Minutes of October 17, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Bonnie Fong, Tom Izibiki, Michael Joseph, Peter Konin (Guest), Barry Lipinski, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Janice Pilch Gracemary Smulewitz, Elizabeth Sosnowska, Gene Springs (recorder), Ann Watkins, Tao Yang
Present via Teleconferencing: Vincent Pelote (Newark), Julie Still (Camden)
Mary Beth Weber

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

2. Approval of the Minutes from September 19, 2013 meeting (distributed via e-mail, 10/3/13)

One correction was made by E. Sosnowska regarding biology and the science discipline teams. The September minutes with this correction were approved.

3. Chair's Report-K. Mulcahy

Mulcahy gave a budget update and distributed a spreadsheet with state and non-state expenditures. Mulcahy noted that some non-state funds have been released, and more will continue to be released in the coming weeks.

4. AUL Report-T. Izbicki

Izbicki reported that progress continues with the budget, in particular regarding the UMDNJ integration. Fund codes have been created to cover the new health science collection areas. Izbicki reminded the Council of the current moratorium on new subscriptions until the budget is finalized.

Izbicki is working on updating reserves policies to streamline the acquisitions and availability processes. Izbicki also recently met with selectors in Newark and Camden regarding collections for African American Studies. Manuel Jusino will be on the collections rotation of his internship in the spring. He will attend LRC and other collections meetings as appropriate.

Izbicki gave an update on the closing of the Chemistry Library. There is a substantial mold problem for much of the collection. Remediation will be dealt with on site. Unique items will be identified and removed.

5. AUL Report-G. Agnew

Agnew reported that a contract was rewarded to EBSCO for their EDS discovery service. The other two vendors have been notified they were not selected. A soft launch of EDS is planned for January 2014, using EDS to power the search box on the library homepage. At this time, it is not in the plans to include books from the library catalog in EDS. Usability testing indicated that a split screen of results, incorporating a product such as VuFind for the catalog alongside EDS for digital content, may be preferable for our users. Testing has been done between the current federated searching and EDS, and the quality of results in EDS is much higher. EDS will also allow users to search in different languages. Since the soft launch in January will only impact the behind-the-scenes-search, Agnew does not anticipate a need to update instructional materials. The Web Scale Discovery Team meets next week to move to the implementation phase.

Agnew announced that Rutgers will be a member of KUALI this month. The Libraries are co-joining with OIT for a three year commitment.

6. CTS Report-M. B. Weber (Mulcahy read report)

Acquisitions: Ordering continues on endowed and gift funds, including REMX for course reserves. All other orders, including those on shared gift and shared endowed funds, will be held until a full working budget is allocated.

Cataloging: The oldest items in the backlog of purchased monographs are from July 2013. The current backlog of gift monographs (English language) dates to May 2013. Batchloads now available in the catalog include: ACLS Humanities (3784 records), Business Expert Press (50 records), Springer Behavioral Science (89 records), Springer Biomedical and Life Sciences (424 records), and Torrossa Ecole Fracaise de Rome (19 records).

7. DTS Report-G. Smulewitz

DTS continues work on the integration, looking at individual subscriptions to reconcile what UMDNJ had before the integration, in particular, small press content.

NERL negotiations with major vendors are underway. Smulewitz noted the need to be mindful of how favorable these deals are in content and pricing. NERL has a new leader with whom we have worked closely in the past, in her previous role with a vendor. Smulewitz reported the link resolver has been having problems. The vendor has been contacted and examples have been sent to our sales representative. The issue seems to stem from customization they implemented for our federal searching product regarding our preferences of the vendor's databases in search results. There are three vacant positions in DTS. In addition, Rebecca Martinez is out on maternity leave. Interviewing for one of the vacant positions is occurring this week.

A group from Rutgers went to an event hosted by Nature publishing on 10/16/13 for informational presentations. Nature representatives discussed their editorial processes, and where they are focused on their content. Representatives from Palgrave/MacMillan (parent company) and Scientific American were also in attendance and presented.

