Minutes for August 2, 2007 Meeting

John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Bob Golon, April Grier, Triveni Kuchi, Roger Smith, Julia Zapcic

Upcoming plans - Status Reports

A. Student Center Kiosks - Roger Smith

Roger summarized a draft plan regarding outreach kiosks to be scheduled towards the end of September through October on each of the New Brunswick Campuses, Newark and Camden. The plan is to have two library staff members to staff the kiosk along with a laptop computer with wireless, workflows, to provide PIN access. Selected brochures, including a trifold brochure that promotes the libraries website by highlighting the benefits of Ask a librarian, ILL, SearchLight, Subject librarians, Off campus access, Searchpath, etc., will be placed in the kiosks. The overall objective is to engage patrons or kiosk visitors in a dialog to promote the use of libraries' Website and to gather information about the type of use of libraries. To generate traffic and interest a raffle for an Ipod with flash-drives as second prizes, will be held. The plan is also to ask a brief question "What do you most use the Rutgers University Libraries for?" Roger is also planning training sessions for staff that will manage the kiosks to ensure uniform and appropriate approaches to handle visitor/patron interactions at the kiosk. This plan is currently under preparation and will be shared with librarians and staff at various venues (committee/group meetings) within the next few weeks, as scheduling/meeting availabilities permit. Please feel free to contact Harry Glazer or Roger Smith for more information about this marketing project.

B. New Faculty Orientation packets - Harry Glazer

Harry is preparing personalized orientation packets that will be distributed at the "New Faculty Orientation" picnic at President McCormick's house. Harry will be contacting related liaisons to share more information. One of the items in this orientation packet will contain a letter about the liaison/selector for the subject area as an introduction for the new RU faculty member.

C. EEBO and CRL Promotion - Harry Glazer

Two resources were selected for targeted promotion this year. Harry has already contacted the related selectors of these resources to discuss promotional techniques and secured statistics from Ann Montanaro detailing their use in the last academic year.

D. Branding Validations and proposal to Cabinet - John Brennan

Harry's SCILS Communication professor has made recommendations about the validation process. The validation process will consist of asking students and faculty to complete a short survey indicating their agreement, neutrality of disagreement with the most popular branding suggestions gathered from a series of internal meetings. John will draft the survey and forward it to the Brand Sub-Committee for final review by August 10. A distribution strategy for the survey will be determined.

Liaisons and Community of Practice status report

A liaisons virtual Sakai site is being planned that will bring together discussions about liaisons related issues. Bob Sewell and Harry discussed the idea of a post CDC meeting open session/discussion by libraries liaisons, in the same format that open sessions are periodically offered at the end of RUL faculty meetings. This session could involved a broader group of liaisons in a discussion of the concerns, challenges, and best practices of liaison work as well as what steps the Libraries can take to better support liaison-related work. The results of this discussion would be helpful for the Marketing/PR team in planning future activities.


Harry reported that libraries' Facebook connections achieved some impact for the current year and will continue. If anyone is aware of students who may be interested in co-administering the site with Harry, please contact him. The Libraries group page on Facebook is called "Inside Info @ R U Libraries" and new 'visitors' to Facebook will need to create a personal page before viewing the group page.

Next Meeting is scheduled on September 20, 2007 2:30 p.m. University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library.

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Triveni Kuchi

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