Minutes for November 1, 2007 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer, April Grier, Francoise Puniello, Darryl Voorhees


Harry reported that Triveni stepped down from the Marketing/PR team, because her schedule is quite full this year. Valeda Dent appointed Tao Yang to serve in her place and Harry has already met with Tao to discuss the activities of the team.

Darryl will be attending a marketing workshop in Philadelphia, as a representative of the Marketing/PR Team. He plans to report back to the team about his experiences at the next meeting.

Open discussion on the progress of the marketing plan

And the work of the Marketing/PR team - Comments

The next meeting of the Marketing/PR team will be Thursday January 10th.

Prepared by Harry Glazer
November 27, 2007

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