Minutes of April 21, 2011 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (videoconference), Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs (recorder), Ryan Womack, Ann Watkins, Tao Yang
John Brennan, Elizabeth Leister, Rebecca Martinez,
Andy Martinez, Michael Joseph, Mary Beth Weber


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of March Minutes
  3. Chair Report-Hartman
  4. Discussion with the Marketing/PR team-H. Glazer (guest)
  5. Budget Update/AUL Report-Tom Izbicki
  6. AUL Report-Grace Agnew
  7. Web Board Report-Ryan Womack and IRIS discussion-L. Mullen
  8. Drop-off Deed of Gift form-Izbicki
  9. Policy for Digitization of Rare books-M. Joseph
  10. Update Distributed Technical Services-Grace Smulewitz
  11. Update Central Technical Services-Mary Beth Weber
  12. Announcements

1. Approval of Agenda

Agenda was approved with the following changes: the IRIS Discussion (Mullen) from item #7 was moved to item #3; the chair report, item #3, was removed; John Brennan and Rebecca Martinez are leading the discussion of item #4; item #9 will be postponed to the May meeting as M. Joseph is ill.

2. Approval of March Minutes

Minutes of March 3, 2011 were approved with no changes.

3. IRIS Discussion (L. Mullen)

L. Mullen introduced a discussion item on behalf of the Web Board to deemphasize the acronym IRIS in favor of the more generic "catalog" in future development of the RUL website. R. Womack completed a scan of peer/aspirant institutions and found that only 6 were still using an IRIS-like acronym to name their catalog. No objections were raised to the proposed change. The discussion yielded a request for a clear timeline of any name changes to be disseminated to all of RUL.

4. Discussion with Marketing/PR Team (J. Brennan, R. Martinez)

J. Brennan and R. Martinez, on behalf of the Marketing/PR Team, presented on their committee's activities and goals. The committee would like to collaborate on outreach efforts as evidenced with the E-ssentials newsletter, which is an opt-in electronic newsletter targeted toward faculty. Several members of the council recommended to the committee that submission deadlines for the newsletter be widely disseminated to RUL.

5. Budget Update/AUL Report (T. Izbicki)

8. Drop-off Deed of Gift Form (T. Izbicki)

Agenda item #8 moved to due to T. Izbicki leaving meeting early. T. Izbicki introduced an updated Drop-off Deed of Gift form which is to be given to donors upon the dropping off of materials to the library. The form confirms that the ownership of and legal rights to the materials has been transferred to RUL. A few minor edits to the form were recommended, and T. Izbicki agreed to send a revised form to the LRC list for approval.

6. AUL Report (G. Smulewitz for G. Agnew)

G. Smulewitz read a report on behalf of G. Agnew.

7. Web Board Report (R. Womack)

R. Womack provided an update of Web Board activities. Teams have been formed to address multiple aspects of the RUL site redesign, examples of which include the "search" team and the information architecture team. Bids are being considered for the design work of the site. Some changes to the RUL site can be expected in August, in preparation for the fall semester.

10. Update Distributed Technical Services (G. Smulewitz)

As mentioned by T. Izbicki, DTS is in the process of finalizing orders and subscriptions for one- time purchases. DTS is conducting a pilot project to digitize license agreements within their WMS. DTS is also considering the implementation of a tracking system to manage troubleshooting e-resource issues. G. Agnew suggested working with IIS on this implementation.

11. Update Central Technical Services (E. Leister for M. Weber)

E. Leister read an update report on behalf of M. Weber.

12. Announcements

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30am

Respectfully submitted,
Gene R. Springs

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