Minutes for October 28, 2008 Meeting

Ka Neng Au, Rose Barbalace, Harry Glazer (recorder), Jean Madden, Francoise Puniello, Michele Tokar, and Tao Yang

I. Rutgers Day Report – Rose Barbalace

Rose recently attended one of the university’s workshops for units planning events during Rutgers Day in April 2009. The coordinators of Rutgers Day advised attendees at the workshop that the university will not provide funds to units for these activities. The university will be purchasing tents in bulk but units will need to buy one from the Rutgers Day coordinating committee.

Douglass Library is not in the zone for the Douglass Campus events – Rose in checking into how to involve Douglass Library in Rutgers Day given this classification. The Rutgers libraries that are in the Rutgers Day zones are Alexander Library, the Art Library, the Chemistry Library, the Physics Library, and the Math Library. Given the size and accessibility of the different libraries, Rose recommended - - and the Marketing/PR affirmed - - that the Libraries’ Rutgers Day activities should be based in or near Alexander Library and the Art Library.

Someone at the workshop mentioned that their unit hopes to conduct a Rutgers Day event in the Sharon Fordham Multimedia Lab in the Douglass Library; Rose asked them to coordinate with us on this idea.

The Libraries’ Rutgers Day subcommittee will be meeting on Tuesday November 11^th to discuss the suggestions submitted by RUL personnel for Rutgers Day activities. The subcommittee plans to make final decisions and submit plans to the Rutgers Day coordinating committee by the deadline for such plans, December 1st.

The coordinating committee advised the workshop attendees that the University will list all units’ events on the Rutgers Day website and in a booklet they plan to publish. Yet they encouraged units to conduct ‘local marketing’ for their events and to conduct low budget activities.

II. Review of multi-year marketing plan and new 2008/2009 activities – Rose Barbalace

Rose met with Darryl Voorhees, to review the Libraries multi-year marketing plan approved by the university librarian’s Cabinet in September 2006. Their goal was to identify projects that may be appropriate for implementation in the current academic year.

Rose plans to review her and Darryl’s ideas with April Grier, the third member of their ad-hoc group, and then to circulate their suggestions to the full team via email within the next week.

III. Review of stats for promotion of CRL in 2007/2008 (vs. 2006/2007) – Ka Neng Au

Au reported that he contacted Cathy Percoraro, requesting statistics for CRL use at Rutgers in the past academic year and in the year prior. We seek those statistics to measure the impact of concerted promotion of CRL conducted by the Marketing/PR team in 2007/2008. Cathy advised Au that she contacted CRL and is awaiting a response from them on this request.

IV. Brand development: Status report – Harry Glazer

Harry reported that he’s spoken with Au about locating a Rutgers Business School professor with expertise in branding, who they could meet with to discuss how the Libraries can best implement their brand. Au identified a professor with research interests in this area then learned that he is currently on sabbatical overseas. Au is looking for another professor with knowledge of branding issues.

Harry is also working to identify brand experts in large local companies, such as Johnson & Johnson and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, to arrange meetings and seek their advice on integrating the Libraries new brand within our system. Harry invited Marketing/PR team members to suggest other large companies with whom they have inside contacts, so he could try to meet with their ‘brand czar’ as well.

Harry plans to visit the Newark campus on November 7th and the Camden campus shortly, to work with the Marketing/PR team members on those campuses and hand out brand questionnaires to students in the campus centers. The goal is to seek validation of the branding concepts identified in polling New Brunswick/Piscataway faculty and students in the spring 2008 semester.

Harry shared with Marianne the two finalists for the Libraries slogan, as selected by the Marketing/PR team – the place to go when you need to know and taking knowledge to the next level. Marianne stated that both slogans were strong candidates and suggested that the Marketing/Pr team seek votes from all RUL personnel, to determine the best slogan. The team concurred with this suggestion and Au agreed to identify the best means to conduct the vote.

The next meeting of the Marketing/PR team is scheduled for Tuesday November 18th.

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