Minutes for November 18, 2008 Meeting

Ka Neng Au, Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair), Jean Madden (recorder), Daphne Robert, Jeris Cassel (visitor), Francoise Puniello, Darryl Voorhees, Michelle Tokar, Tao Yang

I Report from the Chair - Harry

Bonita Grant left the Marketing/PR team and Fernanda Perrone will take her place, as a representative from Special Collections. Fernanda oversees events in Special Collections. Harry also advised the Marketing/PR team that Special Collections will be creating a blog to publicize their work.

II. Results: Voting on new RUL slogan – Au

164 people out of 300 at RUL voted in the slogan contest, a 54.7% participation rate. The margin of victory was 104 to 60 for the slogan “The place to go when you need to know”.

III. New slogan: next steps? Discussion – Au

What to do with the results? Harry suggested taking a picture of the person who submitted the suggestion, writing a story and putting it on the web. The story will connect the slogan with the four branding terms.

Other suggestions from the team included incorporating the slogan into employee email signatures (instead of “Searchpath”), adding it to the front page of the Libraries’ Website, creating campus bus ads with the slogan, and adding it to all Libraries’ stationary. Francoise will share some of these ideas with Marianne and seek her input.

IV. Brand Development Update – Harry

When the University Librarian’s Cabinet approved the Libraries’ four brand characteristics in June (Essential Services, Higher Education Focus, Friendly Service, and Enriching Knowledge), they noted that validations were conducted, for the most part, in New Brunswick/Piscataway. The Cabinet suggested that validation surveys be conducted in Camden and Newark as well.

With the help of Au in Newark and Jean in Camden, Harry handed out surveys to students in Camden & Newark and reached out to faculty on both campuses as well. The results of the surveys indicated that all brand concepts were validated, although “Friendly Service” was weakly validated by students in Newark and “Enriching Education” was weakly validated by students in Camden. Harry noted that, as yet, a small number of Rutgers Camden faculty have responded to the survey; he asked Jean to follow up with Theo and Vib, to see if we can encourage more faculty to participate.

IV. Consultations on brand integration - Harry

Harry is seeking experts in branding, for advice on how to integrate our brand concepts into the regular work of the Libraries. Harry has two leads. One at Johnson & Johnson, Brian Perkins, is responsible for the Global Market group and is a Rutgers grad. Harry will try to contact him and ask how to integrate our brand. Harry will also contact Jerome Epstein, a marketing consultant who has a marketing blog and major clients of his own. He speaks at conferences on branding and marketing. Theo Haynes, a librarian at Camden, may be able to provide leads on marketing experts at Rutgers-Camden. Jeris suggested that Harry should contact marketing professionals in the not-profit as well.

V. Rutgers Day activities - Rose and Darryl

The Rutgers Day subcommittee met last Tuesday; subcommittee members are Harry, Au, Darryl, Bonita and Rose (Darryl & Rose are co-chairs). Harry presented the suggestions emailed to him by RUL colleagues to the subcommittee. Preliminary plans must be submitted to the Rutgers Day coordinating committee by December 1, 2008. Rose received an email with incentives to submitting ideas early. It was suggested for Rose to submit the ideas and deal with the logistics later.

Rose wants to decide by Thanksgiving, because things are too busy after that. The working idea, at this point, is to have a tent outside Alexander Library with a “Stump a librarian” activity, publicity about the Special Collections exhibition on Harrison Williams/the Great Society, a possible genealogical activity in Special Collections, a one-page handout to promote Special Collections (letter from George Washington), and an open house in the East Asian Library.

The subcommittee invited the Rutgers University Press to hold book author events in Alexander Library, because the Press’ offices are out of the Rutgers Day zone. They are awaiting word from the Rutgers Day coordinating committee is this ‘partnership’ is OK.

Members of the Marketing/PR team suggested adding a workshop, led by Marty Kesselman, on finding & using travel websites online; he presented this workshop years back to the Friends of the RU Libraries and it was quite well received. Francoise suggested that we consider moving our tent to the Art Library, as it is more centrally located in the College Ave. zone. Darryl & Rose said that they’d look into both suggestions.

VI. Stats for CRL

There was a roadblock with CRL so Harry talked to the membership coordinator at CRL, about getting the statistics to see if promotion had an impact. Harry is waiting for a response.

VII. Promotion of EEBO

The multiyear marketing plan recommended that we promote specific core resources, one of which is EEBO = Early English Books Online. Michele found a brochure for EEBO on the ProQuest website and Darryl called them to obtain copies, which will be sent to Harry. Harry will give the brochures to the library liaisons who work with departments that could use EEBO. Michele is also working on a news story about EEBO that can be posted on the Libraries website.

Marketing/PR team members suggested that we seek faculty testimonials on the value of EEBO, to include in the story; Bob Sewell and Kevin Mulcahy may be able to help with this. Michele said that she’d try to contact Bob and Kevin to see if they could identify satisfied users of EEBO.

VIII. Marketing Plan 2 -3 yrs goals: Review - Rose and Darryl

Rose and Darryl went through the multi year plan and looked at year 2 & 3 goals. Are they still a priority? Do we still want to pursue them at all? Rose ranked the importance A, B and C. Rose noted that one of the main priorities of the multi- year marketing plan is the branding process, which we are pursuing.

She also noted that another goal was to “Analyze complaints to identify patterns and reoccurring concerns.” Marketing/PR team members noted that complaints are made through “Ask a Librarian”, but asked: Is this an intuitive place to solicit/receive feedback? Would we be better served with a link for “Suggestions or comments?” on the webpage that goes to “Ask a Librarian”? Harry will take this to the User Services committee meeting. He will try to get on the agenda for their December meeting. Someone else mentioned placing a link on the web page for donations.

Next Meeting

The discussion on multiyear marketing plan goals for year two will be continued at the next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday December 18, 2008 at 2:30pm

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