Minutes of November 15, 2012 Meeting

G. Agnew, B. Fong (via videoconference), T. Izbicki, M. Joseph, B. Lipinski, R. Marker, K. Mulcahy, G. Springs, J. Still (via videoconference), A. Watkins (via videoconference), M.B. Weber (recorder), T. Yang..
V. Pelote, J. Pilch, G. Smulewitz
J. Otto, T. Purger. N. Wu

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes from October 18, 2012 (posted in Sakai)

The minutes were approved.

3. Chair's Report-K. Mulcahy

A spreadsheet detailing RUL's budget was distributed and posted to Sakai. It presents three views of the total budget (state and non- state by format YTD; state by format YTD; non-state by format YTD) and where we currently stand. Non-state funds are not all allocated down to the fund level and Mulcahy expects the total to increase as New Brunswick is still finishing non-state allocations.

LRC's objectives in support of the strategic plan were discussed. The New Brunswick Collections Group (NBCG) has a parallel goal to Objective 5 "Develop policies for incorporation and discovery of open access journals in RUL website; explore possibility of new RUL sponsored open access journals with interested faculty." Cabinet is currently considering all digital projects and only OA journals and the discovery layer have been approved to date.

4. AUL Report- T. Izbicki

A subgroup of Cabinet is working on digital priorities. They are preparing a draft for policies and how to propose a digital project. We all need to be on the same page.

T. Izbicki wants to get a sense of how much input is received from the university community regarding new open access journals. The sense of demand or the awareness of the complications of collecting OA journals is unclear. Cabinet imposed a moratorium on new journals the last time this issue was discussed. Questions were raised regarding rights, technical possibilities. The Roman coins project was cited as case in which the technical capacities and requirements were assessed before the project proceeded. How should potential competing projects be balanced particularly if demand outpaces available staffing?

G. Agnew noted that the Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee (CISC) has been doing this, which is reflected in the committee's action plan.

K. Mulcahy asked where this leaves selectors and what should they discuss with their departments.

T. Izbicki is currently discussing this with Classics. Better education is necessary to know how to propose a project. It is important to know what to say to departments before G. Agnew, etc. are brought into the process.

Capacity planning is an important issue. Our policy should examine documentation as a permanent process, not a one-time thing. There is a need to investigate a regular capacity planning meeting with the people who coordinate, handle, and manage projects. G. Agnew reported that this is done twice monthly at CISC without Cabinet oversight and is a routine part of the work of TAS personnel. T. Izbicki will convey to Cabinet that the people currently handling digital projects have the best grasp of what is required to bring projects to a successful completion. Requiring Cabinet oversight is perhaps slowing down possibilities for collaboration.

T. Izbicki also reported that prepays are being used for some of our subscriptions to negotiate better pricing. He has to make economies where possible since our income and budget are presently based on last year's figures. Izbicki is working with G. Smulewitz to find ways to keep the state budget under control.

The process of integrating UMDNJ's libraries with RUL will require deduping of overlap, particularly in the life sciences. We also need to ensure that there will be no lapses in titles for the entire RU community.

The Committee on Scholarly Communication is discussing how to proceed with the OA resolution that Senate recently approved. Next steps include gauging what type of demands will be placed on us by the university community.

5. AUL Report- G. Agnew

G. Agnew met with Helen Berman and Manish Parashar to discuss the cyberinfrastructure initiative to support research at Rutgers. She will respond to a brief questionnaire from them that contains four questions to assess needs. Agnew will also provide them with a spreadsheet listing equipment we have purchased to support RUL's Cyberinfrastructure. She noted that we will need to request staff lines and funding from the university.

G. Agnew reported that compiling a registry of equipment was discussed by University Senate. Gayle Stein is chairing the group that will prepare the registry. G. Agnew will be asked for recommendations.

6. Central Technical Services Report- M.B. Weber

CTS Acquisitions received 732 orders for the month of October (firm, approval, recurring). A total of 523 orders for all libraries have been created and placed. Funds have not yet been fully allocated, and ordering has picked up but not significantly.

Megan Ruszala is handling special collections orders until January 2013 while Melissa De Fino is on maternity leave. Any priority cataloging of special collections will be handled by Carla Zimmerman during De Fino's absence.

M.B. Weber, T. Izbicki, J. Nathanson, and M. Ruszala met with a Brodart representative to discuss options for Kilmer Library's recreational reading collection. The representative will send pricing and information on plans. M. Ruszala coordinated a similar plan in her previous position at William Paterson University.

M.B. Weber also reported that the purchased monographs backlog is cataloged to May 2012. There are currently 726 items in the backlog of newly purchased monographs. C. Zimmerman has been receiving an unusually large number of gift books. She received a total of 523 gifts and unit receipts for October. A part-time SCC employee will be assisting C. Zimmerman with the cataloging of Bengali books.

