Minutes for May 8, 2008 Meeting

Madden, April Grier, Francoise Puniello, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Harry Glazer, Toa Yang, Darryl Voorhees


  1. Finalizing 2008/2009 action steps
  2. Confirming action step owners/volunteers
  3. Setting deadlines and metrics
  4. Reaching out to internal stakeholders in our marketing effort
  5. Suggestions for new Marketing/PR team members

Finalizing 2008/2009 action steps/Confirming action step owner s and volunteers

Harry tallied group votes and suggestions from May's email meeting. The eight leading actions steps were highlighted and the voters identified for each category. Other suggested Action Steps were considered. Group discussed the leading Action Step comprised of an RU letter or email to incoming students at home in August. Group discussed best ways to communicate and distribute the welcome letter to incoming freshman. The letter would include library resources and contacts to assist the new student coming to the university. Harry will work with university contacts to distribute the letter to the incoming class for the fall.

2nd Action Step discusses the creation of a one page overview of Library services tailored for 1st year students. Tao, John and Rose will work on this draft to be completed for early July. The group discussed the best ways to distribute this overview to be sure it reached the intended audience.

4th and 5th Action steps discuss library tours and fairs available to incoming students and their parents. Francoise and Harry will contact appropriate staff to coordinate these events as we have done similar events in the past. Possible times to conduct the library tours for incoming freshman would be the last two Sundays in July and the first two Sundays in August. Group also discussed offering library tours to parents during Placement Exam weekend in early Spring. The group will look at building hours for Camden and Newark campuses to coordinate planning library tours at those respective locations.

Deadlines and Metrics

How do we know we succeeded in informing incoming students of our library resources? Will these be useful initiatives? Group discussed possible ways to measure these initiatives. Some points discussed included: students may be asked to redeem a prize with the welcome letter they received in the mail, promotion of student fairs or kiosks, students may be asked at a Bibliographic Instruction session held in the library if they received a welcome letter from the library and a tally will be conducted. We may also ask how useful the information was to the student.

Reaching out to internal stakeholders in our marketing efforts

Harry will work with other committees and groups at RUL to gain input and ask for assistance in coordinating a number of these Action Steps.

Other group business

Next Meeting: June 12, 2008 2:30pm

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