Minutes for January 10, 2008 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Harry Glazer, April Grier (recorder), Darryl Voorhees, Roger Smith, Tao Yang, Bonita Grant, Jean Madden, and Julia Zapcic.

Welcome To New Members

Harry acknowledged the Marketing/PR team’s newest members: Bonita Grant from Special Collections in New Brunswick and Jean Madden from the Robeson Library on the Camden campus.

Report on Marketing Workshop in Philadelphia

Darryl gave a brief report regarding a marketing workshop that he attended in Philadelphia. He noted that a lot of tactics discussed at the conference have already been employed by our marketing committee, such as use of Facebook and concerted outreach to the media. He plans to send everyone on the M/PR team an email with the attachments he received at the conference.

Report on Kiosks in Student Centers (Review, Discussions, Recommendations)

Roger gave an overview of the Libraries outreach kiosks set-up in campus student centers in September and October. He distributed handouts regarding the project timeframe, methodology and locations, concluding that it was modestly effective at best. A more efficient outreach effort would involve shorter hours and a more academic environment as opposed to the social setting of the student centers. Also partnering with residential life and focusing on first-year students may make future kiosks more successful. There seemed to be a general consensus to focus on first-year students. Bonita reiterated the change of venue to a more academic setting would be more beneficial. Roger added a partnered approach with Reference and an Access person would also make the kiosk project more effective. Rose noted to also include commuter and graduate students.

Branding Validation

Harry noted that they have made progress with branding concepts and should validate the key principles with students and faculty, then embed them in our marketing literature. They will reach out to Arts and Science, Social Science, and Natural Science departments with surveys. At least 60-75 responses with agreeing results will indicate we’re on the right track with our concepts. However, if the survey indicates a large agreement with “ringers” like “social scene,” then we are off-track and need to regroup.

Note: The report on University Librarian’s Cabinet members' meetings with top RU administrators was deferred, due to Francoise’s absence.

Ask a Librarian

Rose reported that the bulk of inquiries were pragmatic issues like book returns and pin requests. There were very few questions regarding requests for library resources that would give us any indication of what the libraries are lacking.

Preliminary Discussion: Prioritizing Year Two Goals, Prioritizing/Modifying Year One Goals for Year Two

Harry reviewed the Marketing Plan's 2007/2008 goals and then analyzed what has been done thus far.

This year's top three priorities were:

  1. New Faculty Packets
  2. Kiosks
  3. Highlighting of specific resources (CRL, EEBO)

Harry noted the handout regarding Action Steps for Year Two and asked if there were any comments for establishing priorities. He asked everyone to list what they considered should be the top three initiatives; then the next top three and finally the last top three.

Rose suggested we review the action steps and respond via email. Julia suggested we first focus on the goal to be accomplished; She has concerns for a lot of the goals and whether they fall within the marketing group’s purview.

Roger noted the Ask a Librarian as a tool is not an effective means of gathering marketing information. Perhaps another method of collecting feedback would be better like placing icons on the website (happy face, sad face) to solicit comments from users. He added that he felt steps 1 and 9 (Development of a student advisory groups and outreach to student groups) were most important.

Julia noted that it’s important to deal with step 1 - to get actual details of what the students need. Therefore, the undergraduate task force should be a topic for consideration. She suggested we use the ALA program to get a more “avant-garde” approach to marketing because of the new trends in technology and library practices.

Tao added that he would like to see what other institutions are doing to market their library. He agreed that we should focus on steps 1 and 9.

Bonita suggested step 5 (Hold more social interaction events for RUL personnel) could be accomplished through adding new features to the annual State of the Libraries meeting/event.

Harry asked the group to review the action steps and determine common themes and activities.

April suggested that resources and technology, staff involvement, and student/faculty outreach as three possible themes.

Harry noted that future group meetings have already been scheduled and the meeting was adjourned.

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