Marketing/PR Group: Announcement of Formation

Dear colleagues,

On September 12th the University Librarian's Cabinet approved a new multi-year Libraries marketing plan, developed by the Libraries Communications/Marketing Team. We are particularly grateful to the Cabinet for their constructive suggestions on how to implement the plan and their approval of a budget of up to $25,000, over the course of four years, to conduct the activities envisioned in the plan.

The Communications/Marketing Team was appointed by then Acting New Brunswick Libraries Director Francoise Puniello in spring 2005 and charged with analyzing all relevant recent Libraries assessments, reviewing current marketing literature, and then developing a multi- year marketing plan that complemented the Libraries new strategic plan. With the help of Training and Learning Coordinator Marilyn Wilt, who facilitated a full day retreat for the Communications/Marketing Team this past April, the Team developed an ambitious but achievable plan in rough draft. This draft was refined over the summer into the plan that won the Cabinet's approval in September.

You can read the full marketing plan, which is posted in the Marketing section of the Libraries "Staff Resources" webpages, at this URL:

Thank you to the members of the Communications/Marketing Team, who devoted many hours over the past 18 months to immersing themselves in marketing, considering the best practices in promoting academic libraries, then hammering out a sophisticated plan for the Rutgers University Libraries: Kayo Denda, Harry Glazer (chair), Francoise Puniello, Roger Smith, Julie Still, Roberta Tipton, and Ann Watkins.

The next stage in our systemwide marketing efforts is to convene a successor committee to the Communications/Marketing Team, which will be charged with implementing, overseeing, and monitoring the progress of the marketing plan over the next four years. This successor committee, the Marketing/PR group, has been appointed by Francoise Puniello and I'm pleased to introduce its members: Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Steve Dalina, Harry Glazer (chair), Triveni Kuchi, Francoise Puniello, Roger Smith, Darryl Voorhees, Julia Zapcic, and a student worker representative to be named shortly.

The first meeting of the Marketing/PR group is scheduled for later this week. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can most effectively promote the wonderful services, resources, and scholarly initiatives of the Libraries to faculty, students, and staff at Rutgers. And we look forward to your cooperation as we roll out our concerted marketing initiatives in the months and years ahead.

Last updated: March 7, 2007
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