Minutes of November 19, 2009 Meeting

Ron Becker, Karen Hartman (chair), Tom Izbecki, Andy Martinez (videoconference), Laura Mullen (videoconference), Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pilot (videoconference), Gracemary Smulewitz, Robert Sewell (videoconference), Gene Springs (videoconference), Julie Still (recorder), Ann Watkins (videoconference), Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack
Grace Agnew

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Chair's Report (K. Hartman)

Several names have been suggested for the Mobile Devices Task Force.

Member feedback on the ethnographic study collection-related comments have been compiled and sent to Jeanne Boyle. The following themes emerged: frustration with finding articles; a desire for more content, including deeper journal back runs, more books and textbooks, and enthusiasm for our borrowing, delivery and ILL services.

The team leaders, R.Sewell and G. Smulewitz met to start talking about the budget and the potential for one-time purchases this fiscal year.

The Libraries Advisory Committee on Diversity has a goal to create a multicultural resources website/portal for the Libraries as well as external audiences, and T. Kuchi, chair, is asking for assistance to create a structure to work on this goal; those interested should contact her.

AUL Report (R. Sewell)

We have not heard back from Elsevier yet but we are talking about a relief package.

All allocations are in Workflows except for New Brunswick. We don't know about one time money.

Marianne Gaunt has asked R. Sewell to organize a forum on liaisonship for a RUL faculty meeting, probably in March. Nancy Kranich will work on it as well.

Update on Acquisitions / Cataloging (M. B. Weber)

We have closed off dealings with YBP. A series of events is delaying Coutts orders. We would like more training with the Coutts platform and problems will be shared using the Sakai email list for selectors.

Swets would like us to be a beta site for their E-book platform.

The cataloging backlog is very small, about 3 months.

We are loading large record sets - ECCO and hopefully LION next.

Update from Distributed Technical Services (G. Smulewitz)

DTS was involved in the transfer of subscriptions to two new vendors, and one existing one - Ebsco, Swets, and Harrossowitz. A committee is being formed to examine how periodical urls are displayed in IRIS-Elizabeth Leicester, Bob Warwick, Dave Hoover, Cathy Pecoraro and Gracemary Smulewitz will be joined by Tom Izbicki, representing selectors.

Two department members are being trained on JerseyCat.

G. Smulewitz presented database and e-journal usage statistics. Input is requested regarding how we would like these statistics sorted, organized, etc., e.g., by package. Comments should be sent via the Sakai selectors email address.

We have not finalized any negotiations with Wiley / Blackwell.

Update on Last Copy Task Force (R. Sewell)

Weeding projects brought up issues. The Annex does not accept a title if other copies are in the system, the exceptions are Jazz and Special Collections. Another issue is where to keep the last copy. Catalog records need to recognize last copies. G. Smulewitz is working on a workflow. We should have a spreadsheet for each weeding project. Selectors may be able to weed a last copy with one other level of review. The last copy task force is discussing print index consolidation.


K. Hartman- Next month we will have a joint meeting with USC to discuss the last copy task force report. The next meeting will be on 12/17 and will start in the Scholarly Communication Center.

R. Becker - Special Collections has its first New York exhibit on Henry Rutgers in New York. He was a great benefactor in New York and is recognized by street names - Henry St., Rutgers St., Catherine St. He built churches and synagogues. The exhibit is at the Henry Street Settlement near the Tenement Museum. The exhibit is then moving to New Brunswick and expanding to include his NJ contributions.

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