Minutes of October 18, 2012 Meeting

Bonnie Fong, T. Izbicki, Barry Lipinski, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Janice Pilch, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (video), Ann Watkins (recorder), Ningfen Wu (guest), Tao Yang.
Grace Agnew, Vincent Pelote, Mary Beth Weber

Agenda Approval

Agenda item 4, "Updates from CTS," was eliminated as Mary Beth Weber was absent. The amended agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes from September 20, 2012

Two typos were corrected in the minutes and Mary Beth Weber was added to the list of attendees. There was a little confusion about responsibility for handling the consolidation lists which will be corrected in the CTS and DTS reports.

Chair's Report - K. Mulcahy

Kevin presented a spreadsheet with budget data from Director's Station to provide the "big picture" of state and non-state funding by material format. The results indicate that RUL's overall materials budget is $8.7 million with $7.5 million going to current periodicals (mostly e-resources).

Updates from DTS - G. Smulewitz

DTS staff are currently working on renewals and savings by cancelling monographic series or moving them from state to non-state funding. Of 710 series identified to date, selectors have made decisions on disposition of 630. "Stragglers" continue to surface and selectors will be notified for decisions.

Gracemary was one of 40 participants at the Great Lakes e-Summit a week ago. The e-Summit was held to share information about saving on e-resource costs and usage tracking methods. In her summary of the presentations, Gracemary described one speaker's survey of faculty and students on e-textbook preferences. Contrary to other surveys, the results indicated that students do not like e-textbooks. There are just three disciplines, medicine, nursing and business, where e-textbook offerings are fully developed and more widely accepted. Gracemary noted the recent news item about Arne Duncan, head of the US Dept of Education, declaring war on print textbooks. She also commented on the growing interest in a metric to indicate "value to the university." This metric would adjust for the small size of an important.

At the e-Summit, Gracemary learned about an important tool developed by Kent State librarians. The tool captures comments and usage data of trials and then feeds the information to selectors. There are also automatic links for ordering and ERMS updating. The librarians offered to visit Rutgers to install their tool for University Libraries staff use. The members caught Gracemary's enthusiasm for the product and asked to have this opportunity pursued.

DTS will have a poster at the State of the Libraries meeting which will present use and cost data on journal packages. Gracemary reminded the Council that there will be web discovery presentations by Serials Solutions and Ebsco in the next few weeks.

AUL Report - T. Izbicki

Tom Izbicki talked about money as well as training and University budgeting practices. The flat state budget has been accompanied by a change in the distribution of non-state funding by the Rutgers Foundation resulting in a reduction, particularly in Phonothon funds. Tom and Gracemary are currently negotiating renewals with major serials vendors. Continuing to design training for new and seasoned selectors, Tom recently piloted his new selectors training program with Megan Lotts. He anticipates substantial review of current budgeting practices by the new president.

Policies and Procedures for Faculty/Department Donations - G. Smulewitz

Using three gift databases as examples, Gracemary suggested that, if any selector knows of a department's interest in purchasing a database, DTS be notified early in the process. They are prepared to market hosting (by the libraries) to the department. Gracemary was asked to write up guidelines and talking points for selectors. Rhonda Marker suggested technical and nontechnical checklists of services that can be supplied. Kevin and Tom will join Gracemary in development of the checklists. Julie mentioned that the checklists might be used to recruit more donations, particularly from grant seekers who must purchase resources with grant funds to fulfill their objectives. A draft of guidelines and checklists will be presented at the December meeting.

Decision regarding location of complete print journal runs - All

Gene Springs provided a summary of the Periodicals Consolidation Team meeting on Monday. The group is working on implementation of the policy which stipulates that scattered paper titles be moved to form one complete run. This has been assumed to mean the Annex where staff are concerned about space issues. LRC members agreed that they support the existing policy which was approved by Cabinet although there may be feelings of hesitancy in policy enforcement. The Douglass project is considered a pilot and will generate data for decision making. Tom reiterated that any library wishing to keep a duplicate run must submit a written request to him for his approval.

Finalizing 2012-2013 Goals

Further discussion took place on the Council's annual goals resulting in changes to Goals 1 and 2. To support the first goal of justifying a more appropriate level of collection funding, Tom stated his interest in reorganizing the desiderata list to include all requested items in a ranking by importance. The new list would serve as a discussion point with the new president and foster more communication with faculty. Tom suggested that the team leaders coordinate a review of the list. Gracemary offered to create a spreadsheet of the titles with their current costs to support the review.

The second goal addresses the development of data depositing in RUcore and increasing use. The intent is to show that the data has a wider range of uses than supporting a small audience of researchers and post-docs. Kevin will amend the wording of the second goal to reflect this broader purpose.


Gracemary told the group that Jamie Maguire is moving to a new position in DTS. Her primary responsibility will be coordination of serials holdings projects throughout the University Libraries. The Department continues to have two job openings.

Janice reminded the Council members that open access events would be coming up on the 23rd and on the 24th. An announcement will be sent to everyone on Monday, the 22nd.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on November 15th. Some items were suggested for the agenda.

Kevin will also request agenda items closer to the 15th.

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