Minutes of October 16, 2008 Meeting

Ron Becker, Caroline Caviness (SCILS Intern; guest), Mary Fetzer (Chair), Rebecca Gardner (substitute for Laura Mullen), Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, John Maxymuk (sabbatical substitute for Julie Still; teleconference), Kevin Mulcahy, Jim Niessen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber, Roberta Tipton.

1. Approval of Agenda. Agenda approved.

2. Approval of minutes of September 18th meeting

Minutes were approved with the following revisions:

3. Chair's Report (Fetzer)

Networked Electronic Evaluation/Selection Team

Had a lengthy meeting on October 7 where the group:

Vale Electronic Resources recommendations

Bob forwarded a memo that Maureen Gorman sent out to the ACRL-NJ listserv for requests for database recommendations for the Vale Electronic Resources Committee on October 13th. The memo invited librarians to submit recommendations. Bob and Mary have discussed and agreed that selectors should funnel recommendations through the two of them. Maureen called it an “on-going conversation” and said that our recommendations will be reviewed for possible inclusion in a membership survey to be distributed later in the semester.”

4. Budget Update (Sewell)

Of the $934,000 savings required from the Libraries, $234,375 must come from collections. January 1, 2009 we will have to return money. We can use temporary resources this year (such as salary savings) and the question was raised whether we could give back some non-state funds in exchange for state funds; the latter tact was suggested to be bad precedent. However we come up with our savings, we must plan for permanent reductions to our core budget as well.

5. Cancellations update (Smulewitz)

When we looked at duplicate cancellations we realized we were picking up where we left off a few years ago. Since the last meeting, the Serials Management team has cancelled all duplicate Blackwell subscriptions and converted the remaining subscriptions to online only, resulting in significant savings. Activity is ongoing. Smulewitz singled out for praise the organizational skills of Rebecca Martinez and her team for their work on updating the duplicates spreadsheet. She also stated the importance of selectors continuing to get back to her about canceling additional duplicate print subscriptions. There are plenty of duplicate “print only” still remaining on the list awaiting decisions from selectors on all the campuses. There remains, however, a need for some duplication of basic reference titles. Two suggested approaches to savings here are a) to firm order, through the Serials Management Team, titles in alternate years rather than maintain the title on standing order; and b) to rotate earlier editions among libraries.

Monographic serials could also be looked at more carefully, and DTS is also doing some spreadsheet analysis of big packages. However, it is very labor intensive. Bob confirmed that, in addition to monies already saved through cancellations, we still need to find approximately $30-50,000 more in savings to deal with contingencies this year.

Karen praised the work of Gracemary and her team especially in dealing with publishers.

6. Goals 2008/2009 discussion and action - Fetzer and Sewell

It is a difficult time of year to be working on goals and there has been some confusion over which template Jeanne intends for us to fill out. Valeda Dent asked for groups to have goals to her by October 24, but Council deadline is October 30, according to Bob Sewell. It was agreed that the easiest thing is to look at the 2007/2008 action plan, to review those goals, and to decide if we want to continue them or to have new objectives for the year. It was agreed that a small group would take a look at the action plan and propose expansion or cuts to goals as they see fit. The group will consist of Fetzer, Hartman, Mulcahy, Sewell, Tipton, and Weber. It was agreed that we may need to cut some goals but yet work to maximize our resources. Sewell will send the group a preliminary work-up of the goals.

7. Cataloging printouts of internet resources - Weber

Frequently selectors send printouts of internet resources for cataloging when they fear that the item will not be maintained online in perpetuity or when they see need for a tangible copy. Mary Beth asked for input on a cataloging and workflow policies document that a small committee from TAS developed. It was agreed that selectors must provide the PURL for the original electronic resource, as well as the date it was printed, information on whether the web address is still active, and assure catalogers that the printed item is not in violation of copyright or licensing agreements. Two circumstances under which an item will not be accepted for cataloging are a) if the printout of the web resource is available for sale; and b) if the resource specifically states that copying or printing is not permitted. If an electronic version of the printout it still active, Cataloging will catalog the electronic version but will acknowledge that we have a printout and will have holdings for both the electronic version as well as the printout. If selectors are requesting cataloging of an electronic resource, the ‘Free’ Electronic Access Request Form should be submitted.

Ron Becker suggested that we need a much larger discussion at a future meeting about issues concerning critical materials that Special Collections (especially University Archives) used to get in printed form that are now on websites that will not be around much longer. Also of concern are New Jersey materials, including governmental items. We may want to reevaluate some of this after discussions about RUCore. There is also the question of what mechanism we might have for mapping material back into IRIS. The Committee on Scholarly Communication will be discussing these issues and will bring the discussion back to LRC.

Language should also be incorporated in the “Cataloging Internet Resources” document concerning ephemeral internet resources. Pelote asked about downloads of AV material and albums available only online.

8. E-books Task Force report – Weber

The original task force that operated under the CDC consisted of Laura Mullen, Karen Hartman, Mei Ling Lo, Mary Page, & Cathy Pecoraro. When Mary left, the group lost some of its direction, but Mary Beth and Gracemary have decided to continue the work of the group. The task force has expanded to include Mary Beth, Mei Ling, Gracemary, Janet Howard (Acquisitions), Fay Austin (Head of Monographs Cataloging), Jane Johnson Otto (who is not officially aboard yet, but will be the special formats/multi-media person), and Elizabeth Leister (Serials). Much was discussed at their first meeting, and the group decided to focus on two things:

  1. A definition of e-books for our purposes (i.e., what e-books mean to us)
  2. How selectors work (how the process starts, what they do, what they might want to do in this environment, etc.)

There was also discussion about print-on-demand functionality of e-books. LRC will deal with e-books as one of our goals.

9. Announcements

Carla Zimmerman will now be handling gifts and unit receipts.

Recorder next meeting: Sandberg, Sewell, Smulewitz …

Next Meeting: Robeson Library, Camden, November 20, 10:30 a.m. Mary has invited Judy Gardner to update us on issues concerning ILL and consortium arrangements in order that we might understand how we might maximize their use.

10. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

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