Minutes of July 18, 2013 Meeting

Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Tom Izbicki, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber, Julie Still, Janice Pilch; via teleconference: Michael Joseph, Barry Lipinski, Mary Fetzer (guest), Bonnie Fong, Vincent Pelote, Jane Sloan (guest)

Call to order at 10:00 am

1. Agenda

The agenda was amended to include the Institute of Jazz Studies in Item 9 and then approved

2. Minutes

The Minutes from May 16, 2013 (posted in Sakai) were approved with the correction of one minor typo.

3. Chair's Report - K. Mulcahy

K. Mulcahy briefly commented on the budget spreadsheets (posted in Sakai on 7/12/13) He called attention to a year-end infusion of an additional $960,701 to the collections budget, spent on end of year purchases.

4. AUL Report - T. Izbicki

There are ongoing discussions on this year's and next year's budgets-the challenges we face and the possibility of a new university budget strategy emerging from the strategic planning process now under way. Tom provided additional details about the expenditure of year-end money: for example, some went toward closing the Chemistry Library, some towards purchasing chemistry journal back files, and some towards purchasing chemistry e-books. The facilities people want us out of the Chemistry Library by middle of November. Most materials from the Chemistry Library will be relocated to the Annex at least temporarily.

Tom is reviewing current budget policies and procedures, with an eye towards simplification and rationalization wherever possible. We will order reserve materials for medical classes now. Tom has begun meeting with colleagues in CIC and will continue to do so. Topics include a start date for membership in Hathitrust and determining the unique materials RUL will be able to contribute, particularly our NJ collections. He notes that RUL appears to be ahead of its peers in developing and populating our institutional repository. He will be working extensively on contract renewals, seeking the best possible deals in our new environment. Rutgers is talking with PALCI about working on shared digital ILL. Early indications are that startup costs would not be high. A review of the most frequently borrowed journals in Article Delivery reveals that a third are medical journals, and many will now be available full-text in our new medical libraries. Once RU faculty and students have access to these journals (starting in January 2014), we should see reduced demand for Article Delivery.

Tom noted that we were unable to follow our usual process for allocating end-of-the year funds. Because the money came late and unexpectedly, Tom reviewed our desiderata lists and compared our holdings with CIC members. Most of the purchases were databases already on our existing desiderata lists.

5. Central Technical Services Report - M. B. Weber

The backlog of newly purchased books is very low. We are dealing with roll over and holding off on orders. Mary Beth attended two CIC meetings at ALA. The topics were very traditional, including talk of reconfiguring positions and laments about the lack of language expertise.

6. Distributed Technical Services Report - G. Smulewitz

DTS is concentrating almost all its efforts on UMDNJ integration issues, including vendor coordination, link resolver challenges, the proper placement of URLs in records, elimination of duplication, setting the appropriate access and restrictions, and other components of integrating the collections. Another major project involves supporting trials of three web scale discovery products--Ebsco, Serials Direct, and Exlibris. Librarians and staff with subject expertise will be asked to attend one to two hour testing sessions. An additional test of usability will follow. DTS has finished its part of rollover. Gracemary is serving as RUL's representative on acquisitions issues to CIC. There are opportunities for discussions on collaborative collection development and e-books among other topics. Her group meets monthly by phone and is very enthusiastic and welcoming. DTS is currently working to fill three vacant lines.

7. Council Housekeeping - K. Mulcahy

Kevin was nominated and elected as chair for the coming year. Julie Still will serve as the council's representative on Planning & Coordinating Committee (with Janice and Kevin able to substitute if needed). The council decided to continue meeting on the third Thursday morning of the month (omitting August) and to have meetings in both Newark and Camden.

8. Updates on integration and web scale discovery - T. Izbicki, G. Smulewitz, M. B. Weber

Tom has drafted a plan for the first hundred days, including the topics LRC has been discussing. Please let Tom know of any additional concerns. Mary Beth is talking with Cataloging and Acquisitions staff about a plan for the first hundred days. A complication here is that because of union issues former UMD staff members are still reporting to their supervisors and not Mary Beth. The New Brunswick librarians are planning to invite medical librarians to New Brunswick Collections Group meetings. Our current plan is to add one or more UMD librarians to LRC.

9. Proposal for regular reporting slot for SC/UA - M. Joseph

A proposal for regular reports from SC/UA and IJS on major new acquisitions was discussed and endorsed by the council. Benefits will include identifying important unique resources for possible digitization as well as raising awareness of our unique holdings.

10. Streaming Media Support - J. Sloan

Jane offered proposals for the acquisition of streaming media, noting that the increase in online and hybrid courses is creating greater demand for these formats. She suggested that RUL consider the Swank leasing program to obtain films (primarily feature films) needed by instructors for which digital access is not yet available. Jane also is seeking a mechanism for greater input from selectors and others in the selection of streaming media. The council proposed a system-wide committee to look at a number of issues, including funding, the Swank leasing program, and selection advice. Several members of the council volunteered to serve, and a number of non-council members were proposed as possible members. [After the meeting and some additional discussion and reflection, it was decided that the charge for the proposed system-wide committee would significantly overlap with the existing Media Team. An alternative was proposed and accepted- using the existing team leaders within LRC to provide Jane with additional input on system-wide media acquisitions and revisiting the charge and membership of the Media Team].

11. Coordination among New Jersey Collections (SC/UA, Government Publications, NJ Digital Highway, etc.) - M. Fetzer

In addition to unique NJ items in SC/UA, our government publications collections contain many documents held by few, if any, other libraries, especially county and municipal materials and documents from bi-state and tri-state bodies Mary wants to raise awareness of these materials, and suggests that they are prime candidates for full cataloging and future digitization projects. She also recommended consideration of a registry of digital projects for New Jersey, since digitization is underway at a variety of libraries. The council might define this issue as one of our objectives for the coming year.

12. LRC Role in Digital Humanities - K. Mulcahy

Planning & Coordinating Committee recommended that LRC have an oversight role in digital humanities projects. After brief discussion, the council decided to charge a committee to explore the issues and try to define the role LRC might play. Tao Yang volunteered to chair the committee, and Julie and Janice agreed to serve as well. Additional librarians with appropriate expertise will be asked to serve, and the committee will seek to report back by the October meeting.

13. Review of LRC Goals & Objectives for 2012-2013 - K. Mulcahy

Kevin distributed a draft review of progress on our objectives for 2012-2013 and invited comment from other members.

14. Preliminary Discussion of LRC Goals & Objectives for 2013-2014 - All

After a brief discussion of possible goals at the meeting, Kevin will post a draft on Sakai for discussion before and at our September meeting.

15. Announcements - All

Tom has list of year end purchases. Julie says Robeson has applied for CCAHA program. Barry reports on conference the Ivies Plus 2013 at Brown.

16. Agenda for next meeting - All

Continued discussion of integration and webscale issues; objectives and activities for 2013-2014.

17. Adjournment at 12:28.

Respectfully submitted, Julie Still

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