Minutes of January 21, 2010 Meeting

Karen Hartman (Chair), Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (recorder), Fernanda Perrone (for Ron Becker), , Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (videoconference), Ann Watkins, Ryan Womack
Vibiana Cvetkovic, Tara McDonnell
Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Qian Hu, Andy Martinez, Mary Beth Weber

Karen Hartman introduced Fernanda Perrone as Ron Becker's replacement while Ron is on leave this semester.

Approval of Agenda - Hartman

The Agenda was approved, with the following amendments:

Approval of Minutes-Hartman

Draft minutes were sent out for the December 2009 meeting and no comments were submitted

K.Hartman stated that if she didn't hear from any of us by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 22) she will assume the minutes are approved.

Discussion of LRC Composition - V. Cvetkovic

V. Cvetkovic provided brief background on the discussion of council composition. This topic stems from the Rules Of Procedure Committee and the November faculty meeting where bylaw changes were discussed. The Planning and Coordinating Committee created a task force to begin discussion of the following issues:

1) Are there too many people mandated to be on the councils? How many people should be mandated to be on each council? Twelve are mandated with four elected to be on LRC.

What do we want mandated in the bylaws and what titles; titles change and when you have mandated titles in the bylaws every time you have a reorganization, the bylaws may have to change because some of those titles don't exist anymore.

The bylaws also state that in addition to the mandated people, it's the chair's prerogative to select any additional people he or she feels need to be on the council.

2) The elected positions don't reflect the new order of the Rutgers University Libraries in that we have five units: Camden, Dana (IJS is considered part of Dana), Special Collections, New Brunswick, and TAS. The concern is:

When elections are held sometimes the results reflect the 3 geographical locations as opposed to the 5 unit designations, which means individuals who are geographically in New Brunswick but unit-wise are in TAS and Special Collections are disenfranchised (in a way). The concern was expressed that we should perhaps move from the notion of geographic designations to unit designations.

K. Hartman stated that above is confounded by how many are mandated and how many are elected or appointed and further stated that LRC is different than USC.

V. Cvetkovic presented some of the suggestions that originated from members of the Planning and Coordinating task force:

Discussion by the Council ensued. V.Cvetkovic asked for questions and comments from the group.

There was a general consensus that the two councils are different and they have different needs. Both functional and geographical representation are needed on LRC. Concern was expressed about changing campus coordinators to unit representatives.

It was decided that the council would revisit these issues at the end of the year and reflect and document on the rationale for the elected positions, geographic representation, etc., and address questions of nimbleness and size of the council as well.

Chair's Report - Hartman

K. Hartman reported briefly about the Mobile Devices Task Force and its membership. The first meeting of the task force is on February 2, 2010.

K. Hartman reviewed what are ongoing LRC items:

K.Hartman would also like to revisit at a future meeting the action grid spreadsheet (sent to LRC members on August 25, 2009 by Mary Fetzer and Bob Sewell). We're at half year point and actively pursuing some of the goals.

AUL Report - Sewell

Scholarly Communication:

RUL is preparing comments on the initiative for public access for publications based on federal grants. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy requested comments on this important issue (due 1/21/10). Jean Boyle and Bob Sewell drafted a letter and a small group (Connie Wu, Jim Niessen, Gracemary Smulewitz, and Jackie Mardekian) reviewed the letter and provided comments. The letter will be submitted by Marianne Gaunt, Jean Boyle, Bob Sewell, and Mary Fetzer and will be posted on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy webpage.

B. Sewell mentioned other organizations (ARL , SPARC, etc.) and individuals that were also involved.

Committee on Scholarly Communication will be meeting to discuss a draft document about the charge and membership of the committee for the faculty bylaws. This will be discussed at a special faculty meeting on February 19, 2010. Jim Neal will be speaking after that about 2 CUL which is the virtual merging of collection development at Columbia University Library and Cornell University Library.

Another topic for discussion at the Committee on Scholarly Communication meeting will be bringing an open access mandate to the RUL faculty (to be discussed at a future library faculty meeting).

Elsevier negotiations were also discussed. The negotiation team consists of Bob Sewell, Ryan Womack, and Gracemary Smulewitz.

Collection Building in the Capital Campaign - Sewell, Tara Mc Donnell

B. Sewell introduced Tara McDonnell as someone who can help us with our budget.

The Capital Campaign is about to go public in the fall and we have designated several areas in the library where we would like to raise funds (particularly endowments) and there are 7 areas we have defined as building collections.

Tara passed examples of the campaign materials targeted to donors. We need to be flexible to respond to donors' needs and interests.

The campaign is for 7 years and very flexible to allow for future projects to be added to the campaign.

Building our collections endowments is a huge part of the campaign with a twenty million dollar goal dedicated towards that purpose.

A new donor newsletter is due out this spring. T. McDonnell worked with Tom Izbicki on an article about the Moev's collection of music scores and recorded performances. She is looking for stories about unique collections that can be put in the donor newsletter or new areas (e.g., global studies, international studies) of focus.

There was discussion about how the sciences and social sciences could attract donor money since the humanities is such a natural sell.



K. Hartman read report sent to her by Mary Beth Weber:

1. Most of the problems related to WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP) records that prevented us from receiving our books from Coutts have been resolved. Chris Sterback ran a test yesterday and a few minor errors that can be easily corrected were discovered. Coutts has sent an initial shipment of 375 books and will continue to send larger shipments until we've reduced the backlog of books they were holding for us.

2. Carolyn Morris of Coutts is at Rutgers today to discuss patron mediated acquisitions. Kathy Brannon, our field rep., will be on campus Monday, Jan. 25 and Tuesday, Jan. 26 to provide additional OASIS training. The Monday sessions will be at Alexander in one of the IHLs, 10-12, and 2-4. The Tuesday sessions will be in the LSM Electronic Classroom, 10-12 and 2-4.

3. Ryan and M.B. Weber have been working with Coutts to refine our profiles, specifically Art, which Sara had cut back in light of our budget situation.

4. There will be some reorganization in CTS, which will be announced at the end of this month. Emerging areas of need have been identified and will be given first priority.

5. The librarians and managers who oversee cataloging operations are working with M. B. Weber to identify alternatives to using OCLC for cataloging copy. M. B. Weber visited the SkyRiver booth at ALA and spent a long time talking to Leslie Straus, the president of the company. She is setting up a WebEX demo with her. Two of the cataloging librarians are investigating Biblios, an open source product. The central record repository contains 30 million+ bibliographic records and just under eight-million authority records.

Distributed Technical Services:

G. Smulewitz reported that she at looked into (at mid-winter ALA) a suite of services to manage electronic resources offered by a competitor to our current supplier. The services include a new discovery tool and G. Smulewitz would like to look further into this software package. The council agreed that she should proceed with her investigations.


Tom Izbicki announced that he picked up something from the Web of Science representative at ALA mid-winter that he's going to try out and see if there is a way to construct a researcher profile that would then draw on things like Web of Science for data.

L. Mullen went to a library assessment forum at ALA and noted that new ROI research would expand from the sciences focus to the humanities and other areas.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Vincent Pelote

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