review of the Annex Policy of 1999 will be formed and is scheduled to start planning in two months.

12. Announcements

13. Adjournment: 11:50 a.m.

Minutes accepted 10/16/08

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