Minutes of July 17, 2014 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Abigail Baker (guest), Jeanne Boyle (guest), Erika Gorder, Tom Izbicki, Barry Lipinski, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Laura Palumbo (recorder), Janice Pilch, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber
Attending via teleconference: Vincent Pelote, Julie Still

1. Approval of the Agenda- All

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from the June 19, 2014 meeting were approved with minor corrections, which will be included by K. Mulcahy prior to distribution.

3. Report from the Business Manager - A. Baker

A summary of the RUL FY14 and projected FY15 Collections Budget was distributed. Figures in the summary do not match those in Director's Station (or in the spreadsheets distributed by the Chair) because money from the former UMD had not been transferred to RUL immediately. The year-end deficit is about $1,000,000 less than previously projected. Figures in Director's Station will continue to be updated. State fund code figures are not accurate because the budget was not examined down to that level. A total of $750,000 will be sought from central funding to cover the balance of the deficit for FY14. The deficit was reduced by almost $230,000 by the freeze on monographs purchasing. The FY15 budget is projected to have an approximately $680,000 deficit if inflation is not included in funding by the State, and cuts are not made to existing resources. It was noted that contributions to the CIC were covered by the University Librarian's funds this year; this will need to be taken into account in future budgets.

4. AUL Report- T. Izbicki

Selectors will be included in upcoming decisions about cuts to resources. At minimum, we need to cut nearly $700,000 to cover inflation. A meeting will be held in late August or early September. Phonathon funds continue to fall; and funds for monographs will probably be lower than in previous years. We are exploring a second PDA plan for e-book purchases with PALCI. Preservation issues are being discussed with regard to Farideh Tehrani's retirement and our participation in HathiTrust. CIC is considering a shared PDA, and two Music collections are being considered for joint acquisition. A donation was received from the Moevs family to digitize the Robert Moevs performance tapes in the Music X-Room.

5. AUL Report- J. Boyle

The RUL Collection Development Strategies document was distributed. This is likely to be converted to Policy by Cabinet after review and comment. Wording was added to address RUL exhibits being challenged by those who object to their content or subject matter.

6. Chair Report- K. Mulcahy

A. Watkins has agreed to co-chair LRC with K. Mulcahy for the upcoming year.

K. Mulcahy reviewed the 10 year budget trends; the total payments and number of copies paid for the recently completed year were at a decade low. Alexander Library will be developing a recreational reading collection that will be acquired through gift donations, and from some transfers from Alex stacks. A notice will be posted on RUL_everyone soliciting contributions of books for this collection.

7. AUL Report- G. Agnew

Kuali- OLE implementation may be pushed up to 2016, which would create savings. G. Agnew suggests we might want to replace OCLC. There are possible implications for ILL that should be considered; it is possible that consortia could take place of OCLC.

8. CTS Report- M.B. Weber

M. Jusino, RUL Diversity Intern, will begin his rotation in CTS. The backlog of gift books to be cataloged is at an all time low, due to the hard work of Carla Zimmerman who is the Head of Monographs Cataloging in CTS. The rollover of catalog records into FY15 was completed successfully. M.B. Weber has been asked to lead the Futures Group beginning this Fall. CTS and DTS are working with RBHS to transition technical services functions. Cataloging will be problematic since there is no one currently in CTS who has NLM cataloging expertise.

9. DTS Report- G. Smulewitz

Work is being done by DTS and T. Izbicki on a proposal to the CIC to allow RUL to collaborate with University of Maryland to purchase e-books jointly. In terms of budget, RUL and U of MD have the lowest collection budgets in the CIC. DTS has evaluated Serials Team requests over last 6 months; most came from ILL, dealing with rejections. DTS will work with the ILL team so both sides better understand needs. DTS is continuing to work on cleaning up former UMD URLs, to provide access through RUL without duplication. Resource statistics, available in Sakai, are being updated as a result of a request by the science librarians to better understand usage vs. costs. We will soon be using Counter4, which will better represent database usage including e-books and open access usage. G. Smulewitz has been asked to serve on the Executive Board of Counter. DTS is currently down by 4 staff members.

10. Report from SC/UA and IJS

E. Gorder: SC /UA needs more space and staff. SC received the Senator Lautenberg collection, which will need 3000 cubic. feet when processed. SC has the book artist Beatrice Coron's collection. There are currently 60,000 cu. ft. of RBHS/UMD records. UA received President McCormick's papers, which consist of about 20,000 cubic feet of University documents, photos, and slides. It was noted that these collections need to be promoted to the University and to the general public.

V. Pelote: IJS was bequeathed a collection by James Patrick, a Charlie Parker expert, along with $50,000 to process it.

11. HathiTrust Membership

Hathitrust contains 3.9 million public domain items that can be viewed by anyone, but RUL needs Shibboleth authentication to download these items. We need to find out how to link HaithiTrust records to our catalog. HathiTrust journals holdings are currently showing up in Articles Plus; this is problematic without access. We may want to limit this for the time being. Authentication by HaithiTrust for access will require netID or guest ID; it does not work from a range of IP addresses. M. Gaunt is setting up a committee to work on resolving access issues with HathiTrust.

12. Database Cancellation Notification Process- K. Mulcahy

Information needs to be better distributed to everyone when a database is cancelled. The system of notifying selectors, and selectors notifying departments, is not being effectively carried out. A method of communicating cancellations will be outlined. There is a cancellation template form available, in which a selector would fill out alternative databases to one that has been cancelled.

13. Progress on 2013-2014 Goals, and Planning for 2014-2015

...was deferred until the next meeting. A discussion of Gold Open Access issues was also deferred.

14. Announcements

K. Mulcahy has contacted faculty on the Library Advisory Committee regarding the RUL Collections petition. It would be best if collections concerns came primarily from graduate students and faculty.

The third Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. will be the regular meeting time of LRC for this year.

It was suggested and agreed that a good topic for future discussion would be webscale and discovery mechanisms.

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