Minutes for January 29, 2009 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Ka-Neng Au, Fernanda Perrone, Jean Madden, John Brennen, Tao Yang, Michele Tokar, Daphne Roberts (recorder), Harry Glazer.

The meeting opened at 2:37 p.m.

Harry discussed ways to promote the Libraries new slogan: "The place to go when you need to know." Email signatures and fax covers were suggested during the December meeting and were integrated by many of the committee members.

Harry reported that the slogan was integrated into email signatures by several members of Libraries Administration. Harry was also successful in placing the slogan on the Libraries Administration mailing labels and note pads. Jean shared a photo of a sign, printed with the slogan, placed on the exterior of the Robeson Library. Daphne stated the slogan was placed on RU Mediavision, channel 20.

Other ideas suggested by the committee were signs on buses and adding the slogan to voicemail greetings. Tao recommended contacting the Alexander Library Reference Area Re-Design Team to request that signage with the slogan be included.

The team continued discussing locations that would provide the best coverage of the slogan. They included student centers, display boards, Post It Notes, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, outside buildings, the Libraries’ website, and the redesigned Alexander Library lobby area. Harry will contact the RU Transportation Department, to request placement of the slogan in signs on campus buses, and will consult with Francoise about the Alexander Library Reference area.

Team members shared their lists of frequently asked patron questions, as provided by supervisors throughout the Libraries. Team members consulted with two supervisors each, including the reference and circulation supervisors in Alexander, LSM, Kilmer, and Douglass.

The team then discussed which questions, most often raised, we could easily address so as to enhance the 'friendly service'’ reputation of the Libraries. Requests for pencils or pens and making change were selected. The team agreed to recommend that all service points provide pencils and pens. A discussion ensued on whether or not providing change at all service points was a viable recommendation. Currently, patrons have to leave the libraries to break large bills. Jean stated the Robeson Library offers change. Their maximum amount at the desk is $20.00. The patrons are very appreciative of the service. Rose stated the Safety Committee was opposed to money at the desk because of safety reasons. Michele agreed to investigate the possibility of installing change machines in the libraries.

Michele and Daphne presented a draft for an on the spot survey of Libraries users. Harry will review the draft and check with Jeanne Boyle as to whether the survey has to be approved by the IRB or anyone else.

Rose talked about Rutgers Day. She has not yet heard anything of the availability of tents and other accessories. She needs volunteers for sub-groups for activities including computers, information tables, etc. Flexibility of work hours for that week was discussed as opposed to charging personal time off.

It was stated that SAS placed Rutgers Day information of their front page. Au stated, WAC suggests the button be placed on the RUL website to be a team player. After a brief discussion is was determined the button would be placed under the Vale link for now then moved up to a more prominent position three weeks before the event.

Rose will send all team members a document, listing all multiyear marketing plan goals, so we can determine and rank our goals for the next two years.

Harry opened the floor for ideas. A suggestion was made that we have meetings in Newark and Camden and have the directors of those libraries speak with us. We also discussed the importance of investigating how other departments promote themselves (such as the advertising floor mats used in Robeson Library) and invite them to speak to the Marketing/PR team. IJS, Alcohol Studies, and Media were mentioned. How can we use those specialized units to market the library?

Michele will present the EEBO news story and questions from LSM at next month's meeting.

The next Marketing/PR team meeting is scheduled for February 26th.

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