M.B. Weber reported that her department has implemented a change in the placement of barcodes on monographs which was partly prompted by the lack of consistency in how paperbacks have been barcoded. The new policy requires barcodes to be placed on the front of monographs, in the top left corner. Exceptions to this policy are items with thin spines or government documents that lack title pages. It was noted that many PALCI libraries follow a similar barcoding practice.

7. Streaming Media- G. Agnew

Streaming media is taking off despite the fact there are issues with bandwidth, and the need for technology-intensive solutions. It appears that commercial vendors are becoming agreeable to the idea of sharing video.

We have provided modest streaming reserves, mostly audio, which run on an old server. The Darwin server is used for RUcore. The goal was to upgrade and have better technology for any streaming needs. There has been an increasing demand to expand reserves to include streaming video.

There is a need to do some serious analysis if Rutgers leaves NJVid. We need to be able to prove that we can provide the same level of service without NJVid.

T. Purger and J. Otto gave a presentation on the WOWZA server which has been acquired for streaming media. It will provide a new platform to handle audio and video reserves and other streaming content. The server will be delivered mid-December and training will be provided for faculty liaisons and personnel who handle video encoding and uploading.

Anyone from any campus will have the ability to view streaming media once the new server is installed. Off-campus users should be able to access streaming media by authenticating with a NetID. The WOWZA server is expected to be operational by early 2013.

Streaming media will accessible both in the library catalog and through a portal. The portal will be used to access RUcore and licensed content, and there will be no RUcore branding on the portal. This will lift the limits on hosting only VALE-licensed content, and will replicate NJVid functionality.

Users will have the ability to create and edit annotations to streaming media using an analytic tool. J. Otto demonstrated the tool, which enables users to share in two ways: to share with students via a URL, or to share with a group/class. The second option requires the creator of the analytic to have his/her own workspace for the group to access the analytic.

Published analytics are in RUcore and are peer-reviewed. Analytics for the China Boom project are forthcoming. The tool may be used with commercial videos if we have rights to them.

J. Otto reported that the Media Team has been discussing licensing, which is a new area for vendors who often lack processes. There is a need for more specific language, and a template has been created by the Media Team to use with vendors when a more formal license is needed. Expiration notifications are also an issue since we need to know when a title needs to be removed or renewed.

Workflow considerations include having CTS handle transcoding and related processes. There is also a need for usage analysis of the RUAnalytic to determine who has been using it and how.

8. Approval of Webscale Discovery Evaluation Team- G. Agnew

G. Agnew shared a draft charge for a Webscale Discovery Evaluation Team, co-chaired by Joseph Deodato and Gracemary Smulewitz. Our current situation is complicated by the fact that although we are VALID members, they are moving ahead with VuFind implementation. VALID implementation will begin with a discovery layer, which will provide consistent access and display of our resources. Most discovery layers incorporate OpenURL. Some also incorporate LibGuides, IRs, etc. Selection of a discovery layer will be difficult since they all provide different options.

Membership of the proposed Webscale Discovery Evaluation Team will cut across RUL collections, infrastructure, and User Services. A consistent and nuanced approach is needed for the evaluation. The group will serve as the primary liaison to vendors, and trial subscriptions will be established. Rubrics will be developed for evaluation. The goal is to reach a decision by May 2013 and to provide a public test for users by September 2013.

LRC endorsed the proposal.

9. Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) Report- T. Izbicki

The Coutts PDA ran from January to May 2012, and ended when funding was depleted. The PDA fulfilled T. Izbicki's main goal in that it was systemwide. A total of 323 titles were acquired for $34,357.59 at an average of $106.37 per title acquired. The PDA peaked in April/May. The greatest impact was in medicine and related fields. There was also a significant impact in psychology and computer science. A fair number of social sciences titles and a limited number of humanities titles were purchased via the PDA. The single greatest area of purchase was with Wiley and costs were higher than for print but not outrageous. If another PDA is implemented in the future, it must be self-sustaining. It will also require continuing analysis on usage and need. Subject specialists will also need to specify need in advance. The relationship of PDA titles to interlibrary loan is another consideration.

In order to determine if we are reaching the entire RU community, further analysis will be needed on cost per title by discipline and geographic data to analyze whether titles are used by one person, by users from different parts of the state, etc.

10. Discussion of Selector Lines- All

This item was deferred for the next meeting.

11. Follow up on LRC Objectivess: Next Steps- K. Mulcahy

This item was deferred for the next meeting.

12. Announcements

M. Joseph- Special Collections and University Archives will be closed for much of January. Archival materials, manuscripts, and rare books will be available via retrieval only. There will be an explanation on SC/UA's website.

T. Yang- Reminded attendees about the upcoming State of the Libraries meeting. G. Agnew reported that there will be a poster on analytics. T. Izbicki will present a poster on the Roman coins project.

13. Agenda for Next Meeting

G. Agnew reported that the position vacated by Elizabeth Leister in CTS and the proposed revision of that position is a possible agenda item for the next meeting.

T. Izbicki would like to revisit the gifts policy.

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