Minutes of July 19, 2012 Meeting

Bonnie Fong, Karen Hartman (C-Chair), Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph, Barry Lipinski, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen (Co-Chair, Recorder), Vincent Pelote, Janice Pilch, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (video) Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber, Tao Yang
Grace Agnew

July 19, 2012, 11:30-12:30 a.m. following the conclusion of the DPN presentation

Brief Business Meeting

The main order of business for this meeting was the election of a new Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Library Resources Council, and to select the LRC representative for the Planning and Coordinating Committee. To this point, the co-chairs have received no nominations or communications regarding either position. If no chair is found, Mullen will take the issue to the Planning and Coordinating Committee.

Hartman and Mullen provided some history of the Library Resources Council and of its previous iteration, the Collection Development Council (CDC). They also described the reorganization of the Councils into faculty chaired committees. The first meeting of LRC was in July, 2008. A description of the Chair and Planning and Coordinating positions' responsibilities was presented. The call for nominations (including self-nominations) was repeated. There were some gracious expressions of interest, but those individuals were unable to serve this year due to workload constraints/sabbatical plans. Hartman and Mullen will continue to talk to interested individuals following this business meeting and hope to have Chair(s) in place within a few days. Weber graciously offered to "wear another hat" on the Planning and Coordinating Committee if another member of LRC is unable to serve.

Brief Reports:

AUL/CDM Report: Izbicki. The tuition increase was set at 2.5 percent; a little less than what was anticipated. This will likely create some collection budget challenges. The state side of the budget went over last year; this year we will have to work to reduce expenditure. The opening allocation is based on what we had in state funds last year. Enrollments affect funding also.

We will be pushing for major economies; if we keep up with the present model, we will go over by a significant amount. Economies will include the analysis of standing orders, reducing binding, and every subscription on the state side will be scrutinized. Negotiations with major vendors will be commencing. All packages will be pulled apart and analyzed. Some strategies may not be big enough to make a huge difference. Numbers on the approval funding look better than was thought. The "P" funds will be down; not sure of the extent of the decline. Izbicki is waiting to see all of the numbers.

There will be discussions at all levels, how will we take the lead in pursuing our own interests with the vendors? We cannot continue with the old model. There wasn't any unspent money. The medical school merger plans will likely be in effect for 2014; details remain to be seen. With this merger, we would reduce duplication but also pick up things that are unique to medical libraries. PDA is of interest. There are many new people in leadership positions at the University. Izbicki is willing to talk to various groups. We should try to garner support from any academic unit. What can selectors do? Springs mentions the possibility involving New Brunswick Faculty Council in efforts/discussion. Libraries get a part of the computer fee but any enrollment decline pushes down this fee. One suggestion was that if there was enough advocacy by liaisons, maybe departmental faculty could advocate more for funding for the libraries. More voices are beneficial.

ILL will increase if we cancel unique materials; payments went over this year. Reserves went over also (pure traffic). New reserve requests and media purchases affected spending.

Smulewitz (DTS): Are we going to start to act on this (start our process) immediately? If so, we have to start planning now. Yesterday's meeting of the Collection Analysis Task Force focused on the need for discussion with selectors. Selectors can get started very soon with analysis in their areas.

We are cancelling binding going forward; campuses may not have the ability to continue with same binding workflows/spending. The state funded binding outlook is poor. Binding is on phonothon funds currently; Newark's is on gift and endowment. How would we sustain this? In terms of periodicals, we are still moving print to online. Any remaining duplicates are up for review. There was a reminder that there are lots of institutions experiencing financial challenges. Vendors might have offers of interest to us. DTS will be keeping track of those vendors exhibiting particularly "good citizen" business models. For switch to online from print, Mullen suggested looking at sciences first since there are very few current print titles and some may be available "online only" since we last looked.

Izbicki reported that a JSTOR message will be put on RUL website reminding searchers that many of the journals in JSTOR can be accessed through the regular RUL subscriptions.

Mary Beth Weber (Central Technical Services): There will be a meeting with Coutts in late September regarding the approval plan. There will be no processing of gift books for the month of July due to carpeting work underway at the technical services building, resulting in a lack of storage space.

Gracemary Smulewitz (Distributed Technical Services): The Collection Analysis Task Force has met, and DTS has created tools to analyze collections data both for journals (cost per use) and for databases (different data; some have no usage data, but DTS is trying to get it). Some still don't have COUNTER compliant statistics easily available (for instance some society publishers). This situation is ongoing and will be improving over time. Smulewitz will post the statistics on different T drives. Suggestion was made to put all of this information on more easily accessible Selectors' Sakai site. Smulewitz will make all information available soon. Training sessions will be held for selectors regarding all the data.


Izbicki: Attended recent NERL meeting; new pricing models might come out. The FTE model continues to be problematic for us.

Smulewitz: Met with YBP, and also attended VALE presentation on consortial purchasing of monographs. There are lots of consortial opportunities, for instance in the case of any group of schools doing collaborative buying. There are creative partnerships that can be formed.

Before adjourning, Hartman and Mullen once again issued an invitation for all interested parties to discuss LRC Chair, or Planning and Coordinating Committee service with them. Hartman and Mullen will announce final results very soon, and reiterated how much they have enjoyed their tenure on the Library Resources Council.

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Aug.16th; new Chair will convene or reschedule.

Meeting adjourned 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen

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