Minutes of November 20, 2014 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Barry Lipinski, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy (co-chair), Laura Palumbo, Jon Sauceda, Jane Sloan (recorder), Elizabeth Sosnowska, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still, Mary Beth Weber, Ann Watkins (co-chair)
Janice Pilch, Erika Gorder

1. Approval of the Agenda-All

Item 10, Review of Acquisition and Mold Policy, was deferred to the following meeting. Agenda approved with that change.

2. Approval of the Minutes from October 16, 2014 meeting

Approved as distributed. Chair noted that minutes in the future will include only resolutions and decisions made as per Robert's Rules of Order

3. Chairs' Report

Mulcahy reported on the meeting between VP Edwards, Ryan Womack, and himself about the petition for collection support.

4. AUL Report

Izbicki is gathering data on expenses for medical, engineering, and business resources, as these are areas the university wants to emphasize. He reported that collections budget planning for 2016 is under way, and he is considering what can be done to sustain our monograph/approvals acquisitions after this year. Cabinet has approved use of collections funds to support ILL delivery of journals. Cost statistics for ILL and delivery are necessary for planning and Janet Croft, Head of ILL and Access, will be invited to a future meeting to discuss.

5. AUL Report

Agnew reported that Distributed Technical Services will be moving to TSB, and a review of the work of DTS and CTS will be conducted in 2015 to determine areas of overlap for consolidation. Agnew also reported on budget challenges and solutions. Since Sirsi is a significant expense, moving as quickly as possible on the implementation of Kuali/OLE is a large part of budget planning. An analysis of gaps between Sirsi functionality and Kuali/OLE will take place in 2015 . The VUFind webcat will be followed in 2016 by the non-public modules; modules like circulation will be last. All gap issues will be presented at the Councils.

6. CTS Report

Weber reported on routine matters.

7. DTS Report

Smulewitz reported on challenges of the move of serial titles from Swets (which has filed for bankruptcy) to EBSCO. She asserted the need of LRC to develop a strategy for selectors to understand business models for serials packages and monograph acquisitions, and be more active in negotiations in their areas. She and Tom Izbicki will draft a task force charge addressing this matter.

8. Reports from SC/UA and IJS


9. Budget Update and Status of Cancellations

Izbicki reported on the CIC annual deal, which involves a ¾ split so that ¾ of the $200,000 we give them is for a specified purchase, and ¼ is for an optional purchase from an approved list. This year the ¾ will be for Alexander Street Video packages.

10. Review of Acquisition and Retention Policies for Journals in Print and Online Formats-T. Izbicki


11. Review of Revised Mold Policy- T. Izbicki

Policy was passed with minor changes. (posted in Sakai)

12. Announcements

13. Agenda for December meeting-All

Topics for future agendas include Academic Analytics and a discussion of interlibrary loan statistics and costs

14. Adjournment

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