Minutes of May 21, 2009 Meeting

Mary Fetzer (Chair), Grace Agnew (via videoconference), Ron Becker, Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki (via videoconference), Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (via videoconference), Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber (recorder).
Kevin Mulcahy, Glenn Sandberg, Robert Sewell


1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with the revisions distributed earlier.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the April 15 Meeting

The minutes were approved as distributed. There were no additional changes or corrections.

3. Chair's Report- M. Fetzer

M. Fetzer thanked A. Watkins for making preparations to host the LRC meeting.

M. Fetzer will attend the May 27 Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting to discuss LRC. She asked LRC members to share their thoughts with her regarding how LRC is working given that this is the first year of operation in the new two-year Council structure. M. Fetzer indicated she has gotten some feedback from members, and is interested in other comments as well on topics such as structure, our agendas, implementation, etc.

M. Fetzer met with R. Sewell prior to his vacation, and reported that not much has changed vis--vis the budget. R. Sewell is anticipating a worse situation for next year than had been originally estimated. The $300,000 that we saved this year and the $250,000 that M. Gaunt provided to us from her unrestricted non-state funds are firm. However, we will need to see how inflation impacts us and continue making cancellations for next year. Points raised during that meeting include:

Team leaders will continue the discussion of Wilson Omnifile at the June 1 meeting.
G. Smulewitz will supply quotes on the overall file versus selected individual components.

M. Fetzer sent an announcement to rul_everyone about training for Westlaw Campus Research. Sessions will take place on Wednesday, June 3, 10:00-11:30, and Thursday, June 4, 2:00-3:30. The training will enable librarians who need to revise guides and prepare classes for the fall to be fully trained. Additional training session dates and locations will be held in late summer and early fall for anyone who wishes to be trained.

M. Fetzer noted that it is advisable to have nominations and selection for next year's LRC chair at the June meeting so that anyone interested in this role can prepare for the July meeting. M. Fetzer is not aware of guidelines for either the process or the position. Some members, such as standing members and Campus Coordinators, are on LRC by virtue of their positions. The four Discipline Area members are elected representatives who serve two-year terms; therefore, K. Hartman, T. Izbicki, L. Mullen, and M. Fetzer will remain on LRC for 2009/2010. For the 2010 elections, Rules of Procedure is considering alternatives to requiring all four area representatives to rotate off the council in the same year.

Discussion followed the Chair's report, which is recorded below.

R. Becker announced that New Jersey budget hearings will be held on June 9 and 12. B. Grant and he will attend. R. Becker will email LRC with more information about the hearings.

L. Mullen met with Elsevier to discuss Scopus. They are offering a price that is competitive with Web of Science. Elsevier will give her a price this week. She wants that information before proceeding, and will add this to the agenda for next week's Team Leaders meeting. Scopus has changed extensively in coverage and includes all journals offered by Web of Science plus hundreds more.

G. Smulewitz will add the topic of prepaying more databases and subscriptions for next year on the Team Leaders agenda. Inflation has not been what we had anticipated, and there are some remaining funds. She would like to prepay more databases and subscriptions. She noted that many publishers are announcing that there will be no price increases.

2. AUL Update- G. Agnew

G. Agnew reported that an LDAP server has been purchased for use with our Sirsi ILS. It will be tested over the summer and a fall rollout is anticipated. NetID and password will be used for all activities, providing a single sign-on. The University is considering a new ID card. The current system uses Social Security numbers. J. Gardner is investigating this since it will mean new borrower cards. Guest IDs can be accommodated in LDAP.

J. Sloan and G. Agnew will meet to discuss Phase 2 (commercial videos) for the NJVid project. Film Media Group (FMG) titles will be purchased. J. Sloan is focusing on titles that we currently own that are heavily used.

G. Agnew reported on the search for the Director of Information Technology position (the successful candidate will replace Ann Montanaro). There has been a good crop of candidates and the committee will begin reviewing applications next week.

The PC Working Group has refocused its work and broadened its scope. It is investigating how to enhance personal productivity at work stations. They are also developing a plan to ensure automatic backup of PCs to servers.

The University is working on a new calendar system since OIT will drop RULink. A specifications list is in development. The ability to RSVP and room booking have been suggested as desirable features.

3. Book Donation Draft Policy- T. Izbicki

The Gifts Working Group is addressing three critical areas: (1) how gifts are sent to Technical Services for cataloging, (2) the revised policy for donations, and (3) a proposed form for drop offs. The introductory and concluding paragraphs of the policy on drop-off gifts highlights the positive aspects of donations. The middle portion of the document counsels donors on to how to proceed and what to expect.

A request was made to include links in the document for places where items may be donated if RUL rejects them.

The question of where to place this document on the RUL website and how to distinguish it from existing policies was discussed. Suggestions were made to include it in the collection development portion of the website as well as in the Public Service Policy Memos and the "How do I…." section on the introductory page.

The document will be revised to address large gift collections. T. Izbicki will work with RUL Development Officer T. McDonnell regarding how to handle cash donations.

A form that is a variation of the one currently used at the Math Library will accompany the document, and will include donor's name, address, affiliation, etc. The form will be dated and the title will clearly indicate that it is to be used for RUL book donations. Policies between RUL unit libraries must also be integrated.

