Minutes of March 18, 2010 Meeting

Karen Hartman (Chair), Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (videoconference), Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (videoconference), Ann Watkins (videoconference), Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack
Grace Agnew, Fernanda Perrone, Andy Martinez

Approval of agenda Karen Hartman

The agenda was approved with no amendments.

Approval of February Minutes - Hartman

Draft minutes were circulated prior to meeting. K.Hartman asked to have any edits to her by the end of day Friday, March 19, 2010.

Chair's Report - Hartman

The Wiley Blackwell subscriptions package is being finalized.

Sam McDonald created a new web page for one-time requests divided by the four discipline areas. The deadline for submitting requests to be considered this fiscal year was Monday, March 14, 2010. The team leaders will meet with their discipline representatives to prioritize the lists in the next few weeks.

There will be a discussion at the April LRC meeting about purchasing textbooks for reserves, which was raised by J.Still at a previous meeting. Judy Gardner will attend to be part of the discussion.

K. Hartman would like for the last copy policies discussed at previous meetings to be finalized and adopted by May.

The May LRC meeting will take place at Dana Library.

AUL Report - Sewell

The budget picture for Fiscal Year 2011 is still unclear, but a significant reduction in the collections budget is expected. In addition to potential budget reduction and collections cuts, the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative will no longer provide access to three major resources: Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, and ReferenceUSA. Considerations for adding subscriptions to these resources must be included in expenses for the next fiscal year.

B. Sewell emphasized that LRC had to be proactive in looking at potential budget scenarios with recommendations for potential cuts. A discussion ensued about possible cost savings, including article pay- per-view as suggested by G. Smulewitz, identifying each discipline's core resources as suggested by R. Womack, and evaluating cost-per-use value, as suggested by L. Mullen. It was emphasized by K. Hartman and G. Smulewitz that any scenarios must involve direct selector participation as past decisions in cutting resources, particularly journal subscriptions, have been dependent upon keeping certain other resources.

G. Smulewitz noted that any information and data gathering for budget reduction scenarios will be useful down the line as well.

B. Sewell recommended the creation of the Collections Analysis Task Force that is charged to closely analyze RUL collections and systematically and holistically make suggestions for cuts. K. Hartman recommended that the task force include the campus collection development coordinators in addition to the team leaders, with B. Sewell and G. Smulewitz as co-chairs. It was suggested that Judy Gardner be asked to serve on the task force in an ad hoc capacity to inform about interlibrary loan's role in collections. The Collections Analysis Task Force will meet regularly and swiftly after this meeting.

Review/Revision/Plan of Action: General Policies - Hartman


K. Hartman recommended that the "Subject Policies" section be eliminated. It was decided that this section will be shadowed for now.

K. Hartman noted there is a lot of overlap in the "General Policies" section, that LRC should evaluate these policies and update or revise as needed, and that the Collections Analysis Task Force may be generating new policies as well that could be added here. K. Hartman volunteered to keep track of any new policies suggested by the Collections Analysis Task Force and bring them back to LRC for ratification per L. Mullen's suggestion.

Update: Mobile Devices Task Force - Springs

G. Springs is co-chairing the Mobile Devices Task Force with Katie Anderson. The task force has met twice, and plans on meeting two more times before their report is due to the USC and LRC on May 30, 2010.

The task force amended its charge to only recommend services for handheld devices that have a web browser. Subgroups have been created to analyze the mobile services of peer/aspirant institution's libraries in four primary areas: user services, reference, building/location/hours, and e-resources.

C. Pecoraro asked if the Serials Team should be inquiring about mobile products as they interact with vendors. G. Springs noted that any additional information is helpful, but that at this point the task force is only recommending services, not implementing them.

Update: Acquisitions - Weber

M. B. Weber noted that the department has been very busy cataloging new acquisitions. M. B.Weber and Jane Otto went to Newark to meet with Institute for Jazz Studies and will begin integrating their holdings into the cataloging workflow. IJS materials were previously accessible via an Access database, and will be available in IRIS in the future. New IJS acquisitions are being ordered, received and cataloged in Central Technical Services. There will be a transition period when part of the collection is accessible only via the Access database and part of the collection is available in IRIS.

T. Izbiki inquired about the status of receiving materials by Rutgers authors in Coutts, particularly what determines first author. M. B. Weber will ask Mary Lynn Kingston.

B. Sewell noted that non-state funds must be spent out, and that orders must be places as soon as possible. A discussion ensued about various non-state fund types and their impact on the next fiscal year budget's collections allocations.

J. Still asked whether selectors can order e-books via Coutts. M. B. Weber clarified that yes, e-books can be purchased now. A brief discussion about e-book access and discovery ensued.

Update: Distributed Technical Services - Smulewitz

G. Smulewitz reported that some small adjustments were made to the Elsevier license, and that it will be up for approval with the Board of Governors.

The Wiley Blackwell list of subscriptions is currently being vetted in DTS. G. Smulewitz will post the lists on the T: drive, and noted that there may be price differences on the new lists.

G. Smulewitz reported that she attended a three day grant writing workshop, and noted that there may be development opportunities for collections-related projects.


C. Pecoraro reported that the open URL resolver screen has been modified based on data analysis from the ERP report; in most cases, one click should take the user right to the full-text article. C. Pecoraro also noted that there may be changes to the "Get it @ R" button in the future.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gene Springs

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