Minutes of June 19, 2014 Meeting

Tom Izbicki, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Janice Pilch, Julie Still
Attending via videoconference: Grace Agnew, Bonnie Fong, Erika Gorder, Karen Hartman, Laura Palumbo, Jonathan Sauceda, Elizabeth Sosnowska, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber, Tao Yang
Michael Joseph, Barry Lipinski, Vincent Pelote

1. Approval of the Agenda- All

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of the Minutes from the May 15, 2014 meeting

Mulcahy received revisions, and will make the necessary changes before publicly distributing the minutes.

3. Chair's report and welcome of new members for 2014-2015 - Kevin Mulcahy

Mulcahy welcomed new LRC members Erika Gorder (SC/UA), Jonathan Sauceda (Arts & Humanities representative), Laura Palumbo (Science representative), and Jane Sloan (Social Sciences representative). Although their terms do not officially begin until July, they were invited to attend today in order to effect a smooth transition onto the Council.

Mulcahy posted updated budget information on the Council's Sakai site:

Today (June 19) is the last day for payment of this year's acquisitions. We are over budget for both invoiced and paid acquisitions. If we do not receive funds to compensate for the cost of the UMDNJ-RU integration and CIC obligations, we will need to take measures immediately. It is hoped that the university will provide funds to cover these additional costs. The RBHS Health Sciences Libraries expenditures are already reflected in our budget, but that unit's funding is not in our accounts. There might be funds available in HSL accounts that will help to make up the deficit.

4. AUL Report - Tom Izbicki

Continuing the collections budget discussion, Izbicki reported that we might have to consider cancellations in order to cover a deficit in excess of $500,000. The Board of Governors today received the Science Direct contract (because of the size of the contract it requires BOG approval). We are hoping to receive prompt approval to pay this year so that we do not have to make two years' worth of payments next year. Non-state funds might well be lower than in the past, in part because Phonathon fund raising has suffered. Some endowments are doing better than others., but on the whole endowments are generating less income. On a more positive note, funds from the new Sidell endowment will improve support for SC/UA collections.

The PALCI shared resources group is still interested in journals. There are other long range planning prospects including collection development analysis. Izbicki is drafting a document that describes collection consolidation including print journal backfiles. User needs are primary, but the draft also considers the space constraints in some libraries.

Izbicki noted that F. Tehrani is retiring at the end of June. We are looking to align our preservation programs, using HathiTrust, and coordinating with both Access Services and Distributed Technical Services operations. Media preservation is emerging as an issue in many contexts. There are rights issue, the fragility of media physical materials, and the integration of print, media, and digital preservation. This prompted a lively discussion, in which the following salient points were made:

A new CIC proposal to be discussed includes funding for JSTOR Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) for books and two music resources. CIC collection development directors are considering a three year commitment so that libraries can do better long range collection planning, and obtain better terms from vendors due to longer subscription/licensing terms. CIC libraries are participating in the SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Partnership in Particle Physics) initiative to redirect funds from subscriptions to open access for some high-energy physics journals.

Contractual matters related to HathiTrust concluded at the end of February. Izbicki will recommend a joint task force to guide how we can interface with HathiTrust, looking holistically at using and contributing to HathiTrust. At this point, it is unclear who is the RUL liaison to HathiTrust. Izbicki said he is willing to fill this role, if the University Librarian concurs. LRC members agreed that access to HathiTrust is a priority, and Izbicki will seek to have it added to the current digital priorities list for the Libraries.

5. CTS Report - Mary Beth Weber

Mary Beth submitted written reports to the LRC Sakai site:

Any orders received will be paid against next year's funds. . An examination of reserves costs conducted by Megan Ruszala for T. Izbicki revealed that the costliest reserve material are media.

Alexander is developing a recreation reading collection. Weber has made a request to IIS for a new sublocation. Unlike Kilmer's recreational reading collection, this will not be a rental collection. Instead, it will initially consist of gift books and books relocated from other Alexander collections.

5.a. AUL Report - Grace Agnew

The New Jersey State of invention conference on June 28 is co-sponsored by the Edison Papers and the New Jersey State Library. The conference is sold out, and there is a wait list. About 20% of the attendees are from Rutgers. The conference proceedings will be recorded and made available on YouTube and in RUcore.

6. DTS Report - Gracemary Smulewitz

DTS staff is working with RBHS Libraries staff on the link resolver, so that all resources are accessible to Rutgers users, and dual URLs are eliminated.

Smulewitz prepared a report of database costs and use statistics. This is not a proposal to cancel any databases; it is instead a tool for analysis.

Marty Barnett (IIS) is working part-time in DTS to help them use the ERM system to full capacity. DTS learned that they are using old rules for sharing resources. All staff who need to use the system (COUNTER 4) will receive logins. This will allow us to look at the article level, and Gold OA usage.

7. Report from SC/UA and IJS - Erika Gorder

The petition proposal from last month's LRC meeting was discussed. SC/UA has had no state funds for about five years, and their book budget has been level for forty years.

Gorder announced a colloquium on June 23, "The Soldier and the Seer: J.F.C. Fuller, Aleister Crowley, and the British Occult Revival".

8. What data do we need to help us make decisions?

Mulcahy introduced the discussion topic with examples of data that we might use to make decisions:

There was some discussion of how frequently data is updated. For example, the 2013 usage statistics that selectors look at (on Sakai) is complete through FY2013. FY2014 statistics will appear in July or August. We discussed comparing statistics year to year, the impact factor and Eiger factor, using Counter 4 (not all vendors use Counter 4 so these statistics are gathered manually), and ILL statistics. Some of the data that was identified as important to know are:

Smulewitz suggested that she attend a Science Collectors group meeting and show what information is available and how to use it. There was interest in expanding such a session to Camden, Newark, RBHS, and creating a webinar.

It was noted that we do not negotiate with vendors based on usage. We are a public research institution and our usage will always be high. Part of the information session could include components of negotiation.

There was also interest in a program on e-reserves. It is important to keep selectors, new faculty, and staff informed about library services, trends, issues, and resources.

9. Petition Proposal - Kevin Mulcahy

In addition to the reported feedback from SC/UA, Newark reported that reactions among librarians there were strongly in favor of it, and they believe the Newark faculty would be supportive. RBHS suggested that we add "accreditation" to the initial paragraph, and Ella Sosnowska will send language to Kevin. Comments about style and wording can be sent to Kevin who will informally talk with influential faculty and report at the next meeting.

10. Election of LRC representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee for 2014-2015/Discussion of Chair for 2014-2015

Laura Palumbo and Jane Sloan have agreed to stand for election to serve as LRC representatives to Planning and Coordinating Committee. Voting will be conducted via email to the Chair.

The LRC chair for 2014-2015 will be selected at next month's meeting.

11. Announcements

Representatives from Web of Science will conduct a demonstration on Convertis (research analysis) tomorrow at Alexander Library.

The Chair will poll the membership via email regarding their availability for meetings in July and August.

The Chair thanked outgoing members for their service on LRC: Bonnie Fong, Karen Hartman, Michael Joseph, and Tao Yang.

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