Minutes of December 16, 2010 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Hartman (Chair), T. Izbicki, M. Joseph, L. Mullen, C. Pecoraro (Recorder), V. Pelote (videoconferencing), G. Springs, J. Still (videoconferencing), G. Smulewitz, A. Watkins (videoconferencing), M.B. Weber, R. Womack, T. Yang, J. Sloan (guest), J. Otto (guest)
Q. Hu, A. Martinez


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of November Minutes
  3. Streaming Video- Jane Sloan, Jane Otto, Grace Agnew
  4. Final review and approval of Collection Development-Course Reserves Policy and the Deaccessioning Policy- Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki
  5. Update Central Technical Services - Mary Beth Weber
  6. AUL Report and Information Sharing - Tom Izbicki
  7. AUL Report and Information Sharing, Grace Agnew
  8. Update Distributed Technical Services - Gracemary Smulewitz
  9. Announcements

1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve December 2010 agenda approved.

2. Approval of October Minutes

Minutes for November 2010 meeting approved after submitted revisions.

3. Streaming Video- Jane Sloan, Jane Otto, Grace Agnew

A presentation was primarily given by J. Sloan regarding the funding, selecting, acquiring and accessibility of streaming video. J. Otto briefly discussed the background and technical side of the service. J. Sloan discussed collection development, funding and licensing issues (including Reserves).

J. Sloan reviewed previous acquisitions and their funding process as well as the challenges presented when the data is licensed to us but not hosted on a commercial platform. Very few vendors currently provide the streaming capability but they allow us to obtain the raw data.

Examples of these scenarios are:

A number of other collections were purchased through commercial vendors like Alexander Street Press. Since the content is licensed, and the vendors provide sets of records with the content hosted on their site, these purchases have a different workflow.

J. Sloan noted we now have a workflow for these various orders using a "Streaming Video Request Form" which will be implemented after the "Streaming Video Team" is set up.

J. Sloan presented licensing and purchasing options to determine priority (of our users) and then to discuss moving ahead. (G. Agnew's slides were used in the presentations, one slide listed proposed members of the Team: J.Otto (chair), J.Sloan, G. Smulewitz, T. Purger, and I. Beard with G. Agnew and T. Izbicki as Cabinet Sponsors)

The options are:

K. Hartman summarized: 1) the proposed Streaming Video Team will meet in early 2011 2) the focus will be on addressing the issues of streaming commercial video to make content available to students on all campuses; and 3) a timetable for specific content (probably no longer than a semester) will be determined.

G. Agnew will send an email to the Selector Team Leaders to let faculty know when to expect the ability to stream their own video.

4. Final review and approval of Collection Development-Course Reserves Policy and the Deaccessioning Policy

T. Izbicki will send out revisions to be approved by email.

5. Update Central Technical Services Update - M. B. Weber

6. AUL Report - T. Izbicki

T. Izbicki reported that M. Gaunt assigned funds out of savings for one-time purchases and there may be some continuing funds available. There will be a Collection Analysis Task Force and Humanities Group meeting next month to address these issues.

T. Izbicki, A. Watkins and M. Oswell met with Princeton Librarians regarding possible collaboration on Collections; there was some focus on our Music Collection; there are some possible collaborations with Princeton regarding children's literature. M. Joseph reported on plans for hosting a conference on children's literature that will be a joint collaboration between Rutgers and Princeton.

7. AUL Report - G. Agnew

The new Data Portal will hopefully go live next week. The website is: data.rutgers.edu R. Womack is working on the documentation. Ryan will work with faculty on data plans and with RUCore. G. Agnew will visit Mark Winston in Newark in January to discuss data. A Project Coordinator will also be hired.

Work has begun on OLE (Open Library Environment)
-VOSC: VALE OLE Steering Committee
There is a contest for a name.
They are looking very closely at discovery layers and asked for specifications for the server.
There are five alpha-Implementing institutions (committed to implement as soon as OLE is live): William Patterson, TCNJ, NJIT, Rutgers and Drew.
A visit will be scheduled late in January.

8. Distributed Technical Services Update - G. Smulewitz

There were no announcements.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, January 20, 2010
9:30am - 11:30am
University Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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