Minutes of January 20, 2011 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Hartman (Chair), T. Izbicki, M. Joseph, L. Mullen, C. Pecoraro G. Springs, J. Still (VC), G. Smulewitz (recorder), A. Watkins (VC), M.B. Weber, R. Womack, T. Yang
Q. Hu, A. Martinez


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of December Minutes
  3. Mid-year check on LRC goals-Hartman
  4. Approval Plan Update-Womack
  5. AUL Reports and Information Sharing- Izbicki, Agnew
  6. Update Distributed Technical Services- Smulewitz
  7. Update Central Technical Services- Weber
  8. Announcements

1. Approval of Agenda

January 20, 2011 agenda approved.

2. Approval of October Minutes

Minutes for December, 2010 meeting approved.

3. Mid-year check on LRC goals -Hartman

3 B. Libguides

Springs reported on progress of Libguides implementation. It is moving along quite well. He will be working with Special Collections and also has developed a place holder for Jazz. Five subjects still need to move to Libguides.

Libguides Task Force is now a working group. Still will be participating during K. Anderson's maternity leave.

The issue of archiving will need to be addressed - e.g. if class is taught in spring, should it be kept up for fall use.

4. Approval Plan

Womack presented a report given to NBCG and then LRC to the Cabinet which emphasized that the approval plan is the main source for book acquisitions. After endowment funds run out there won't be a funding source. Gaunt will be talking with Furmanski and will need more data for discussion such as circulation information. In isolation the circulation statistics show a gradual decline. Information has been put on the NBCG Sakai site. It was suggested that an Executive Summary be prepared to capture the main arguments.

There are other ways to acquire collections, e.g. through collection purchases and or patron driven programs.

Mullen noted that the sciences are not included in the approval plan. Agnew suggested that the approval plan is the major way that books are acquired and that the workflow must be analyzed. She also suggested that Weber be included in any analysis that takes place. Yang reminded everyone that foreign language is not included in the plan and also that new book circulation should be evaluated.

5. AUL reports - Izbicki

The methods of the approval plan have to be reviewed and possibly pilot different approaches. Collections Analysis Group met and evaluated state funding for subscriptions. We should be able to assign some money for new subscriptions this year.

Marianne Gaunt will be adding one time state money to the collections budget. The intent is to:

a. Assign some to the approval plan

b. Assign some to patron driven acquisitions through Coutts and have it implemented as soon as possible. If we look at patron driven we have different models to evaluate and choose from especially if we are looking for a program that provides material across all disciplines. Collections Analysis Group will be holding a meeting with Mary Beth Weber to begin the evaluation process.

c. Will have one time money for the digital humanities from CETH but no replenishing once spent.

d. Team Leaders will talk with colleagues and with DTS- Serials Team for pricing of items that are of interest.

e. Will also explore grants and foundation money.

We must take into consideration the needs for next year with emphasis on how to keep things going and then possibly how to add.

Cabinet is preparing to hire a permanent head of RIS. If someone comes to mind, let them know, the job description is forthcoming.

5. AUL reports cont'd. - Agnew

Exciting things are happening - a presentation will be given to Cabinet by Agnew, Mills, Weber and Womack on the Research Data Portal for RUCore. Womack is chairing the RUCore Data Working Group in Jantz's absence.

NSF requires that all grants have a data plan including the data being used for the research. If a data set is being used then RUCore will ingest it now. Agnew will be meeting with M. Gaunt and Vice President for Research, Aletia Morgan. Agnew will strongly encourage that this functionality be linked prominently.

Womack will work with liaisons on how this should be promoted. Agnew is hoping that a program can be offered after the faculty meeting. Currently 1/3 of all NIH grants are being loaded in RUCore by Marker. The number is significant.

Mullen mentioned that the announcement for the libraries seemed somewhat secondary. Hartman mentioned that there are graduate students applying for NSF dissertation support grants and need data load support. They have already approached Womack. Agnew stated that we are ready to support them. She also mentioned that we need more people on the team and will be teaching a course for internal faculty that will be extensive.

6. DTS report - Smulewitz

Currently DTS is reconciling all packages for renewals. All changes to the packages will need holdings updates in our serials management systems and in IRIS. Staff continues to work on reviewing collections for electronic holdings updates.

7. CTS report - Weber

R. Hilliker and M.Belinsky are leaving in March. Weber is working with both on documentation. Also, she is working with Kilmer Library for a recreational reading collection that will not be available for ILL and will have a 28 day circulation limit. The request came from patrons at the information desk. Looking at Kindle packages for this purpose.

Because of departures, for the last month, staff that is performing cataloging is also labeling.

De Fino and Lo gave a presentation at the VALE conference on the Patron Driven Pilot program and it was very well received. Other libraries have requested copies of the presentation. Weber and Austin have written a book entitled "Describing electronic, digital, and other media using AACR2 and RDA: a how-to-do-it manual and CD-ROM for librarians"

Mullen asked if there is a way to see status of titles ordered in a report format or something similar. Smulewitz will look at Director's Station for a status field and see if a report can be generated.

Hartman announced that the February/March meetings might be combined and will send a Doodle poll for a date. We will most likely not meet on February 17th.


M. Joseph announced that a first copy of James Joyce's "Ulysses" was found in the Waxman Collection.

Next Meeting:
To be announced.

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