Minutes of July 15, 2010 Meeting

Hartman (chair), Hu, Izbicki, Joseph, Martinez, Mullen, Pecoraro, Smulewitz, Springs, Still, Weber, Womack (recorder), Gardner (guest), Purger (guest)
Agnew, Sewell

1. Agenda and minutes were approved.

2. Chair election - Karen Hartman was re-elected as chair for academic year 2010-11, and appreciation was expressed for her work as chair during the previous year. Laura Mullen will serve as Planning and Coordinating Representative. Tom Izbicki was thanked for his work in this role during the past year.

3. AUL Reports were skipped since AULs could not make the meeting.

4. Reserves Policy - Judy Gardner joined the group for this discussion. Judy reviewed changes recommended to the previous policy. In general, the new policy is streamlined to reflect simplified processing practices and the removal of text referring to details that are obsolete or no longer practiced.

An annual reserve fund report will be run. Textbooks are purchased, but there is no definite policy on this. It is preferable to keep this issue open and flexible and to use our judgment on a case-by-case basis.

Comments: the policy needs to include options for e-books and media. Multiple copies can be purchased if faculty requests for a very large class, but this is used sparingly. All copies in the system are recalled for reserve use before any new orders are placed. Issues with leasing and rights for some kinds of material may be complicated (streaming video). E-Reserves are being phased out. Some kind of language is needed for the Special Collections exception.

5. Goals - skipped, will return to this when AULs are present.

6. DTS update - End-of-year money had to be encumbered swiftly, and was used to acquire many previously prioritized resources. Journal cancellations are being evaluated using available print and online usage statistics. Dana and Camden print usage statistics will be available in the fall semester. We are changing providers for Electronic Resource Management systems, electronic journal lists, and federated searching. The new system will be up in August. Some benefits of the new system will include the ability to place a portal to selected databases in individual LibGuides, and the availability of MARC records for e-books.

7. Central Technical Services update - Streaming video and e-books procedures are being developed. There are issues in negotiating licenses of which everyone should be aware, such as what rights are provided as part of a purchase. Information on this topic will be forthcoming. The patron-driven pilot project is underway.

The department is reorganizing. Three library associates roles will change. Rob Hilliker will work with Melissa DeFino on e-books in addition to foreign and special orders . Kati Ritter will work with Fay Austin on monographs cataloging and management of the backlog of newly purchased monographs. Steve Perrotta will work with Carla Zimmerman on ETDs. Since the ordering and receiving of IJS materials have been mainstreamed, the mentioned changes were implemented to enable Jane Otto to concentrate on videorecordings, sound recordings, and scores. She is also working to map Jazz's legacy databases into IRIS, making this material available to a larger audience.

Acquisitions is evaluating the use services offered by OCLC and other techniques for getting books to the shelf more quickly with minimal initial cataloging. LC will be used for all copy cataloging for cost savings, and original cataloging will be directly on OCLC. Marcive will be cut back - only shipping list records will be kept. OCLC's GovDoc will be used instead.

The RUcore OpenHouse was well attended.

8. Announcements - The Mobile Devices Task Force will also present at User Services Council, after which there will be follow-up recommendations. An Electronic Resource Fair will be hosted at LSM in the Fall, along with additional visits by major academic publishers. A core list in psychology is being finalized; this is another approach for analyzing collections.

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