Minutes of September 15, 2011 Meeting

Karen Hartman (co-Chair), Laura Mullen (co-Chair), Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph (recorder), Kevin Mulcahy, Janice Pilch, Bob Sewell, Gene Springs, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (videoconferenced), Mary Beth Weber, Tao Yang
Barry Lipinski, Vincent Pelote, and Ann Watkins

Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved

Approval of August Minutes

Minutes approved

Co-Chair's Report

Laura Mullen, new co-chair, outlined the major tasks to accomplish this year.

AUL Report - Tom Izbicki

AUL Report - Grace Agnew

Weeding and Consolidation Group (WCG) - Hartman/Mullen

Input on Draft Strategic Plan - T. Izbicki and All

Feedback to Jeanne's office is due 10/15

Completion of Goals Discussion - L. Mullen

Formation of Hathi Trust Task group - K. Hartman

Update Distributed Technical Services - G. Smulewitz

Update Central Technical Services - M.B. Weber


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