Minutes of May 16, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Bonnie Fong (remote), Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph, Barry Lipinski, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Janice Pilch (scribe), Elizabeth Sosnowska (UMD), Julie Still (remote), Gracemary Smulewitz
Vincent Pelote, Gene Springs, Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber, Tao Yang

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes from April 18, 2013 (posted in Sakai)

The minutes were approved.

3. Chair's Report-K. Mulcahy

K. Mulcahy distributed the spreadsheet on state and non-state funds. There is still a 25.9% free balance in non-state monographs. This balance is a concern in view of our argument for increased funding.

The negative free balance in cell F of approximately $142,000 has shrunk and this shows that we are closer to meeting our target.

J. Still pointed out that Robeson Library funds are not included on the spreadsheet. It reflects New Brunswick only. K. Mulcahy clarified that there were two spreadsheets in Sakai but perhaps one was misplaced. He will look into this.

There are funds with substantial balances that are not being spent. K. Mulcahy will speak to campus coordinators to see what the reasons for this might be and to see that this is addressed.

G. Smulewitz added that the cash balance is high. The reports on encumbered but not paid funds have been run. It is unclear what the free balance will be at the end of May.

4. AUL Report- T. Izbicki.

T. Izbicki has talked with Abigail Baker about gathering up H & P funds to use for special purchases.

Because we are in the process of interviewing prospective subject librarians, it is important to think about training new librarians in the complications of a large organization. Training is also important with respect to the new workflow for digital project proposals. Project managers have to participate in the process to see projects through. We may also want to solicit user feedback on digital projects.

The new Chemistry & Physics Librarian will start next week. We have dealt with the mold problem in the Physics Library. The question of whether we need a physics reading room remains to be decided.

Bonita Craft is retiring and this line is being discussed, in part with respect to the management of the Sinclair New Jersey collection.

There was a question about the RU orientation schedule for new faculty, which has not yet been announced. This remains unclear.

5. AUL Report- Grace Agnew

G. Agnew offered a reminder that there will be two digital education events next week. On May 20 Melissa Just will lead an open discussion on MOOCs and on May 24 Grace will lead a discussion of new developments in digital education.

The UMD integration and web scale discovery have been major activities. Three trials are scheduled with web scale discovery vendors. Subject librarians are advised to think about their subject areas and how they want to be involved.

6. Central Technical Services Report-M. B. Weber (no report)

7. Distributed Technical Services Report- G. Smulewitz

DTS is working on three upcoming web scale discovery trials which will include UMD content. Training is being conducted on serial holdings for UMD staff. DTS has completed its own training on serial holdings. Reports on encumbered but not paid resources have been created and are being worked on.

8. RU/UMDNJ Integration Update & Discussion-T. Izbicki, et al.

The larger coordination group had a meeting on May 15. They are receiving responses from vendors and are looking to early renewals and future re- negotiations. Many of the members will be meeting all fall with vendors to re-negotiate licenses. For the most part they will not need to set up new vendors. DTS will identify every fund in the system to make use of established funds. Workflows will be in the system and in RIAS. The process is coming along well and vendors are cooperative.

On July 1, the catalogs of the George F. Smith Library, the Robert Wood Johnson Library, and RUL will be integrated, and all holdings will be listed. It is unlikely that the library homepage will reflect all hours at that point. There will be links between the libraries- UMD has re-branded their sites. RU users will not have remote access to databases subscribed to by the former UMD libraries until January 2014, because of licensing restrictions.

9. E-Textbooks- G. Agnew.

There was an interesting discussion at the last meeting on May 1. There are about 700 e-textbooks available. There will be a great deal of variation in the way we approach e-textbooks. It will probably not happen in a uniform way, and much will be up to library liaisons. E-textbooks vary from formats resembling webpages to those resembling published books. The need and usefulness of e-textbooks will vary by subject. Technical support is needed. There are a number of options for open platforms, such as EPub and Kindle. Certain fields will be more popular for e-textbooks, such as those focused on learning. We will need to explore what our faculty want, and we should involve Rutgers University Press.

10. Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC): Follow up on visit-All

RUL will be represented at CIC meetings at the ALA conference. T. Izbicki will attend collection development meetings. Most immediately we will need to make money available for purchasing initiatives. We will also need to clarify our involvement in HathiTrust. What else might we contribute to HathiTrust? We should avoid what others have done, such as Milton collections. We need to clarify our role in the shared repository. There are still questions on standards for HathiTrust membership. RUL would support staff involvement in our participation. There is an expectation that on July 1 we will participate in HathiTrust. RUL has also contributed material to the Internet Archive.

NERL has moved from Yale to CRL. The structure is different from NERL, which is more about the purchasing process. In CIC Tom will serve in the collection development group, G. Smulewitz in the acquisitions group, T. Frusciano in the archives group, and M. B. Weber in the cataloging group.

11. Announcements

T. Izbicki announced that the Seidell collection of history materials has been appraised and is open for review. It comprised about 50 boxes of high quality material now on shelves in the BB area.

The third candidate for the Music and Performing Arts position will be interviewed during the week of June 3.

12. Agenda, date, location of next meeting

LRC will not meet in June. We will meet again on July 18, possibly in Newark or Camden, and at either Newark or Camden in August or in the fall. A new chair will be selected in July and we will likely keep the meeting day as the third Thursday of the month.

13. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.

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