Minutes of March 21, 2013 Meeting

Mary Beth Weber, Grace Agnew, Elizabeth Sonowska, Gracemary Smulewitz, Janice Pilch, Tom Izbicki, Kevin Mulcahy (Chair), Rhonda Marker, Bonnie Fong, Ann Watkins, Julie Still (remote), and Michael Joseph (Recorder)
Vincent Pelote, Tao Yang and Barry Lipinski

1. Approval of Agenda - K. Mulcahy

The agenda was approved without change.

2. Minutes

The February Minutes were approved with suggestions for minor revisions.

3. Welcome

LRC warmly welcomed Elizabeth Sosnowska (Head, Collection Development/E-Resources Management, UMDNJ). Ms. Sosnowska will be joining LRC as an observer or liaison for the remainder of AY13.

4. Chair Report - K. Mulcahy

K. Mulcahy distributed a spreadsheet detailing the status of RULcollections funds thus far in FY 2013. He noted that the principal of Van Waggoner fund will probably be spent out within about 15 months, with no replacement money as yet identified . He noted a positive free balance in non-state monographs indicating some lag in expending of those funds and encouraged selectors to work to submit orders as quickly as possible. He also noted that the overall collections budget was the fourth smallest in the last ten years.

5. AUL REPORT - T. Izbicki

T. Izbicki's original budget deficit projection was $500,000-that is, simply maintaining current subscriptions with a flat state budget would leave us in the hole. We have been able to reduce that by about half so far, however, through various economies.

The Chemistry library will be closed because the Chemistry Department requires the space back as a part of its new building project. As a result some Chemistry Library materials will be sent to the Annex, with the disposition of others yet to be determined.

T. Izbicki has been reviewing distributed special (X) collections, with a particular emphasis on Art, including a preservation review of those materials.

Digitization policies passed with tweaks at Cabinet. G. Golden is currently finalizing the documents, which offer guidelines for distinguishing between major and minor projects. There will be no specific committee of review for digital projects.

Cabinet will consider the possibility of hosting new electronic journals with a particular interest in the projected continuity and stability of proposed journals. E Journal proposals will be vetted at the Councils. A lively discussion followed at which G. Agnew noted that our peer and aspirant institutions have been publishing E-journals.

Searches for several positions are under way, at various stages of completion.

6. AUL Report - G. Agnew

The bibliographic database for our integrated library catalog, which combines the catalogs of RUL and UMDNJ, should be completed in April; the patron database will be integrated after the catalog is ready.

There will be a soft rollout for the new webscale discovery layer in October, followed by a firm rollout in January of 2014. The soft rollout ensures a soft landing because it introduces change gradually.

7. Central Technical Services Report -- M. B. Weber

Ingram is setting up a system of slips and a new access pricing model for e-books which allows us to set our own anniversary date. The experience of our peer institutions suggests that front end purchasing will be adequate for a full year; institutions have generally not had to pay additional sums above the original price because of excess use.

The three national libraries will implement RDA at end of March. We will offer an open forum highlighting major changes, including the fields that are replacing GMD and SMD.

Selectors should not place orders until new vendors are established in Workflows. There was some discussion of how we might be able to expedite the addition of new vendors to our system.

The Budget Officer interviews have been finished; an announcement will be forthcoming.

8. Distributed Technical Services Report -- G. Smulewitz

DTS has been quite busy: the transfer of print books on cinema from Alexander to Douglass is almost complete, and the Douglass name changes have been promulgated. The periodicals consolidation project at Douglass is 70-80% complete.

In view of the closing of the Chemistry Library, DTS has been working on determining the scope and contents of the collection. One option, if fiscally feasible, will be to buy digital backfiles of chemistry journals currently available only in print.

DTS has been working on the integration with UMDNJ, notifying vendors of our post-integration status and conforming integration solutions to the demands of the webscale layer.

The monographic series project is almost complete. The standing orders have either been transferred to stable non-state funds or cancelled and switched to slip notifications.

Joseph Abraham conducted an Excel training session at Alexander specifically designed for selectors, focusing on features of Excel that will enable selectors to do additional analysis and assessment of expenditures on, and use of, our resources. On 28 March he will conduct a second session at LSM in the morning.

9. RU/UMDNJ Integration Update - T. Izbicki

Committees have been holding discussions of how each institution conceptualizes collections and working to build a common language.

The integration of Funds management systems will proceed in two stages, and will be geared to various programs (to program level, not below).

Collections group has been meeting on a regular basis.

T. Izbicki is examining training issues likely to arise because of the integration process.

10. Collection Development Strategies - T. Izbicki

LRC approved the document, which provides the first update in several years, pending some minor revisions.


G. Agnew and the E-Textbook Discussion Group (co-chaired by Agnew, Izbicki and Just) have been studying the development of e-textbooks in higher education. Some of the questions the group has considered are:

The co-chairs will hold open meetings in April and May. Grace and Tom will alternately lead focus discussions in April/May/June.

G. Agnew invited LRC members to join the committee and Ann Watkins accepted. G. Agnew believes it's important for the Libraries to get out in front of this important issue, and urged all librarians to be part of the discussions.

12. Position Description for the open TAS faculty line (MB Weber)

This was formerly the serials catalog librarian position, and has been re-envisioned as a Scholarly Communication and Research Data Metadata Librarian. LRC discussed the draft and commended the TAS librarianS for their forward looking vision.

13. Announcements

M.B. Weber will be out next week on vacation.

J. Still reported on construction at Robeson. When it is done, the gain will be 14 study rooms, and renovated offices.

K. Mulcahy observed that our custom of scheduling meetings in Camden and Newark late in the semester when librarians are feeling pressure to spend vacation days can result in low attendance at these meetings. He will poll members to determine whether it is possible to plan meetings in Newark and Camden at times when attendance will be better.

14. Agenda for Next (and Future) Meetings

Because a large faction of council members had to depart at 11:30 AM for another meeting, the agenda solicitation will go out on e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 AM.

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