Minutes of August 20, 2015 Meeting

Ann Watkins (chair), Grace Agnew, Rebecca Gardner, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Jonathan Sauceda, Gracemary Smulewitz, Elizabeth Sosnowska, Tao Yang, Mary Beth Weber
Kayo Denda, Erika Gorder, Barry Lipinski, Laura Palumbo, Janice Pilch, Julie Still, Ryan Womack

1. The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. The minutes of the June 18th meeting were approved as posted to the Council's site on Sakai. The chair will distribute the minutes.

3. Chair's report (Ann Watkins)

Ann welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new academic year. Members agreed that they found it helpful to review collection reports, and the chair will continue to generate the reports, distribute them, and review highlights at each Council meeting.

4. Election of Council Chair or Co-Chairs

Ann agreed to continue as co-chair. Earlier, Julie Still had expressed interest in serving as co-chair with Ann, and the Council overwhelmingly assented. Thank you, Ann and Julie.

5. Election of LRC representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee

The Council elected Jonathan Sauceda to represent us on the Planning and Coordinating Committee. Thank you, Jon.

6. AUL report: Tao Yang

Earlier, Tao shared his Action Plan for collection development and management for the next 18 months with the Council. In the meantime, the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (VP/UL), Kris Maloney, asked Cabinet members to prepare a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) for the major area and units. The purpose of this exercise is to align with the core goals of the university and demonstrate responsiveness and accountability in anticipation of the Responsibility Centered Management budgeting model. Tao's SWOT for collection development and management identified five priorities: funding, staffing, effectiveness/efficiency, impact, and assessment. The Council discussed the major initiatives and focus for these priorities. We also gave feedback to Tao on the SWOT.

7. AUL report: Grace Agnew

Grace reported that there are several vacancies in Technical and Automated Services. TAS will be evaluating these positions as part of a staffing strategic plan.

8. CTS report: Mary Beth Weber

Mary Beth reported another vacancy, bringing the total of retirements and resignations to four in the last three months. Carla Zimmerman will be leaving, and Fay Austin will head the Monographs Cataloging section as well as continue with her responsibilities for database management. Central Technical Services is resolving problems that surfaced with the recent implementation of our new discovery service, VuFind.

9. DTS report: Gracemary Smulewitz

Gracemary reported another vacancy: Susan Brower recently retired. Linda Zuckerman is taking over her responsibilities. DTS is completing residual work of the November-December 2014 cancellations. They also are completing work following the closing of the Physics Library, moving books to the Math Library (now the Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library) and LSM, and withdrawing volumes when necessary. They are working in an inflationary rate to the budget analysis, and using the Encumbered-Not-Paid field to analyze cash flow.

10. Reports from SC/UA and IJS: No reports

11. Announcements

There is a meeting for library liaisons about the Open Access policy next Friday, August 28. It is open to everyone who is interested in the topic, although the target audience is liaisons. Nancy Kranich will facilitate the meeting, and Kris Maloney will open the meeting.

There will be a New Faculty Welcome Expo at the Busch Campus Center in August. Several library faculty and staff will attend and represent RUL.

12. Agenda and location for September meeting

User Services Council has rescheduled its September meeting to the third Thursday of the month, our customary meeting day, to accommodate a member's schedule. The UL Conference Room in Alexander Library is not available for us to meet on the 4th Thursday of the month, so we tentatively set the next date/location for the LRC meeting for Thursday, September 24 in the Technical Services Building conference room. Ann will poll LRC members to confirm that this is the best date and location for us. We will also videoconference to Dana, Smith, and Robeson libraries. Rhonda will book meeting rooms for the remainder of the year.

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