Minutes of September 24, 2015 Meeting

G. Agnew, K.. Denda, R. Gardner, B. Lipinski, L. Palumbo, V. Pelote, J. Pilch, J. Sauceda, G. Smulewitz, J. Still (co-chair, recorder, videoconference), A. Watkins (co-chair), T. Yang
E. Gorder, R. Marker, E. Sosnowska, M. B. Weber
I. Beard, J. Smith

1. Approval of the agenda - All

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of the minutes

The minutes of the August 20th meeting were approved as posted on LRC's Sakai site.

3. Co-Chairs' report - J. Still and A. Watkins

The co-chairs raised concerns previously state by Council members that the responsibility for taking minutes was no longer equitable. The assignment of minute takers had been based on the listing of members on the Staff Resources page. The list is divided into standing members, campus coordinators and discipline area representatives. The Council members decided to move to an alphabetical list by last name for determining the rotation of minute takers. K. Denda will begin the new sequence by taking minutes in October. A new list will be circulated.

4. AUL report - T. Yang

T. Yang prepared an update on meeting the goals in the Collections Action Plan. He emphasized the methods of data driven decision making and active collection management. While data has been used to support decisions for cancelling journals, under a flat budget environment, selectors need to review their subscriptions on an ongoing basis. Mechanisms are still in place to make changes such as swapping titles within a package or dropping and adding individual subscriptions.

The subscription to Swank Digital Commons has been renewed for a second year. Last year, instructors ordered films for use on course management systems and, from the number of uses, the new service was well received by students. While instructors continue to be the only group who can order films this year, Swank's new database model will enable the entire Rutgers community to view them. The video streaming policy, currently under development, will be important in providing guidelines so faculty can get the maximum use from Swank offerings.

T. Yang finished his report by saying that the budget will be flat this year. State funds have been allocated. The library received the endowment income a little later than in previous years. T. Yang's report is attached.

5. AUL report - G. Agnew

G. Agnew said that Vales' OLE task force hired the firm, HTC, to help with implementation of the rules management system in VALID. The company will develop a prototype for state wide borrowing which will then be extended to PALCI. The next meeting with HTC will take place in October.

6. Monograph Task Force Update - K. Denda

K. Denda provided the group with an updated report on the work of the Monograph Task Force, LRC charged the Task Force with finding new principles to guide decisions on monograph purchases with the understanding that implementation of the principles would depend on funding and restrictions on use of particular funds. The principles include: designating state fund to acquire electronic items benefitting all users, creating a purchase plan to fulfill faculty requests, ensuring the ability to acquire newly published titles, providing discretionary funding for each unit to satisfy local needs, maintaining the selectors' acquisition of individual titles, and demonstrating collection support for accreditation of academic units. Following a discussion of the Task Force's rationale, the LRC members approved the report.

7. DTS Report - G. Smulewitz

G., Smulewitz reported that her department is ready to move forward with an e-book program and making the holdings more explicit. She described how CTS and DTS have learned about each other's responsibilities and workflows since the department's move to TAS that has resulted in new ways of collaborating. With the growing presence of e-books and with the journals, G. Smulewitz plans to include data about the university with usage statistics to provide context.

J. Smith, Holdings Management Team Leader, was invited to bring the group up to date on existing weeding projects, the process of submitting a project to the Team, the Team's workflow, and the condition of the Annex.

8. Report from IJS -- V. Pelote

V. Pelote had no report on IJS collections.

9. Spotlight on Technical Services: Data Curation: What is it? Why does it matter to you? - I. Beard

I. Beard gave an informative presentation to the group about his responsibilities as the Libraries' Data Digital Curator. His focus is preservation - preservation of fragile analog content as well as born-digital items. The amount of content and the number of shifting formats as well as the creation of discovery tools are challenging. I. Beard consults on preservation needs and best practices and collaborates, in particular, with the Libraries' special collections units. A collection preservation initiative will be underway soon with IJS. V. Pelote and A. Cuervo are currently identifying collections with irreplaceable materials that would be appropriate candidates for digital preservation.

10. Announcements - All

G. Smulewitz mentioned that DTS staff member, Susan Graham, retired.

J. Pilch announced that the new copyright webpage is available. She plans to add more information about copyright for librarians.

L. Palumbo said that disposition of the Physics Library collection is almost finished. The weeded books are waiting for removal from the former Physics Library. The remaining books have been treated for mold, and have been returned to the Annex. Some of these will be relocated to the Math/Physics Library after processing.

11. Agenda and location for the October meeting

The next meeting will take place on October 15th at 9:30 am in the University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library. Several possible agenda items were suggested for the next few months:

12. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

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