Minutes of September 17, 2009 Meeting

M. Fetzer (chair), G. Agnew, K. Hartman, E. Gorder, Q. Hu, T. Izbicki, A. Martinez (recorder), L. Mullen, V. Pelote (via teleconference), R. Sewell, G. Smulewitz, J. Still (via teleconference), A. Watkins (via teleconference), M. B. Weber, R. Womack.
C. Pecoraro.


  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Outgoing chair's report
  3. Selection of new chair
  4. AUL reports - G. Agnew; R. Sewell
  5. Selection of task force members to work with USC on demo of e-book readers and other mobile devices
  6. Portico - G. Smulewitz
  7. Future agenda items
  8. Announcements
  9. Adjournment

The agenda was approved.

The minutes of August 20, 2009 were approved via email.

New member introduction: Andy Martinez was introduced as the Access Services representative to LRC.

A brochure describing the Banned Books Week events that will take place starting September 26 was distributed. Banned Books Week ends on October 3, 2009. There will be two Faculty Panels and two movie nights at the library.

Outgoing chair's report

M. Fetzer noted that comments from the last meeting concerning the Cost Savings and Efficiency Task Force findings were forwarded to J. Boyle.

The only recommendation LRC may wish to investigate is the duplication of books in our acquisition process. G. Smulewitz stated that order forms currently contain a field regarding duplication, where selectors can make decisions on whether the location, campus, or RUL can have a copy. M. B. Weber stated that RUL's holdings are being loaded into Coutts' OASIS weekly, which will greatly reduce duplication, including for items not ordered from Coutts. The group discussed the implications of a general policy on duplication for RUL, with specific concerns being raised regarding when multiple copies of a title should be ordered.

Another possible agenda item for the group concerns the consolidation of periodical holdings in RUL.

R. Sewell distributed an Action Grid for 2009/2010 to the group, based on a discussion at a recent LRC meeting.

Selection of new chair

With M. Fetzer's recent acceptance of the position of Interim AUL for RIS, she will be moving to the User Services Council. The group thanked M. Fetzer for her service and wished her the best with her new role.

Nominations for the new LRC Chair were called. Karen Hartman was nominated and unanimously elected by the group as the new chair. K. Hartman will finish out the remainder of M. Fetzer's term.

M. Fetzer noted that a replacement will be needed for her position as the Reference/Generalist Team Leader. The four current team members are M. Fetzer, J. Cassel, N. Borisovets, and S. Beck. In the past, the team has reviewed general databases for selection and brought its recommendations to the LRC for approval.

AUL reports - G. Agnew; R. Sewell

G. Agnew will share the 2008/2009 annual report for Technical and Automated Services through the Staff Resources web page. She stated that more than 60 percent of the TAS Action Plan was completed for the past fiscal year. G. Agnew will work with G. Smulewitz and M. B. Weber to formulate the action plan for the 2009/2010 fiscal year. The recruitment for the Director of Integrated Systems Division will continue until late October. G. Agnew hopes to have the position filled by December 2009.

R. Sewell distributed the 2008/2009 Collection Development and Management report to the LRC for review. As he reviewed the major points from the annual report, the group discussed the findings. R. Sewell discussed the distribution of expenditures, stating that expenditures for e-resources commanded over half of the total budget for the first time.

R. Sewell also discussed the distribution among the three geographic campuses in regards to allocation of funds. NBL continues to receive the lion's share of funds for collections, especially due to print resources. NBL also receives non-state funds which are restricted for use only within NBL.

R. Sewell addressed some continuing issues with the collection budget. Vendor bundles have complicated purchase models that are not easily understood. Options for dealing with the purchase models are under discussion.

Other continuing issues concern the non-state funds, the approval plan, and preservation function for RUL. The budget outlook for this fiscal year is not as bad as expected, but the next fiscal year could be worse than expected. Development funds, which helped to alleviate cuts during this fiscal year, may not be available for the next fiscal year. Non-state funds may not be available. The good news is that Phonothon funds have not decreased.

G. Smulewitz asked that all requests for usage data concerning serials be forwarded to the Serials Team email, as this list-serv is monitored continuously by multiple staff. DTS staff are working on a presentation dealing with serial usage.

Selection of task force members to work with USC on demo of e-book readers and other mobile devices

There will be a joint LRC/USC task force to discuss the impact of e-book readers and other mobile platforms on our system and how we can position ourselves to take advantage of these emerging technologies. The big issues involve what platforms we purchase, how the content is received, and digital rights management.

K. Hartman will review the request and poll the group for volunteers to serve on this task force.

Portico - G. Smulewitz

This agenda item was tabled until the next meeting so that the group could adjourn to attend the Summon demonstration.

Future agenda items

The group discussed some possible agenda items for the future. These included:


T. Izbicki reported that the first interview/presentation for the Music/Performing Arts Librarian position will take place on October 6. The presentation will discuss the future of music librarianship with an eye towards the digital. The second interview/presentation will be scheduled towards the end of October.

Respectfully submitted,
Andy Martinez

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