Minutes of January 17, 2013 Meeting

G. Agnew, B. Fong, T. Izbicki, M. Joseph, R. Marker, K, Mulcahy (chair), V. Pelote (via videoconference), J. Pilch, G. Smulewitz, A. Watkins, M. B. Weber
B. Lipinski, J. Still, T. Yang
F. Austin, B. Grant

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes from December 20, 2012 (posted in Sakai)

The minutes were approved as distributed.

3. Chair's Report - K. Mulcahy

A spreadsheet detailing RUL funds in fiscal year 2012-2013 was distributed. Our total budget is the lowest in years, at ~$9.2 million. We currently have a negative free balance for RUL state funds, but that may be alright because the encumbered figure is an estimate based on last year's spending and might change as efficiencies are found and prices renegotiated. On the other hand, only about 20% of RUL non-state monograph funds have been encumbered. Selectors need to spend this money so that the acquisitions department isn't swamped at the end.

Per K. Mulcahy's request, Bob Warwick put together an approval plan analysis based on Director's Station. About 90% of 2001 approval plan items have circulated, at an average of 13 times each. This does not include in-house use of books and it is unclear whether e-books are included. However, the data indicates a strong need for approval plans. Unfortunately, it is estimated that within 16-17 months, approval plan funding will run out. This will impact our use of E-ZBorrow and interlibrary loan, as well as campus research.

4. AUL Report - T. Izbicki

T. Izbicki discussed changes in the handling of budget lines. After the third quarter, if funding is needed elsewhere, some central funds may be called back. If there is a line fund without selector input responsibility, those funds will be sent directly to the selector.

In terms of the integration, we are waiting to hear from Price-Waterhouse regarding our contractual agreements - especially our subscriptions. The plan is to transfer unique items that UMDNJ has in the health sciences. UMDNJ staff will need to be trained in Rutgers business practices.

Regarding serials consolidation, a final review of the Douglass Library lists is under way.

Along with Judy Gardner, T. Izbicki is looking at consolidation for the LSM libraries. It is also hoped that the mold issue will be taken care of before a new Chemistry & Physics Librarian begins.

T. Izbicki reiterated the importance of documenting our needs and of showing performance. Perhaps we should compare with other universities how much we spend per faculty. It is estimated that RUL spends about half of what Princeton does in proportion to the size of the faculties. President Barchi seems very interested in looking at our peer institutions.

We need to have funding that accounts for inflation. Although we did once receive some additional money to cover inflation for a fiscal year, we've also had flat budgets and we've given money back twice.

5. AUL Report - G. Agnew

The UMDNJ integration is of major interest to President Barchi. We need to do a good job.

6. Central Technical Services report - M. B. Weber

In preparation for the UMDNJ integration, CTS is looking at cataloging practices and identifying where duplication exists. In about 2 months, we will begin to have a single OCLC holding symbol.

There is concern about more restrictive interpretation of e-books contracts. For example, Ingram's "single user" license will now only allow 1 user at a time (rather than 3). Their "multi-user" license will be limited to 3 simultaneous users (rather than being unlimited). This could have a significant impact on our purchase patterns. Because of concerns about the complexity of ordering e-books, Megan will develop a checklist to guide selectors.

7. Distributed Technical Services report - G. Smulewitz

In evaluating UMDNJ's resources, there appears to be over 70% duplication. Through the course of information gathering, it became clear that there is no easy way to determining how much we spend on electronic resources. This may be something to rectify in the future.

All packages have been renewed and should show up in Workflows within a month. We should be getting refunds from vendors and that will lower the encumbered amount by almost $1 million.

8. Resource Description and Access (RDA) - M. B. Weber

Fay Austin was invited to present on RDA with M. B. Weber. RDA has been tested by the Library of Congress and 26 partner libraries between 2010-2011. The 3 national libraries are expected to implement RDA in March. It may be a couple of years before all authority records have been converted, but in the meantime, the plan is to copy catalog off OCLC, which plans to change legacy records at the end of March to incorporate RDA.

9. Selector Position Description Template - K. Mulcahy (revised document posted in Sakai)

A couple of edits were suggested for the template. Then it was approved with those minor changes.

10. Collecting Jerseyana

Bonita Grant was invited to discuss the Jerseyana collection. Currently, we are collecting print only because a lack of staff and equipment prevents the collection of electronic resources.

11. Collection Development Strategies - T. Izbicki (draft forwarded via e-mail)

[This discussion will be moved to our February meeting.]

12. Discarding Moldy Periodicals - T. Izbicki

The mold is dormant now. However, in the future, rather than remediate mold, perhaps we should just discard moldy items - especially when the item is not a unique artifact and can be gotten elsewhere.

13. Announcements

There were no announcements.

14. Agenda for next meeting

15. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:03pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie L. Fong

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