Minutes of November 19, 2015 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Denda, E. Gorder, R. Gardner (recorder), B. Lipinski, R. Marker, L. Palumbo, V. Pelote, G. Smulewitz, E. Sosnowska, J. Still (co-chair), A. Watkins (co-chair), M.B. Weber, R. Womack, T. Yang.
F. Giannetti, K.White

1. Agenda-All

The agenda was approved.

2. Approval of the minutes from the October 15th meeting.

The minutes were approved with the following amendments: Under item 4 (AUL Report) the second bullet should be changed to state, "Using Reprints Desk has the potential to eliminate passing on ILL costs over $40 to the user". Under item 7 (Open Textbook Task Force Update), in the third bullet the status of Iowa participating in the Open Textbook Network should be confirmed.

3. Co-Chairs' report-J. Still and A. Watkins

Julie is finalizing the selectors list and will send a working document out to LRC to help fill in gaps.

4. AUL Report-T. Yang

Tao reviewed collections priorities:

1) Collection development will support system wide and local needs identified by the University Librarian and cabinet members. The focus will be on undergraduates, special collections, and health sciences. The libraries have set aside a large amount of money to collaborate with the CIC in terms of collection development.

2) Develop a library wide master plan for print collections. The master space plan for the libraries will impact where our print collections will be located or relocated. The Annex is full, part of the College Ave OIT lab may be moving to Alexander, etc.

3) Build up collection assessment capacities to support decision-making. Look at ILL data, map university collections to user demographics, look at circulation data, etc. There was a poster on user demographics and our collections at the State of the Libraries. G. Smulewitz may help develop a panel session presentation on the topic for the libraries.

5. AUL Report-G. Agnew

Working on technical specifications for national newspaper project. There are complicated metadata issues, etc. Several teaching faculty have commented that they need historic newspapers for their research. R. Becker and C. Radick will decide which newspapers will be proposed for inclusion in the project. Digitization will be done by an outside vendor. Eventually these papers will be available in the Library of Congress portal as well as the NJ Digital Highway. The grant proposal is due in February and there should be an announcement sometime over the summer as to whether it gets funded.

EZ Borrow stats have dropped by 11% in the past year. Possibly due to libraries switching to more ebooks. What should PALCI be in the next five years? What will the next generation platform look like? It should be a true federated catalog including electronic resources. Article ILL will be streamlined so that users will get copies instantly, rather than in several days.

VALE is working on a statewide academic library system. Specifications are being created for universal borrowing in the VALE environment.

6. CTS Report-M.B. Weber

G. Wood will be handling responsibilities previously done by M. Gallagher who resigned earlier this year. Geoff is well qualified as he has experience in these areas.

Y-H Lin and F. Austin are updating the gifts procedures.

7. DTS Report-G. Smulewitz

There are major packages up for renewal and new contracts being analyzed by the Collections Analysis Group. Looking at tying university communities to our collections, use and budget. G. Smulewitz and R. Sloat will be covering while J. Maguire Smith is on maternity leave.

8. Binding Status and Support-G. Smulewitz

There are two spreadsheets in the Sakai selectors/liaisons site. One is costs to bind remaining loose issues of cancelled titles. The other is binding backlogs for current print subscriptions. Selectors will be asked to make decisions. G. Smulewitz will send a message to LRC campus coordinators with guidelines and a deadline for decisions. The question of how to fund will be looked at after binding decisions are made.

9. Open Textbooks Task Force Report-L. Palumbo

L. Palumbo presented the report on behalf of L. Todorinova who is out on maternity leave. The Task Force was charged with gathering information about the current use of open textbooks in higher education. The report outlines initiatives undertaken by the CIC and others, and discusses the Open Textbook proposal before the Rutgers University Senate. A brief literature review was also conducted, and possible actions to be undertaken by RUL were outlined. After discussion, the following recommendations from LRC will be taken to M. Just: LRC recommends moving forward with some of proposed next steps from the Open Textbook Task Force, namely that RUL work on getting open textbooks into the catalog; that RUL provide a libguide or website about OERs; and that we reach out to the Rutgers faculty signers of the NJPIRG petition to discuss collaborating with the Libraries in open textbook implementation. Although it was confirmed that the technology exists within RUcore to host textbooks, it was agreed that we should focus on getting faculty to adopt open textbooks rather than create them. The Task Force was commended on its excellent work.

10. WordPress/OMEKA proposal-F. Giannetti and K.White

F. Giannetti and K. White would like to pilot a service for faculty, teaching assistants and graduate researchers that would provide access to WordPress and OMEKA, two open-source content management systems used in the digital humanities community. These would be hosted on RUL servers, which would allow for more sophisticated aspects of the platforms to be used. IIS will be involved in setting up and taking down the sites. The Digital Humanities Working Group will monitor and assess projects. They do not anticipate much activity at first. Sites will be retired at the end of each semester, though copies may be given to owners for personal archiving. Some projects may be appropriate for RUcore.

11. Announcements-All

E. Gorder announced the RU250 exhibit at Alexander library and encouraged people to visit. The accompanying catalog will be deposited in RUcore.

R. Gardner gave an update on the e-book collections task force. In order to take advantage of the VALE trials the deadline has been extended to March 15th. EBSCO and ProQuest will be coming to Rutgers in mid-December to present their packages.

12. Agenda and location for December meeting

We will be meeting in the University Librarian's Conference room at 9:30 on December 17th. One agenda item may be an update on RUcore projects.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/lrc/minutes/lrc_15_11_19.shtml
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