The benefits of CIC membership, regarding collections, were briefly discussed.

8. Digitization Process-J. Pilch & R. Marker

Marker noted that there is a process in place for proposing digital projects. Proposals are received on a continuing basis. Marker asked that when a proposal is submitted, to include an electronic signature (contact Marker if help is needed in doing this). There is a workflow document available to help those submitting proposals. Marker and Pilch have met with proposers in the past, and would like to streamline the process so that a meeting for a simpler project may not be necessary.

Pilch noted there are two different streams of digitized projects. The first includes actual digitization efforts - turning analog materials into digital materials for inclusion in RUcore, and would include such items as ETDs, and RU faculty article deposits. The second includes born digital collections; these are whole collections that should be evaluated under standard collection development decisions by subject specialists. Agnew recommended that Izbicki and selectors can be contacted to determining the quality of the collections being submitted in the proposals. Izbicki agreed with this recommendation, and noted that having Pilch and Marker meet with the proposer seems like a successful model; Izbicki further noted the project manager has to be committed to the project in order for it to be successful.

9. List & Status of RUcore Projects-R. Marker

Peter Konin joined for this discussion. A list generated from Intellect, a workflow software, was circulated. It included all RUcore projects currently proposed or in progress, listing the project name, project manager, status, and a description. This list shows the extent of the digital projects, the number of people involved, and their various stages of completion. When a proposal is received, it goes into this list. A suggestion was made to include dates on this list in the future. Izbicki mentioned that one project on the list, the Brittle Books Digitization project, is on hold until time allows. Pelote noted the description of one of the projects (WBGO) is not accurate, and that the project may not go forward. Marker will amend the list accordingly.

10. Digital Deed of Gift- J. Pilch and T. Izbicki

Pilch initiated a discussion on a digital deed of gift form. Pilch asked about the process for prioritizing proposals from other organizations to host their digital content in RUCore - should the same principles we apply toward physical gifts apply to digital gifts of this type of content? Calling it a Deed of Gifts is consistent with language and policy we already have in place. Agnew inquired if any of our peers are doing this, and Pilch was aware of none. This form would combine both a deed of gift (nature of the gift) and rights issues. Mulcahy recommended that Pilch draft a form, and circulate it to LRC members before a future meeting. Once approved, it could go to Cabinet for discussion.

A discussion about the collections policy of RUcore ensued. The policy is available on the RUcore site, and was written by CSC and approved at an RUL faculty meeting several years ago.

11. Report from SC/UA-M. Joseph

No new collections to report, but SC/UA is in discussions to acquire a large collection of books which includes items from great presses from the nineteenth century. LRC members thought it a collection worth considering because of its value to the RU community.

12. LRC Objectives for 2013-2014

Mulcahy noted that no additional comments on the objectives were received prior to the meeting. Agnew recommended the addition of an action to objective #5, that a test bed will be developed and initiated. Pilch asked if the University data policy was under the purview of LRC. Objective #2 was removed after discussion. Mulcahy will revise and circulate.

13. Announcements

Izbicki: Manuel Jusino will work on medical history collections during his rotation in the spring.

Lipnski: Regarding the mold issue in the Chemistry Library - Judy Gardner worked with supervisors to pull titles from lists.

Joseph: Book Arts Festival titled "The Uninvited Book" is scheduled on 11/1/13 in the Teleconference Lecture Hall in New Brunswick. Contact Joseph for a print invitation.

Mulcahy: Springs will be leaving Rutgers for a new position. Mulcahy thanked Springs for his excellent service on the Council the last four years.

14. Agenda for next meeting

Mulcahy noted that agenda items for the next meeting may include a revised charge and membership for the Media Team, and a Digital Humanities Team report.

Izbicki added a future agenda item of the review of database subscriptions the Collections Analysis Task Force is working on.

15. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Submitted by Gene Springs, Recorder

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