Concerns included whether it is okay for donors drop off donations with student employees, and the number of books that may be donated. The document refers to "number of boxes," and a suggestion was made to specify that donors must meet with a subject specialist if the number of books exceeds a reasonable limit. T. Izbicki responded that donors will be redirected (Better World Books, for example) if their books are not appropriate for RUL. R. Becker noted that SC/UA has offered preservation assistance in the past to identify mold or other problems, and are happy to assist if needed.

It is desirable to have this document in place soon since this is the time of year when people drop things off at the libraries. To expedite availability, suggestions should be sent to T. Izbicki (with copy to Fetzer). He will incorporate suggestions and then inform Access Services of the policy and form.

4. E-Books Task Force- M.B. Weber

M.B. Weber distributed copies of the task force interim report. She acknowledged the contributions of the members of the task force. Since LRC members had not had a chance to read the report prior to the meeting, she provided an overview of the recommendations. LRC members will discuss the report at the June meeting.

The major recommendations included

Platforms and interfaces were discussed. We need to look at our interfaces to determine how we can improve our user interfaces. This is an issue that could be investigated by the User Services Council and/or IPAC. There is also a need to provide better access to blended resources (those which exist both in print and electronically).

OLE will create a statewide ILS. We will need better federated searching. The Summon Unified Discovery Service by Serials Solutions was cited as something RUL should explore. It allows a single starting point for faceted searching across a library's entire holdings. The Database Interface Group was suggested to explore this project and its potential application to us.

It was noted that RUL is in a position to influence the e-books market and how it unfolds. There will be a joint LRC/USC committee to explore this issue. It was also noted that there should be annual joint LRC/USC meetings, and the first annual forum could discuss e-books. Joint meetings should be tied to looking ahead and not used to consider "nuts and bolts" operating issues. Suggestions were made to hold the joint meeting in September or December.

5. COUNTER Compliant Statistics- G. Smulewitz and C. Pecoraro

G. Smulewitz and C. Pecoraro distributed sets of COUNTER generated statistics for 2008 and 2009. Serials Solutions offers 360 COUNTER, which is a suite of products that include licensing and usages statistics for databases and journals.

In June 2008, a team of four people from DTS entered materials into the Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) and realized that they could generate statistics from this information. They created a folder to record passwords, etc. and what was comprehensive about usage statistics for publishers. The process is labor intensive but the benefit is that it is very comprehensive and can generate detailed statistics.

Statistics have been uploaded one database at a time since September. The system is becoming more complicated. Usage and turnaways are recorded. C. Pecoraro defined terms used in the spreadsheets, which are all taken from COUNTER's website.

G. Smulewitz distributed 2008 data for sessions and usage. The statistics were for all databases (300 total). The system provides the ability to compare searches versus item requests (full-text downloads).

Statistics will be delivered quarterly to LRC. Statistics for a given time period may be requested. COUNTER reports run on a calendar year, and may also be run for financial cycles. Not all vendor products are COUNTER compliant. Reports may be filtered by subject areas, fund codes, etc. Cost-per-use statistics are not accurate. NISO CORE (Cost of Resource Exchange) incorporates cost into usage statistics. Most databases provide statistics based on one-time costs as well as continuing costs. Statistics often reflect access fees which are usually much less than one-time costs.

Serials Solutions can output data with the ScienceDirect title list. We currently have only cost data for a smaller title list. R. Sewell is hoping that statistics will help us to negotiate costs for ScienceDirect.

A suggestion was made to compare databases with high search statistics against those with a low number of searches. This data may also be used in an analysis of our databases.

G. Smulewitz asked what type of reports or statistics LRC would like to see. She also asked what collection development personnel routinely need to see. A suggestion was made to share this information with all selectors, rather than limit distribution to LRC. G. Smulewitz will make this information available on the Alexander T drive and will make an email announcement when it is available.

G. Smulewitz asked for feedback regarding how information on turnaways might be used. Selectors are concerned about consistently high turnaways. There is also a need to investigate whether there were problems with a database within a specific time period.

There will be a forthcoming NISO webinar on the work of the CORE group. The usage and impact factors for journals will be examined; this information is based on a number value. Content will be appraised in terms of the output of searches (terms and relevance information). Relevance is being translated into usage. An open source product is forthcoming.

6. Portico- G. Smulewitz

The Portico discussion was tabled until the June meeting. A previous comparison of CLOCKSS, LOCKS and Portico was conducted three years ago. Portico recently made a presentation to VALE, and VALE can obtain a discount if acquiring Portico.

7. Announcements

J. Still reported that Camden is continuing its weeding project. The library will be getting compact shelving. Weeding is taking place in the H classification range, the PRs, and Q-V. Staff are working from spreadsheets.

T. Izbicki discussed the Maves music collection and its long-term future. He is investigating how it is housed and how it would be serviced. There is no good user space for it and he expressed doubts regarding its preservation quality.

R. Becker reported on preservation changes. V. Lucas left Rutgers to accept a position out of state. No line is available for the position. Erin Uhl, an hourly employee, will handle this work. R. Becker will email LRC with her contact information.

M.B. Weber reported that the Approvals Vendor Task Force is in the processing of scheduling site visits from vendors.

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

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