Minutes for September 25, 2008 Meeting

Au, Bonita, Darryl, Francoise, Jean, John, Rose, Tao (recorder), Daphne, Harry (chair)

1. Chair's report

A. Harry started by reading the three themes that the Cabinet has selected as the RUL's focus for academic year 2009. After a brief discussion, the group decided that the first theme ("escalate the use of library services and collections to demonstrate the value libraries bring to research and student learning") is most appropriate for the goals of the group, particular the goal of reaching out to undergraduates and incoming students. Some members also felt strongly for the second theme ("engage our users in expansive dialogs about their needs and our capacities to meet them now and in the future").

B. Harry said that he has been using Facebook as a new way to distribute RUL news and an occasional survey tool. He has created a RUL Facebook group and Rose has joined his group. Harry encouraged librarians to join the group. He asks that librarians recommend that students who visit the reference desk join the Libraries Facebook group (Inside Info @ RU Libraries). To Tao's question if Ask A Librarian can be incorporated into Facebook, Harry said he can add the link, but that will be passive. Jean said she would encourage students to join the group when she works at the reference desk.

2. Branding development

Before the discussion of the branding issue, Harry shared his thoughts about the meeting with new student employees, the idea of distributing laminated cards, and the necessity of conducting media training for relevant library people. Francoise suggested that the issue of media training should be brought up to Marianne.

Then the group spent most of the meeting time choosing from the 32 slogans submitted from within the library. First, everyone chose his/her own favorites and John kept counts of each slogan. Then John shared his opinion as to whether or not a slogan entails one or more library’s brand values. Finally five slogans were put on the whiteboard for the final vote. One of them, "The place to go when you need to know", is the clear winner, with 7 votes. The number 2 choice is "Taking knowledge to the next level", with 4 votes. Harry will bring the results to Marianne.

3. 2008/2009 projects underway

A. Harry told the group that two news items about the Libraries were included in information sent to first year students and/or their parents; one was an article in the 'Welcome to Rutgers' issue of the Daily Targum article, the other was a news article in the University's newsletter to the parents of Rutgers students.

B. For the one page service summaries, the working group (John, Tao, Rose) and Harry will meet students to get their feedback on the draft.

4. 2008/2009 projects seeking owners

Francoise first shared the information about the first Rutgers Day, which will be on April 25, 2009. The Rutgers Day will be a University-wide open house to the local communities. The University is making enormous efforts to develop the programs for the event, which will involve College Avenue, Busch, and Douglass. The library cabinet put the responsibility for this activity on the Marketing/PR group. Marianne will send out an announcement first and then Harry will call for ideas via RUL_Everyone.

Harry also identified a few marketing projects for the next year and sought owners. The projects, and the subsequent volunteers, are:

  1. Concerted Promotion of EEBO - Harry
  2. Assess impact of concerted promotion of CRL (Center for Research Libraries) in 2007/2008, by securing & comparing 2006/2007 stats with 2007/2008 stats - Daphne, Au
  3. Review of multi-year marketing plan/Year Two projects (see: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/marketing/docs/marketing_plan_multi-year_2006-.shtml) and make recommendations for tasks to undertake this year - April, Darryl, Rose
  4. Solicit, vet, and organize RU Libraries ideas for Rutgers Day (Sat. April 25, 2009) - Bonita, Darryl, Francoise, Rose, Tao, John, Jean (Chairs = Darryl, Rose)
  5. Brainstorm with library student employees, to create bookmarks highlighting basic RUL services - Harry, Tao, Rose

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