Minutes of June 16, 2011 Meeting

Melissa De Fino (for M. B. Weber), Karen Hartman (chair), Qian Hu (video), Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen (video), Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (video), Ann Watkins (recorder), Tao Yang (video).
Grace Agnew, Andy Martinez, Ryan Womack.

Approval of agenda

The agenda was approved as posted.

Approval of May minutes

The minutes were approved with no revisions.

Chair report - Karen Hartman

K. Hartman discussed the membership of the Council for the coming year. She reminded the group that the chair is elected annually from the membership. Having co-chairs is also an option if two Council members wish to share the office. K. Hartman is accepting nominations for the election which will take place on July 21st, the Council's next meeting date. The current members will continue to participate with the exception of Ryan Womack who will be replaced by Kevin Mulcahy.

Serials, indexes consolidation - Gracemary Smulewitz

G. Smulewitz provided the context for a discussion by stating that every library has space needs and many have initiated or planned major weeding projects. While most of the projects have focused on monographs, serials consolidation offers the greatest gains in space availability. To maintain the strengths of the serials collection, a holistic view across all libraries to determine growth areas and storage capacity as well as a decision making process for retention are required. The consolidation issue gained importance during the Robeson serials weed when 2,200 journal titles were evaluated for potential discard. Eighteen percent of the titles were available online while 85% of the journal runs were held by other Rutgers libraries. With batches of holdings scattered throughout the Libraries, it is critical that retention decisions involve everyone. Tom Izbicki emphasized that appropriate services for rapid document delivery must accompany any redesign of the serials collection.

Following the discussion, a series of action items were identified.

Budget update / AUL report - Tom Izbicki

In his update on the budget, T. Izbicki stated that the state budget has largely been spent with funds to be carried over for the PDA project and rebuilding the transfer fund. He is also holding some funding to make purchases possible early in the new fiscal year.

When the new budget is available, Izbicki hopes selectors will begin purchasing right away. It is crucial that the University administrators see that all funds, particularly non-state, have been completely expended.

AUL report - Grace Agnew

G. Agnew was unable to attend the meeting.

Update Distributed Technical Services - Gracemary Smulewitz

G. Smulewitz reported that two members of her staff, Cathy Pecoraro and Rebecca Martinez, have been processing orders so all state funding may be spent by year's end.

The Department has a new staff member, Rita Wells, who is responsible for ordering, coordinating receipt for print subscriptions, and collecting use statistics for e-journals.

The staff are still working on a spreadsheet of one time only purchases which will be posted to the Selectors Sakai site.

Update Central Technical Services - Mary Beth Weber

Melissa De Fino attended the meeting as the CTS representative and presented Mary Beth Weber's report. Coutts' technical services operation has been relocated from Niagra Falls to La Vergne, TN, and Rutgers, as an existing customer, will be transitioned to the new location. M. Weber has been reassured by Coutts that RUL's dedicated contacts will remain the same and that there will be no interruptions to service.

M. Weber and her staff are focusing on completing all year end orders including NJVid. Under Fay Austin's management, the backlog of newly purchased monographs is steadily decreasing. Progress on procedures for ordering, receiving and cataloging streaming video has taken place with recent NJVid/Vale orders serving as a model for the process.

The Department has had two staff changes. Amelia Killough who handled receiving and cataloging of firm orders retired as of June 15th. Matthew Gallagher joined the Department to handle cataloging, ordering and receipt of streaming video under Jane Otto's direction.


Tom Izbicki expressed his concerns for the outcome of two lawsuits brought by publishers about interlibrary loan outside the US. The wide adoption of e-books is already having a negative impact on access through ILL. J. Still mentioned that she has kept this in mind as she considers books for discard during her recent weeding projects.

Taylor and Francis, an Informa company, and Proquest are making changes to their platforms. Both groups will be invited to Rutgers to discuss these changes with Technical Services staff.

Mary Beth Weber and Gracemary Smulewitz will attend the ALA pre-conference on patron driven acquisitions.

The RDA Test Coordinating Committee which was convened to examine adoption of RDA by the three national libraries issued their recommendations prior to the ALA meeting. While the recommendations were accepted by representatives of the three libraries, they agreed that implementation would not occur before January 1, 2013.

Qian Hu mentioned that she learned about a PDA program from Springer while she attended SLA.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am. The next meeting will take place on July 21st.

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