Minutes of March 17, 2015 Meeting

J. Still (co-chair), R. Womack, T. Yang, B. Lipinski, M.B. Weber, K. Denda, L. Palumbo, R. Gardner, E. Gorder, R. Marker, V. Pelote (remotely), E. Sosnowska (recorder - remotely)
J. Pellien
A. Watkins (co-chair), G. Smulewitz, J. Pilch, G. Agnew

1. Agenda-All

2. Approval of the minutes from December 19th meeting -ALL

3. Communications update - J. Pellien (guest)

4. RUL Guiding Principles - R. Marker, J. Pellien

5. Co-Chairs Report - J. Still

6. AUL Report - T. Yang

7. CTS Report - M.B. Weber

8. Open Textbook Initiative Update - L. Palumbo

9. LRC/USC Joint Task Force on E-Book Collections - R. Gardner

10. Announcements - ALL

11. Agenda, date and location of April meeting

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/lrc/minutes/lrc_16_03_17.shtml
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