Minutes of October 16, 2014 Meeting

E. Gorder, T. Izbicki, B. Lipinski, R. Marker, K. Mulcahy (co-chair), L. Palumbo, J. Pilch, J. Sauceda, J. Sloan, G. Smulewitz, M.B. Weber
Attending via teleconference: J. Still, E. Sosnowska (recorder)
A. Watkins (co-chair), V. Pelote

Welcome to Myanmar Librarians Hlaing Hlaing Gyi and Yin Win Htike

The meeting began with an introduction of our guests from Myanmar. LRC members introduced themselves and identified their area of responsibility within the RUL system.

1. Approval of Agenda

One Agenda item was added: Rhonda Marker's Report on Digital Projects. Agenda was approved with that addition.

2. Approval of the Minutes from September 18, 2014 meeting

3. Chair's Report - K. Mulcahy (co-chair)

4. AUL Report - T. Izbicki

5. CTS Report - M.B. Weber

6. DTS Report - G. Smulewitz

7. Digital Projects Report - R. Marker

8. SC/UA Report - E. Gorder

9-10. Review of the "Acquisitions and Retention Policies for Journals in Print and Online Formats" and a draft "Mold Policy" discussion - T. Izbicki, J. Teichmann et al.

11. Budget planning - T. Izbicki et al.

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