Minutes for September 20, 2007 Meeting

Harry Glazer, Rose Barbalace, Roger Smith, John Brennan, Francoise Puniello, Vibiana Bowman, April Grier, Darryl Voorhees.


  1. Student Center Kiosks – staffing, training, student centers, etc (Roger S.)
  2. Student Center Kiosks – java sleeves, prizes, new brochure, etc (Harry G.)
  3. New Faculty Orientation packets (Harry G.)
  4. EEBO and CRL promotion (Harry G.)
  5. Student worker quizzes (Rose B.)
  6. Branding validations (John B.)

Student Center Kiosks – Roger Smith

Schedules are starting to be filled for the kiosks at each student center. There will be a logistics meeting on Friday, Sept 21 for all of those who signed up for a kiosk staffing slot. Logistics meeting will go over the raffle of the IPOD, opening and closing procedures of the desk, goals etc. Three brochures will be given out: Guide to Students, Primary borrower brochure and Problem Solved (new brochure, highlighting the Libraries website). Currently schedules are looking thin at Douglass and Cook Centers. Sakai site will be created for the staff working the kiosks. Sakai site will include stat sheets, laptop instructions, opening and closing procedures, and staffing schedules for each week’s student center kiosk. Statistics sheet will break down daily questions asked, number of brochures handed out and number of raffle tickets submitted for entry.

Student Center Kiosks – Harry Glazer

Coffee venders at each student center were contacted and graciously agreed to hand out java sleeves advertising the libraries information kiosk for that week. Java sleeves also advertises raffle to win an IPOD. Students entering the raffle will have a chance to win one grand prize of a 30GB IPOD as well as a weekly drawing for a 1GB USB flash drive. IPOD will have a laser imprint of the Rutgers library web address.

New Faculty Orientation Packets – Harry Glazer

Massive undertaking to put together packets. Each packet will have a personalized letter to over 100 new faculty members along with three resource recommendations to each new faculty member and a direct library contact for the faculty member. Packets will be distributed at President’s house during a meet and greet with new faculty members. John Brennan will be assisting with distributing packets. There has been an enthusiastic response to the creation of these packets from a number of library liaisons.

EEBO and CRL promotion – Harry Glazer

Promotional brochures for the Center of Research Libraries are available and will be distributed and made available to faculty. Harry plans to write a news story about each resource and post them on the Libraries website within the next few weeks.

Student worker quizzes – Rose Barbalace

Marketing quiz taken by 30 student hourly employees in mid-April. Students were tested on various library services and departments. Results showed that non-circulation trained students did not fair as well as circulation trained students on service areas such as PIN numbers, Reserve services, RDS, Reference and Remote Access. Since all students spend time in rotation on the Welcome desk/information desk we will be adding service brochures to the training this semester as well as book marking some relevant library services to the info desk computer and updating our FAQ binder. Students will be retested in February and scores will be compared to students tested in April.

Branding validation – John Brennan

Branding validation in progress. Working on validation strategy and plan to talk with a SCILS faculty member on standards for reliable results.

Next Meeting – November 1st 2:30pm

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