Minutes for June 14, 2007 Meeting

John Brennan, Harry Glazer, April Grier, Triveni Kuchi, Francoise Puniello, Roger Smith, Daryl Voorhees, Julia Zapcic
Rose Barbalace, Vib Bowman, Bob Golon.

Harry began the meeting with the discussion of goal setting. In reviewing the marketing plan, several groups offered feedback that achieving all of the stated goals of the group would be ambitious to accomplish in the time frame of one year. Considering this, and responding to the planning committee's call for 07/08 goals, Harry and Vib Bowman met to review the Team's goals for the coming year.

Vib and Harry developed the following recommendation, which would prioritize goals in the RUL Marketing Plan for 2007/2008 into three groups.

  1. First Priorities
    1. Outreach Kiosks at Campus Centers
    2. Promotion of specific resources EEBO, CRL
    3. Putting materials out to new faculty members at the University President's picnic for new faculty (late August/early Sept.)
  2. Second tier priorities
    1. Reach out to Media
    2. Work on Library Liaison Program
    3. Work on quizzes for student workers to better educate them on core RUL resources and services
  3. Third tier priorities - "nice to get to" or already underway activities
    1. Cabinet meeting with administrators
    2. User research, analyze user feedback
    3. Branding

The meeting then was turned over to John Brennan to summarize and discuss the branding effort. John indicated that the branding subgroup had met with six councils and committees to gather ideas for the list of branding terms. The consensus was that consultation to this point has been sufficient and no further meetings with internal groups are necessary.

The next step, along with weeding the list down to the top choices, is an external "validation" test. It would be useful to run the list of terms by a group of faculty and students [perhaps through Facebook?]. There are two possible approaches to this, 1] submit a subset of our long list of terms, perhaps the top 10 or so, and ask the group we approach to rate them on a scale of 1-5. or 2] Ask the groups we approach to submit their own terms, and our assessment will be to match up their responses against our list to rank the terms we wish to select as the top five. We could also do a combination of these approaches that asks external groups to consider and rank our submissions and also allow them to add their own.

Harry will take these ideas to a SCILS communication professor for a professional opinion on the best way to conduct this validation process before moving forward with a final selection and implementation of branding terms. We still hope to wrap this up in the summer months. The concern was raised that we may need to gain clearance from IRB to do this. Jeanne Boyle was cited as a good resource to consult on that issue.

Rose Barbalace's discussion about Ask A Librarian was moved to the next meeting's agenda.

The next item discussed was the upcoming outreach kiosks at the campus centers. Roger Smith reviewed the previous experience with a pilot program conducted over two weeks in the fall of 2004. This was an intensive effort held at the College Avenue and Busch Campus Centers. Statistics were reviewed detailing the types of questions asked, the scope of the approach [promote website, core remote services], and some of the drawbacks of that pilot approach.

Roger then looked to frame the plans for the upcoming effort around several key questions. First, we decided this effort would be conducted after classes had "settled in" to the semester, most likely the last week of September and into October. The previous pilot effort made clear the difficulty of conducting simultaneous desks at different locations. This coming year will be spread out with one week runs [approximately 4 hours per day during peak times] at each campus center one at a time. This is dependent on availability and accommodation from the campus centers themselves. Staff in Camden and Newark will most likely be heavily involved in the organization and conduct of the kiosks on their campuses as NBL staff may not be able to do the traveling required.

Once space is secured, we will need to identify a group to lead this effort. Most of this will take place "behind the scenes" before the next formal meeting of the Marketing/PR Team in August. We determined that we will seek to have a laptop with wireless access to our circulation system, to issue PINS. This will require consultation with systems and testing in the campus centers.

Overall, the focus of the kiosks will be on promoting use of the RUL web site as a source to address many different academic needs. This will need to be explained further and focused. The staff working the kiosks should be trained in what topics to engage patrons in and how to direct questions [referral to reference]. It would be very beneficial to this program to have reference staff on site partnered with Access Staff.

The effort to attract interest and attention to the kiosk continues to be focused on the raffle of an IPOD, and if the budget permits also secondary prizes, most likely a flash drive. We will also utilize coffee sleeves distributed at Gerlanda's to draw attention to the IPOD raffle and the kiosk. April Grier agreed to work with Roger on arranging and staffing the kiosks on the Newark Campus. More information will be shared with the marketing group as plans for the kiosks solidify.

The meeting then moved onto some quick updates from Harry. He is working on placing Libraries materials at the new RU faculty picnic.

Triveni has asked Bob Sewell to be placed on the June 21st CDC meeting. She will ask the group to consider setting up a liaison's group or a "Community of Practice" group, to create opportunities for librarians to regularly discuss their successes and the challenges they face in liaison work.

Rose reported through Harry that student quizzes should reflect marketing issues in the fall.

Harry will be working on EEBO and CRL promotion for 2007/2008.

The next meeting of the Marketing Group will be August 2nd at 2:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by
Roger Smith
June 19, 2007

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